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A lesson without a story is an incomplete lesson.

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

Topic: Kidology Theorem #42

Kidology Theorem #42 - Kids might miss the lesson if you leave out the story.


In Bible College I learned that the theological definition of faith is 'active belief'. This means that to believe something is not enough; you must act on that belief in order for that belief to be transformed into faith. Therefore, if you want to put your faith in Jesus, you can’t just believe in Jesus, you need to act on that belief by putting your faith in Him. That active belief becomes faith. I could now go on with various biblical references to unpack this concept from James, John, and the Apostle Paul, but instead – let me shift to another way of explaining faith.

In Sunday School, as a young boy, my teacher told me a story about a young girl whose bedroom was on the second floor. In the middle of the night, she was awakened by the smell of smoke followed almost immediately by the sounds of sirens out in the street.


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