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The games here are not simply for the sake of play, but for creatively and effectively reaching and teaching kids for Jesus! Don't miss Karl Bastian's Tips for Leading Great Games!

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All Access Do Feed the Animals

Equipment: Two inexpensive, soft mouthed, monster-type puppets, (or whatever), 2 plastic forks, two plates, styrofoam chunks for "feeding the Animals."

All Access Don't answer the ?

Give them a timed quiz with instructions not to answear the questions. They're in such a hurry to complete the quiz that they don't read instructions.

Following instructions
All Access Drive Ya Nuts Relay

Supplies Needed for this Relay Game: Assorted large sized (1-1/2"- 1/4") coarse threaded bolts with corresponding nuts.

All Access Duck Pond

Fun game for carnival type events where prizes are given at games!

All Access Easter Egg Hunt with a Teaching Twist

Have kids answer questions out of plastic eggs, about Easter for prizes.

All Access Egg In Your Face

This a fun game that can get very messy.

All Access Egg/Spoon Relay

Messy or not? uses eggs (messy) or plastic eggs (not) for relay or Egg War!

All Access Egghead

This is a good visual game for large groups due to the fact that when the eggs break in the colander the yecch begins to seep through the holes in the colander and down the face of the player. (An egghelmet is a bicycle helmet and a colander)

All Access Erase a Word

Bible Verse Reinforcement is great fun using a chalkboard or laminated board and an eraser!

All Access Fastest Far Flying Paper Object

5 member Teams invent paper objects that will be tested for speed and distance.

Appearances can deceive
All Access Find the Disciples Word Game

The disciples are hiding! Find each of their names in the paragraph below. Some are easy to spot, while others are more tricky, so make sure you have some good readers in the group.

The 12 Disciples/Teaching
All Access FoosBasketball

Need two baskets ("little tikes" basketball goals work best) and one or more gym balls depending on size of group. The layout of teams and goals should resemble a soccer foosball table.

Fun indoor group play
All Access Four Corner Review

This is a great game that can be used to review the lessons you have been teaching, verses you are learing or any other Bible facts.

All Access Four Gospels

Activity Game with a New Twist on Four Corners

All Access Freaky Football

Football takes on a new twist using Bible Questions/Answers. You will need any type of ball except football. Get giggles by placing a cut out foot on the ball. Tape

All Access FREE PASS

Idea for making visitors feel welcome, and a way to help kids who get discouraged losing a way to win.

Games / Visitors
All Access Funky Kickball

Kickball with a twist. Lots of confusing fun!

Team play
All Access Get to Heaven

A game that is an object lesson on how Jesus carried our sins so we can go to heaven.

Jesus carried our sins
All Access Giant Race

This exciting relay game requires very large baggy clothes,pants,shoes,shirt, coat and a hat,a watch and a chair for each team.

All Access Give-Away Monopoly

small group activity to teach the importance of stewardship

All Access Going to a Picnic (but it rained)

Loads of fun especially for rainy day. Requires: a picnic basket (or substitute) per team that includes things like, table cloth, plate, cup, fork (basice picnic set-up)

Indoor/Outdoor Relay Game
All Access Greetin' a wiggle tamer for a prayer lesson

Have the kids greet each other in a hurry. Be very fast and move on to the next person as quickly as they can. Let’s see how many people we can greet before time is called. You and the adult volunteers take part as well. Get into it!

Fidget Buster
All Access Guess the Phrase

Children will have fun using their Listening Skills and Concentration to solve these phrases.

All Access Hands Up!

Trying to get those busy Kindergarteners and Pre-K kids' attention? Here's a great one!

Classroom Management
All Access Hidden Books

30 Books of the Bible are hidden in this paragraph. Can you find them?

Books of the Bible
All Access Hidden Message Hang Man

Uncover hidden messages pertaining to scriptures using the Hang Man Game. Great for Easter and Christmas.

All Access Hokey Pokey for the Lord

A new twist to the Hokey Pokey and all that was changed was a few words!

All Access HolyWord Squares

Bible Review Game set up like Hollywood Squares. Takes 11 children to play. Requires 12-18 Paper plates, half marked with a large "X" and half with a large "O"

Bible Story Review
All Access Honey Signatures

You will need Squeeze honey bottles, fresh bread and margarine. This is a swe-e-e-e-t sandwich.

All Access Hose Head

Supplies Needed:2 pairs of hose, tennis ball (or some other soft, yet heavy, ball)

All Access Hose Hockey

Players will get wet in this Game of Skill! Supplies: Smooth top table (plasitc top picnic table); foam pipe insulators; hose with a "Y" adaptor; trigger

Wet Outdoor Game
All Access hot potato devil

After a lesson on resisting temptation, you can reinforce the idea by playing hot potato with the devil.

resisting evil
All Access House Shoes

A Fun,New Twist on Horseshoes using a variety of house shoes (the cuter the better) to score points for the team.

All Access Huh?

Teach your kids the importance of communication. When we converse with God, we must listen to Him in His language. God is a Spirit and those that worship Him should do so in Spirit and in truth.

All Access Human Memory

Concentration takes a new twist with this Memory using children as the playing pieces! Great Fun for Everyone!

All Access I Can Pray

Play this game like "Hot Potato" as you teach the children the Lord's Prayer.

All Access It's A Wrap

Great Game for Review and Boy/Girl Competition. One roll of Toilet paper per team required!

All Access Jacob and Esau

Reading the "Through the Bible Lessons" on this site for the stories of Jacob and Esau reminded me of an old youth group game we used to play which I have adapted for our kid's clubs. You will need a large book or magazine. 2 soft "clubs" like foam bricks or nerf tubes. 2 blindfolds

All Access Jesus on Your Side

Relay game to see who can untie the knots the fastest and can be used to see who follows all of the instructions.

Work hard to always have Jesus on your side.
All Access Joseph Coat Race

Break your students into teams and give each of them a stack of newspaper (must be newspaper or blank newsprint) and a roll of tape. Their task is to choose one of their members to be a model and make a coat for him/her.

All Access Knock Knock

It's important to know what behaviors are Godly and what behaviors are a result of a sinful nature.

All Access KO Sin

Punching-fun activity to teach about fighting temptation.

All Access Leaning Tower of CUPisa!

This is just a fun game the kids absolutely love! It's also very simple and inexpensive!

All Access LEGO Charades

This is a fun game in which the contestant must create something from the Bible with LEGOs!

Visualizing the Bible
All Access Lemonade

For this Summer Fun Game you will need dixie cups filled with water, sliced lemons, (at least one slice per child), sugar in individual packs.

All Access Life or Death

Spin on the Price is Right using Bible verses.

All Access Lilly Pad-a Relay Race

Here is a game that takes cooperation and team work!

All Access Lion Growl an icebreaker for Daniel

Imagination helps children understand a Biblical Truth about Daniel and the Lions in the Den.

All Access Lollipop Tree

My Bible club kids love this one! If they say their verse, they get to pick a lollipop from the tree.

All Access Mad Lib - Matt 20:20-28; Mark 10:35-45

This game takes a 3rd person telling of James' and John's mom asking Jesus to one day let her kids sit on his right and left; and leaves out key words and replaces them with silly substitutes. I suggest doing it as a group and getting a different response from each child. I've put what to ask for in parenthesis along with any explanations) and then at the end I've written the entire story correctly.

Being Great in the Kingdom of God
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