StoreThe Kids Church Cookbook: #1 - Called to be a Chef of God's Word
<i>The Kids Church Cookbook</i>: #1 - Called to be a Chef of God's Word

The Kids Church Cookbook: #1 - Called to be a Chef of God's Word

Part 1 of 7 in Kids Church Training

The Kids Church Cookbook cooks up Karl Bastian's secrets for what it takes to be a Chef of the Word of God -- and he should know, having served up over 1,000 Kids Church services! This resource is loaded with insightful instruction and practical training that will help both beginners and veterans.

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There are 7 individual training installments to The Kids Church Cookbook, each featuring an idea-packed and training-rich 25+ page PDF as the "main course," along with a "side dish" consisting of a 15+ minute Training Video called "The Kids Church Cooking Show."

Part 1: Called to be a Chef of God's Word establishes your role as a Chef of God's Word and lays the foundation for the rest of the book. It is loaded with tips and secrets on planning, launching and running a successful children's church as well as addressing the issue of whether of not to have a kids church in the midst of a resurgence of emphasis on family ministry.

1. Called to be a Chef of God's Word
2. To Kids Church or Not to Kids Church
3. If Jesus Led Children's Church
4. Tips for a Successful Kids Church Experience

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