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Puppets remain the #1 ministry tool for engaging, entertaining, and educating kids. The simply fact is KIDS LOVE PUPPETS, and while other teaching techniques come and go, puppets are here to stay! Here you will find help for both puppet teams as well as solo puppeteers.

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#1 Rated Puppet Script:
Flatman and Bobbin #1 The Bumbling Duo Discover the Gospel!

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Level Title Topic
All Access The Lost Invitation

Topic: Dee and Billy receive an invitation in the mail to attend a HUGE party. Paul was also invited but his invitation has been lost! Impact: To help the kids understand that we MUST have a “reservation” in order to attend the BIG PARTY in Heaven and that reservation must be made by each of us in this lifetime.

All Access The Surprise

Short story and puppet script that can be used for Mother's Day or other event to teach honor/obedience.

Mother's Day, Honor, Obedience
All Access The Young Man Who Forgave

A puppet skit in which God gives a forgiving heart that can survive amongst the bad circumstances in our lives that hurt us, and use them to help us be over comers for His glory.

All Access This Is My Commandment

It is important that we keep God's Commandments. He gave the Ten Commandments to Moses to give to the people in order that they learn to live the way that is pleasing to God.

All Access Uncle Henry’s Red Candies

A son does not obey his mother and eats a red hot candy and his mouth pays dearly for it.

Starter Where Does Money Come From?

Part 1 of 10 Puppet learns that people make money using what God has made.

People Make Money
Starter Why Should I Give Money to GOD?

Part 4 of 10 - Puppet learns that we give as a sacrifice to God and as a thank you to God.

Sacrificial giving, thanking God
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