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Learning From Parenting Failures

 Your parenting failures can actually make you a better parent. 


Simple Crossword Activity Sheets about the Creation Story

Use these printable crossword puzzle worksheets when teaching about the Days of Creation from Genesis


Are you willing to let your kids teach you?

Not only does the Holy Spirit want to touch our kids, He wants to speak through our kids.


Kids Church Online - Sneak n Snoop Bible Detectives Lesson 1: The Mystery of the Missing

Sneak and Snoop are on the case of a missing man! He was sent to Nineveh, but was reportedly last spotted by eyewitnesses on a boat headed for Tarshish. The weather forecast is not promising. Will they find the missing man? Will they discover why he went the wrong way? Will they learn why God sent him to Nineveh in the first place? By the end of the adventure, the kids will learn that it is best to obey right away!


Family Table Talker - Victory

Kidology's Family Table Talkers are a reproducible tool designed to help families disconnect from tech and connect with each other and God's Word.


The Tongue

The tongue can be a powerful weapon. 


Kids Church Online - Extreme Bible Dudes! Lesson Three: Peter and Extreme Faith

Tune in to the Extreme Home Sports Network to watch the Extreme Taco Building Competition between Maniac Micah and Crazy Karl! Kids will also learn about Peter, aka Wet Feet Pete, who was victorious in the extreme sport of Water Walking! God rewards extreme faith!


Kids Church Online - Extreme Bible Dudes! Lesson Two: Elijah and Extreme Bravery

Tune in to the Extreme Home Sports Network! Watch the Extreme Paper Airplane Flying Competition while also learning about an Extreme Bible Dude who brought fire down from Heaven with God's help!


Pastors and the Power Problem

To avoid falling victim to the dark sides, each pastor must have the emotional maturity to recognize and confront their dark side.


Male and Female (Lesson)

How does God want men and women to help each other?


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