it Bible Curriculum Lesson Schedule - 2021

Below is the recommended 2021 schedule for it BIBLE Curricululm. Of course, you can teach the lessons in any order, at any time you'd like, but this schedule is designed to work with holiday dates.

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Bible-O-Rama! (A Stand-Alone Lesson)

This Super Sunday helps kids learn about the Books of the Bible and its structure! It's a fun day of games to help the kids explore their Bible and review the various Books of the Bible. Think of it as a game show set up as a rotational event with many games all going on at the same time!

WINTER - Outdoor Adventures Series
Secrets of the Ancient Scrolls

An 8-week archeology themed series that covers an introduction to the Bible - what it is, where it came from, its structure, and how to study it - followed by an in-depth look at how to have a Daily Quiet Time with God.

  • Lesson 1: A Book Written by God!
    The Bible is like no other book—because the Bible was written by God!
  • Lesson 2: A Book Like No Other
    Reading the Bible can change your life!
  • Lesson 3: A Life-Changing Book 
    The Bible has Power to Change Your Life!
  • Lesson 4: A Guidebook for Life
    Obeying the Bible Leads to Adventure
  • Lesson 5: God Wants to Meet with You!
    Meeting with God is the most important part of your day!
  • Lesson 6: God is with You All the Time!
    God is with you throughout your day!
  • Lesson 7: God’s Word has a Word for You!
    Gods Word will provide just what you need just when you need it.
  • Lesson 8: God’s Word Works Best When Followed
    The Bible only works if we live out what we learn

Bible Ninja Warriors (A Stand-Alone Lesson)

The point of this Super Sunday is to get kids excited about learning to use their Bibles and becoming more familiar with them. Based off the very popular American Ninja Warrior TV show, Bible Ninja Warriors encourages kids to get AWESOME at using their Bibles!

Works great as a fun intro to the Ninja-themed Easter series, Undefeated! But regardless of what series you're teaching, you can still use BIBLE NINJA WARRIORS! Just change up the verses and you're good to go!  

UNDEFEATED! Jesus, Ultimate Warrior

A 4-week ninja themed series where kids will discover four amazing times that Jesus conquered His foes, ultimately defeating death, from the Cross to the Empty Tomb.

  • Lesson 1: Jesus vs. The Tempter 
    God’s Word is our defense against temptation.
  • Lesson 2: Jesus vs. The Mob
    Everyone must decide which side they are on.
  • Lesson 3: Jesus vs. The Cross
    Jesus defeated sin so I know we have victory over it.
  • Lesson 4: Jesus vs. The Tomb
    Jesus conquered death so I know He can save me.

- Mystery Adventures Series
Agents of Acts - On a Mission from God!

An 8-week secret agent themed series that introduces kids to the Agents of Acts... the Book of Acts, that is! The Church is off to an exciting start with the Great Commission, gift of the Holy Spirit, and the adventures of Peter, John, Philip, Stephen and Paul!

  • Lesson 1: Agent Luke
    God wants YOU to tell the world about Him!
  • Lesson 2: Agent Bartholomew
    God's Spirit is in you to help you live for Him!
  • Lesson 3: Agent Peter 
    God wants to do amazing things through you!
  • Lesson 4: Agent John
    We must obey God rather than people!
  • Lesson 5: Agent Philip
    The Good News is found in God's Word!
  • Lesson 6: Agent Stephen
    The Good News is worth everything!
  • Lesson 7: Agent Paul
    The Good News can transform anyone
  • Lesson 8: Agent Timothy
    You are never too young to make a difference in the world! 

- Summer Sports Series
Power Up! Bible Champions

An 8-week video game themed series where kids will learn about some of the greatest Champions in the Bible and the Power Ups that made them winners in God's eyes!

  • Lesson 1: Giant Slayer (David) 
    We Defend What We Love
  • Lesson 2 Water Walker (Peter)
    Faith Makes the Impossible Possible!
  • Lesson 3: Lion's Lair (Daniel)
    God Will Never Let You Down
  • Lesson 4: Jungle Cruise (Noah)
    What's Right is not Always Popular,
    and What's Popular is not Always Right
  • Lesson 5: Army of One (Samson)
    Inner Strength is the Strongest of All
  • Lesson 6: Ultimate Match (Jacob)
    God's Way is Always the Best Way
  • Lesson 7: King's Challenge (Esther)
    You Are Right Where God Needs You
  • Lesson 8: Save the World (Jesus)
    Jesus Won So You Don't Have to Lose 

Doodle, Noodle, Shape or Show It (A Stand-Alone Lesson)

This SUPER FUN Bible Review Game helps review stories kids have learned, as well as introduce stories they may have never heard of before.

It can be used as a “filler lesson” between series, such as on a 5th Sunday, or for when you need something for a special event or “childcare” situation.

Kids will be assigned a Bible story or character, and they have to draw, describe, create or act it out for their team to guess! This can be a great mid-year way to review what has been learned so far!

LATE SUMMER - Big Screen Adventures Series
Bible Blockbusters - Big Bible Beginnings

Kids will enjoy exploring the Book of Genesis while creating movies on stage and learning 8 Attributes of God!

  • Lesson 1: The Real Big Bang (Creation)
    God is Infinite - and worthy of LOVE
  • Lesson 2: The Big Fall (Selfishness)
    God is Immortal - and worthy of OBEDIENCE
  • Lesson 3: The Big Crime (Jealousy)
    God is Immutable - and worthy of HONOR
  • Lesson 4: The Big Tower (Pride)
    God is Invisible - and worthy of WORSHIP
  • Lesson 5: The Big Promise (Abraham’s Covenant)
    God is Omnipresent - and worthy of FOLLOWING
  • Lesson 6: The Big Test (Abraham’s Test)
    God is Omnipotent - and worthy of TRUST
  • Lesson 7: The Big Swindle (Jacob Cheats Esau)
    God is Omniscient - and worthy of FAITH
  • Lesson 8: The Big Showdown (Jacob and Esau Reconcile)
    God is Holy - and why I need a Savior

FALL - Time Travel Adventures Series
Zany Zootopia! Discovering the Animals of the Bible

Kids will love hearing stories from the Bible where animals played a key role in God's Story.

  • Lesson 1: The Snake on a Pole - FAITH
    God will save us if we put our Faith in Him!
  • Lesson 2: The Talking Donkey - GOODNESS
    God expects us to choose good over evil
  • Lesson 3: The Beast-Man - KNOWLEDGE
    Wisdom is DOING what we KNOW we should do
  • Lesson 4: The Food-Delivering Ravens - SELF-CONTROL
    Where God leads, He provides
  • Lesson 5: The Lost Sheep - PERSEVERANCE
    God Will Never Give Up on You!
  • Lesson 6: The Descending Dove - GODLINESS

    Jesus is God’s Answer to Man’s Big Questions
  • Lesson 7: The Coin-Eating Fish - MUTUAL AFFECTION
    You are never without options with Jesus
  • Lesson 8: The Flying Horse - LOVE
    Jesus is coming again... are you ready?


Thanksgiving Sunday
Operation: Thanks! (A Stand-Alone Lesson)

This Thanksgiving lesson challenges kids to show thanks in creative ways.

Also available to use with this Thanksgiving lesson: Thanksgiving Pit Game!


Hark, from the Herald! Investigating the True Meaning of Christmas 

Hark, a reporter for The Herald, investigates some key characters and eyewitnesses of the Christmas Story in order to discover what Christmas is really all about! He reveals the Biggest Breaking News of all time: God Comes to Earth! 

  • Lesson 1: News Worth Believing (Zechariah)
    Never doubt what God can do!
  • Lesson 2: News Worth the Wait (Simeon)
    Expect great things from God!
  • Lesson 3: News Worth Sharing (Shepherds)
    Jesus is the best news in history!
  • Lesson 4: News Worth Seeking (Wisemen)
    If you seek God, He will show the way!     
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