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"Thank you for that great program!" said no kid ever.

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

Topic: Kidology Theorem #12

Kidology Theorem #12 - Teaching is Important, but Loving is Paramount

I love teaching! I put a lot of creative time and energy into creating lessons that engage kids’ hearts, hands, eyes, ears, and as much as possible, their entire bodies! I want to keep them curious and eager to learn by employing every learning style. My goal is to change minds while touching hearts where long-term change takes place. I love it so much, I write my own curriculum that I share freely on Kidology. And yet, I know that my lessons are worth nothing if all I do is teach. If I only pass on information, I fall short of my calling. Jesus was the Master Teacher – we can learn much from studying how He taught – and yet, He was so much more...

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