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Tips for Leading Games

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

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10 Tips for leading effective games, plus a play-by-play example so you can become an expert at leading FUN games that teach a point!


Tips for Leading
Great Games!
By Karl Bastian, the Kidologist

No doubt about it – KIDS LOVE GAMES!  Ask kids if they’d like to learn something, and some will say “ok,” but ask a group of kids if they would like to play a game, and they will all say “YES” with cheers!!  The smart teacher knows that they can tap into the fun and power of games and guide kids into learning at the same time.  Games are great, but games that teach are even better!  A few week ago, while out with a first grader named Colin sharing Happy Meals at McDonald’s, I asked him what he liked best about our Kid’s Church program.  As with most boys, his first answer was Toybox Tales, so I had to ask what he liked second best.  His answer amazed me! He said, “I like the games because they are fun and when they are over I always think I was just having fun but then you end up teaching us something that the game showed us.” And this from a first grader! (A future children’s pastor, perhaps?)  If you play games just for the sake of fun, you are missing a great learning opportunity!  Games are an ideal way to introduce a topic, demonstrate an illustration, or create in the kids an emotion or reaction that relates to your lesson!  Become a master of games and you will become not only a master teacher, but a favorite of the kids!

As I often say, “If you don’t have a plan for the kids, then they will have a plan for you!”

Leading effective games can be easy, but there are some basic steps that need to be followed in order for a large group of kids to be tracking with you.  Often game leaders stumble through the game and struggle to get the instructions out in the right order and the kids end up frustrated or confused or the impact of the teaching point can be minimized.  Here are the basic elements and steps for leading a successful game:



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