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So, you're in charge of the Children's Ministry?! HELP IS HERE!

Whether you are a Children's Pastor, Director, Coordinator, or Hold-it-all-together-er, the fact is you need ideas, and you need them fast!! If you're looking for a sample policy manual, or permission slip, or other administrative help, this is the place!

If you have a question or issue you would like to see addressed here, please contact us. We have a team of veteran children's ministry administrators ready to help.

ALSO: We would be interested in any contributions you may have for this section.

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All Access A Kidmin Bargainologist

Do more ministry with your money by using these thirteen creative ways to spend less and get more. Make a small budget go far!

Money, Discounts, Budget
All Access A Kidmin Giant?

Learn how to set reasonable goals for YOUR ministry, instead of just emulating others.

Ministry, Setting Goals
All Access A Reminder from Your Future

Children's Ministry is difficult, so take a look into your future...

Future, Endurance
All Access A Revolutionary Ministry Strategy

A document once thought lost forever in the archives of the Kidologist’s vast children’s ministry vault of hand written resources from before the dawn of the computer has recently been uncovered. Could it reveal a ministry strategy that will revolutionize your ministry today?

Ministry Strategy
All Access A Season for Everything

“How do I know when the season for a ministry program is ending, and how do I end it well?” There is no easy answer to this question, but here are some things to consider when evaluating a program that might be at the end of its season.

Ministry Programs
All Access A Season For Everything, Part 2

When the time comes for a program to end, we should end it. I stand completely firm in that conviction. However, there may be a program that is faltering that still has life to it and could still be effective for the kingdom. It is programs like these, which may be teetering on the brink, that we will consider today.

Ministry Evaluation
All Access Add a Spoonful of Fluff

A short article on adding "marshmallow fluff" to your ministry.

Extras, games,
All Access Addressing Allergies in Your Children's Ministry

Implementing a plan to address children’s allergy issues is essential. Part of successfully planning to keep the children in your care safe includes having accurate information, using that information effectively, and utilizing a system to easily communicate with parents.

All Access Administrative Tool Box & Training Sessions

Download the Administrative Tool Box & Training Sessions for FREE!

Ministry Building and Teacher Training
All Access All Eyes Forward

Learn to keep the attention of large groups of kids.

Attention, Speaking,
All Access Allergy Advice

How to keep children with allergies safe while in your care.

All Access An alternative to electronic check in

Can't afford an electronic check in system? Maybe your kid's ministry is still growing and doesn't justify the investment yet. Here is a solution that worked well for one church. 

Check In, Safety
All Access Anxiety and Digital Minimalism

How far must you go to reach Digital Minimalism?

Anxiety, Technology
Free Are Parents Really the Primary Spiritual Leader of Their Kids?

Are you relying on the parents to be their kids' primary spiritual leaders? Read why this may not be what Christ intended. 

Leadership, Evangelism, Spiritual Leadership
All Access Are We Seeing Clearly in 2020?

How well is your ministry discipling kids?

Free Are You a Cruise Ship or a Dinghy?

Find out if your ministry is a Dinghy or a Cruise Ship based on your recruiting practices!

Recruiting, Volunteers
All Access Are you a whiner or a winner when it comes to recruiting?

There are many books on the market designed to teach ministry leaders how to recruit volunteers. Most teach basically the same principles, and we know them all. So why do we keep hearing that people don’t want to volunteer anymore?

Volunteers, Recruiting
Free Are You Sabotaging Your Ministry Volunteers?

We know it's not intentional. You would never purposely sabotage your volunteers. But what if it's happening anyway? These quick tips may help you become more aware of how you may be jeopardizing the volunteers in your ministry.

Leadership, Volunteers, Partnering
Free Are you working too much?

Are you working too many hours each week? Are you in danger of experiencing burnout? Do you work for your boss or for the Lord? How many hours do you think God really wants you to work? Find some encouragement for saying no and setting up boundaries. 

Balance vs. Burnout; Leadership Tools
Free Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

If you will learn to make a habit of asking yourself these questions, you can move from being your own worst enemy to becoming your greatest asset.

All Access Asking a Volunteer to Step Down

Learn to 'fire' a volunteer while maintaining their dignity and yours. 

Discipline, Volunteers
All Access Baptism and Kids

A Question and Answer Time with the Kidologist! How do you know when a child is ready for baptism? How do you explain the meaning of baptism? How do you make a child's baptism memorable?

All Access Be Proactive

You can be the victim in your ministry. Or you can be proactive with your ministry.

Leadership, Struggles
All Access Be Wise

As a pastor, you need to seek God's heart, and then tailor things to fit your ministry. 

Free Become An Awesome Sunday School Teacher

Want to be an awesome Sunday School teacher? Here are four ways that you can become the best Sunday School teacher that you can be!

Sunday School, Teaching
Free Best Quotes Ever To Kick You In the Seat and Get You Moving

These are the WORLD’S BEST QUOTES for kicking you in the pants and shoving you into action.

Motivation, Inspiration, Leadership
All Access Best Ways to UPGRADE Your Kid's Worship Service

Does your kids worship need to be updated? Check out this list to see!

Free Bigger Is Better, Right?

When it comes to children's ministry, is bigger really better? Learn how to use the resources you have to make yours the best ministry possible for the kids you serve. 

Relationships, Leadership
All Access Build a Good Reference Library

Learn how to become a reference librarian of your memories with God.

Library, Memories, History
All Access But Will They Come Back??

How do you retain visitors to your church?

Return Visitors
Free Can Kids Help Grow Your Church?

The church growth people tell us that kids are one of the top three reasons why people choose a church.

Church Growth
All Access Care, Beyond Compare!

The effort to create a caring paradigm in children’s ministry has to come from the Children’s Pastor in concert with their leadership team. When the leader creates that kind of caring atmosphere among the teachers, it gives permission for the quality of care to trickle down like rain on the children.

Children's Ministry Team
All Access Check List for A Better VBS

A checklist that can help you improve your VBS every year!

VBS, Evaluation, Leadership
All Access Child Protection Policy Defined

The best way to prevent abuse is to plan ahead. This is the first post in a three part series from KidCheck on the essential elements of designing and implementing an effective Child Protection Policy.

Child Protection Policy
All Access Children's Ministry Manual for Volunteers

A 25-page Children's Ministry Manual for your volunteers!

CM Manual, Volunteers
All Access Classroom Management Tips

Some advice on how to manage your classroom at all age levels. 

Classroom management
Free Coaching Elementary Small Group Leaders

What a difference a week makes when you are coaching elementary small group leaders! Here's what I did to coach a small group leader.

Coaching Small Group Leaders
All Access Co-Active Coaching Quotes

Quotes from “Co-Active Coaching,” a book written by the founders of The Coaches Training Institute

Coaching, Leadership
Starter Comprehensive Candidate Screening Part 1 - The Written Application

A comprehensive screening process includes several steps, with the written application laying the foundation. Learn more on what it is and why it is important.

Background Checks - Volunteer Screening
All Access Comprehensive Candidate Screening Part 2 - The Background Check

Learn why background checks are an important piece of the overall safety puzzle, how they work, what to look for in a service provider, and the information not included.  

Background Checks
All Access Comprehensive Candidate Screening Part 3 - The Social Media Check

Let’s explore the benefits and some of the ethical and legal considerations when using a social media background check as part of a comprehensive candidate screen.

Background Checks - Social Media
All Access Comprehensive Candidate Screening Part 4 - Personal References

References often bubble up need-to-know information about the character, commitment, and a person’s history of working with children. 

Background Checks - References
All Access Comprehensive Candidate Screening Part 5 - The Interview

Having a face-to-face discussion yields valuable information and allows a candidate to be reviewed from different angles.

Background Checks - The Interview
All Access Comprehensive Candidate Screening Part 6&7 - Motor Vehicle Report and Waiting Period

The final step in the candidate screening process: motor vehicle check and waiting period.

Background Checks
Free Connected to the Vine

Amid the hectic world of kidmin, how do you stay connected with God on a daily basis?

Connecting with God
All Access Consider. Choose. Commit.

The case for choosing curriculum carefully and staying with it consistently

Curriculum Selection
All Access Co-Parenting the Divorce Way

Co-parenting is becoming the norm for divorcing couples and couples who are involved in cohabitation situations. But what exactly is co-parenting?

All Access Counseling Kids for Salvation

Learn to counsel kids effectively regarding the most important decision of their life.

Salvation, Counseling
All Access Create Your Kidmin Brand

Here are seven ideas to help you identify your unique brand of ministry to children.

Identifying Your Brand
All Access Creating Your Resource Place

Great tips on how creating a resource place and ideas on what store there.

resources, storage, crafts
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