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Before the website, Kidology started with the launch of Karl's first book, The Kidology Handbook. Then came the Kidology University Conference (we did 15 in 3 states!), followed by the website in 1994. It all began with the Study of Kidology - studying how kids think, relate, communicate and learn, and relating to their world! For over 25 years has grown, with new resources and curriculum added weekly, but the study of kids has never stopped!

For 2022, we're returning to that initial focus with a weekly THEOREM on the Study of Kids! Our newsletter, Pastor Karl's Ministry Tips, will focus on just ONE of the Kidology Theorems each week. You can also check out the full list of theorems or read ones you missed as they are added by visiting here each week.

May the learning continue on how to Reach and Teach kids for Jesus!

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Starter What's Growing Up Got to Do with Anything?

Kidology Theorem #31 - Tomorrow's Leaders Can Start Today!

Kidology Theorem #31
Starter "I know you love me, but do you LIKE me, too?"

Kidology Theorem #32 - Kids know you love them. Do they know you like them?

Kidology Theorem #32
Starter Stories are the Magic Window into the Heart of a Child

Kidology Theorem #33 -  What are the secrets to being a master storyteller?

Kidology Theorem #33
Starter Adult Care Provided in the Main Auditorium

Kidology Theorem #34 - The Church of Today

Kidology Theorem #34
Starter Expect Little, Get Little. Expect Much, Get Much.

Kidology Theorem #35 - Encourage and challenge kids to the next level of their faith

Kidology Theorem #35
Starter Children need unconditional love.

Kidology Theorem #36 - Never stop loving kids... even when they disappoint you. 

Kidology Theorem #36
Starter Every now and then, you must do the UNTHINKABLE!

Kidology Theorem #37 - Break out of the mold!

Kidology Theorem #37
Starter Take Humor Seriously.

Kidology Theorem #38 - Make 'Em Laugh!

Kidology Theorem #38
Starter Criticism is a GOOD Thing!

Kidology Theorem #39 - When others are critical...

Kidology Theorem #39
Starter I remember it like it was yesterday....

Kidology Theorem #40 - Be thankful for the kids who drive you nuts. 

Kidology Theorem #40
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