it BIBLE Lesson Schedule - Year 3

Here is the recommended 2023 schedule for it BIBLE Curricululm. Of course, you can teach the lessons in any order, at any time you'd like, but this schedule is designed to work within the holiday dates.

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SUPER SUNDAY - January 1st
Bible Boot Camp Training Day (A Stand-Alone Lesson)

A SUPER FUN Bible Boot Camp Super Sunday that will be a blast for your kids whether you use the Bible Boot Camp series or not! Similar to Bible Ninja Warriors, but with an Army theme! 


JANUARY and FEBRUARY - Outdoor Adventures Series
Bible Boot Camp

An 8-week Army-themed series that teaches kids how to train and equip themselves for spiritual battle!

January Lessons:

  • January 8th - Lesson 1: Enlist - Join God's Army
    GOD’S ARMY – Be All God Made You to Be.
  • January 15th - Lesson 2: The Manual – God’s Word
    GOD’S BOOK – Your Field Manual for Life.
  • January 22nd - Lesson 3: Communication – Prayer
    STAY CONNECTED – Prayer is How We Talk to God
  • January 29th - Lesson 4: Your Squad – Friendship
  • SQUAD UP – Don’t Go Into Battle Alone.

February Lessons:

  • February 5th - Lesson 5: Secret Power – The Holy Spirit
    SUPER WEAPON – The Holy Spirit is your Secret Power.
  • February 12th - Lesson 6: Special Ops – Spiritual Gifts
    SPECIAL OPS – God has Equipped Everyone with a Special Skills Set.
  • February 19th - Lesson 7: Inner Strength – Character
    Forgive others quickly, just as Jesus forgave you
  • February 26th - Lesson 8: Your Mission – Sharing the Gospel
    THE MISSION – To Reach the Lost for Jesus.  

MARCH - Mystery Adventures Series
Riddle Me This

A 4-Week Riddle-themed series teaching kids about some of the mysterious sayings of Jesus.

March Lessons:

  • March 5th - Lesson 1: The First Will be Last?
    Humility leads to Greatness in God’s eyes.
  • March 12th - Lesson 2: Water that is Living?
    A life with Jesus is the only life that truly leads to happiness.
  • March 19th - Lesson 3: Love Your Enemies?
    Your enemy is simply someone who needs Jesus.
  • March 26th - Lesson 4: Lose It to Find It?
  • When you find Jesus, you have found everything.

APRIL - Easter Series
The Great Rescue 4-Week Series

Kids will discover how Jesus was THE First Responder, coming to earth to Rescue us from our sins! He came, He taught, He died, He rose again, and He returned to heaven, and now it’s our job to help rescue others! 

April Lessons: 

  • April 2 - Lesson 1: Jesus Saves Us (Palm Sunday)
    Dispatch: The Cross
  • April 9 - Lesson 2: Jesus Heals Us (Easter Sunday)
    Dispatch: The Tomb
  • April 16 - Lesson 3: Jesus Equips Us
    Dispatch: The Upper Room
  • April 23 - Lesson 4: Jesus Sends Us
    Dispatch: The Sky

SUPER SUNDAY - April 30th
The Great Escape (A Stand-Alone Lesson)

A SUPER FUN Kid's Church Escape Room Experience! Your kids will work together to escape kids church while reviewing the Story of Easter!

MAY and JUNE - Summer Series
DiscipleTown Units 04 and 06
(Available NOW - Download Below)

How to Make Good Friends

One of the more important skills we can impart to children is the wise ability to choose good friends. Few things will have greater influence on the rest of their life. This unit will help children understand that friendships are not only a gift from God, but something that we are to be intentional about.

May Lessons:

  • May 7 - My Best Friend Jesus
  • May 14 - Being a Good Friend
  • May 21 - Choosing Good Friends
  • May 28 - Growing Godly Friends

How to Make Good Choices

Many parents pray long and hard that their children will make good choices. It is essential that we equip children while they are young with decision-making skills that will enable them to weigh and evaluate alternatives. This unit will help your children understand the power they have to choose between right and wrong. 

June Lessons:

  • June 4 - The Power to Choose
  • June 11 - Winning the Inner Battle
  • June 18 - After a Wrong Turn
  • June 25 - God-Given Guides

JULY and AUGUST - Big Screen Adventures Series
Mission Moses 8-Week Series
(Coming June 2023)

SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER - Time Travel Adventures Series
Top Prophet 8-Week Series
(Coming August 2023)

SUPER SUNDAY - October 29th
Paper Airplane Flight School! (A Stand-Alone Lesson
(Coming October 2023)

A SUPER FUN Sunday when kids will learn how to make paper airplanes and compete in Design, Distance and Duration competitions while learning (or reviewing) the Top Prophets of the Bible!

NOVEMBER - Christian Life Skills Series
Eternity 500 4-Week Series
(Coming October 2023)

DECEMBER - Christmas Series
Wise Kids Seek Him 4-Week Series

December Lessons: 

  • December 3 - Wise Kids Seek Truth
  • December 10 - Wise Kids Find Jesus
  • December 17 - Wise Kids Are Generous
  • December 24 - Wise Kids Worship Jesus


 - December 31st
DOODLE, NOODLE, SHAPE or SHOW IT! (A Stand-Alone Lesson)

A SUPER FUN Bible Game that is a blend of Charades, Pictionary, Bible Quizzing and even Play-Doh! 

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