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Flatman and Bobbin #1 The Bumbling Duo Discover the Gospel!

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

Topic: Gospel

Two bumbling superheroes find a pamphlet with the words "The Gospel" written on it. They put it in a decoder and heed the message.


Flatman and Bobbin Solve the Salvation Mystery

The Original Flatman and Bobbin Script



 (The T.V. Batman theme but with Flatman instead... Nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana FLATMAN!) (Begin at top stage.) 

Flatman: Bobbin! Look what I found! 
Bobbin: Jumpin' Jehosophat Flatman! What is it?
Flatman: I'm not sure, Bobbin..... it appears to be a pamphlet with some kind of message in it. 
Bobbin: Leapin' Lazarus, Flatman! We've got to figure it out! 
Flatman: To the Flat-Cave, Bobbin! 
(They disappear and reappear on lower stage.) 
Flatman: O.K., Bobbin, let's figure out the hidden message. On the cover it says: "The Gospel!" 
Bobbin: Holy Bible, Flatman! Definitely a code! What do you think it means?!?

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