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When you use games to teach, your teaching becomes more fun, and more effective. Get kids' minds and bodies involved in learning!

The games here are not simply for the sake of play, but for creatively and effectively reaching and teaching kids for Jesus! Don't miss Karl Bastian's Tips for Leading Great Games!

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All Access Who Am I?: A Bible Memory Verse Activity for Kids for Colossians 3:16

A Bible memory verse activity is a great way to teach God’s amazing Word. Here’s a Bible game based on Colossians 3:16.

Bible Memory Verse Activity
All Access Who's Line is it Anyway?

This game gets even the "coolest" kids in your group to join in and it brings loads of laughter. You will need slips of paper and 2 paper bags.

New Twist?Icebreaker
All Access Why Bible Games Work With Kids

Every children’s ministry should maximize Bible review games. They are essential to an exciting program.

All Access Why Games

Three ways we can use games to teach kids

Games, teaching,
All Access Wisdom Games

Here are some fun games related to wisdom.

Starter World War Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Have your kids play this fun game as you take Rock-Paper-Scissors to the next level!

Games, Extras
All Access You’re Out

Exciting game that also has an application teaching the kids not to exclude others

inclusive, accepting,
All Access Zero, 100, or Bonus: A Bible Memory Verse Activity for Kids for Luke 2:14

A Bible memory verse activity is a great way to teach God's amazing Word and here's a Bible game based on Luke 2:14.

Bible Memory Verse Activity
All Access Beach Balls in the Air for Jesus

Noisy, action packed, fun way for kids to enter / start Kids Church with 5 or more beach balls in the air with upbeat music. Teachers love it too!

Ice Breaker Game
All Access I Use 10 Sheets - Game for Preteens

This is a fun game for preteens (4th-6th grade) that allows them to express their creativity, while getting them to laugh along the way.

All Access Review Game Grab

This game is similar to those game shows that use buzzers to see who gets to answer the question. But who has money for that? Get the same excitement without plugging in anything.
All Access STOP and GO Preschool Game

Class Stop and Go Game with printable signs to use

Stop and Go Game
Starter GO FISH - for PEOPLE!

A simple "Go Fish" game for a lesson on being Fishers of Men

All Access A Way to Make Praise & Worship Fun

Do the kids "enter in" or "zone out" during your Praise and Worship segments? Here's a fun way to get the kids to put their heart into praise.

All Access Air Balloon

Teams work together to keep the balloon in the air in a fun and exciting way.

All Access Alligators in the Nile

This is a old game, with a new twist. God uses nature, people and buildings to protect his children.

God's Protection
All Access Backboard Dodgeball

Typical dodgeball format using small soft foam balls for dodge balls, except that when one is hit, they must go to a "POW Camp", which is located behind the opposing team (under/behind the basketball backboard).

All Access Ball Toss

Skill game which can be used for some friendly competition.

All Access Balloon Stuff

Oversized sweats add lots of fun when you have to stuff them with balloons while someone is wearing them!

All Access Balloon Volleyball

Bible Memory is reinforced in this game requiring concentration and teamwork.

All Access Best Buds Fun

Outdoors, intended for camp setting. Can be modified to fit into any setting. because it is a race.

All Access Bible ABC's

Provide kids with a list of Bible verses beginning with the letters of the alphabet. As the kids memorize verses they receive a dime to put in the candy machine. After they have memorized all verses they earn a trophy.

Bible Memorization
All Access Bible book duck duck goose

Someone may have suggested this already but I thought it was a great way to teach the books of the Bible and my kids love it!

Learning books of the Bible
All Access Bible Memorization Game Show

This game show is designed to teach children different techniques to memorize scripture.

Bible Memorization
All Access Bible Trivia

This game is an excellent review for your Sunday School class. Materials needed:List of questions and answers, Call bells, Poster board or slate board to keep score

All Access Bible verse TIC-TAC-TOE

Great way to learn the Books of the Bible.

All Access Biblical Pursuit

Great Energy burner using true/false Bible trivia.

All Access Blood Removes Sin

"Now you see it; now you don't! Materials Needed: Black permanent magic marker (preferably fine point), Red Dry-Erase marker, Eraser

All Access Body Challenges

Get the children to attempt these challenges. Some are fairly easy, but others are very hard. No. 7 (I am told) is impossible. However, children love attempting them, and often demonstrate their own "feat" to you after the class has finished.

All Access Box/Block Scramble

You will need bright colored boxes of different sizes labeled with a part of memory verse(scripture)

All Access Brackets

Helps children with Scripture Memory. Reward Candy Bars needed.

Bible Memory
All Access Bundle Up Challenge

Friendly competition as children try to put on shirts of various sizes.

All Access Candy Cane Christmas Game

All Access Candy Cane Contest

A fun and easy game that kids love!

Christmas Game
All Access Candy Roll

Fun way to make children "work" for their reward candy! You will need lots of Duct Tape and candy!

All Access Cannon-You Find Your Color

Supplies Required for this Teamwork Game: Air cannon, Confetti (four diffrent colors of equal amounts)

All Access Captain America

In this game, adult leaders are actively involved with the children to help one child to ultimate victory!

All Access Centipede

All you need for this fun game is a soft, spongy ball (Nerf Ball) and kids who just "wanna have fun!"

All Access Cheesy Race

Messy team competition using shaving cream, cheese puff balls, garbage bags, tarp, water, paper towels. (If you do this outside, you don't need the tarp.)

All Access Clothespin Drop

Friendly competition in this game of skill. Kids sit on their knees on a backwards chair and drop clothespins in a jar

All Access Clothespin Tag

Collecting clothespins can be fun in this high energy tag game!

Team Competition
All Access Code Breaker

Kids, your mission, should you choose it is to decode the message.

Scripture Memory
All Access Conform or Transform

·canisters of Play Doh (1 per team) · cookie cutters · small cups, bowls, containers, etc. that

All Access Cookie Muncher

One of those Messy Games that Kids love to play. Great for Boys against Girls team competition

Friendly Competition
All Access Crazy Dodgeball

A new variety of Dodge Ball where NO ONE is ever 'out' of the game. FUN!

Fun Gym Game
All Access Crowd Breaker Games

Several Crowd Breakers - fast and boisterous type games. Some can be used as Boys against Girls competition

Friendly Competition
All Access Dead Cow, Sleeping Cow, Live Cow

This game is similiar to Red Light, Green Light in that players must listen to the caller to get the directions right.

Fun Game
All Access Describe Me

This game teaches how difficult it is to use kind and nice words for others. Paper and Pencils required.

All Access Desert Venture

Bible Story recall using True/False questions as children wander in the wilderness.

All Access Digging for treasure / Buried treasure

Good for VBS or children's church Treasure hunt type game with packing peanuts or grits.

Friendly competition / Fun game
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