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When you use games to teach, your teaching becomes more fun, and more effective. Get kids' minds and bodies involved in learning!

The games here are not simply for the sake of play, but for creatively and effectively reaching and teaching kids for Jesus! Don't miss Karl Bastian's Tips for Leading Great Games!

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All Access Magnetic Letter Quiz

Quiz game requiring the answers to be spelled out on magnetic board with Magnetic Letters. Could be used as a Boys against Girls friendly competition game to reinforce a Bible Lesson.

All Access Marshmellow Race

Great way to expel some energ! Requires a bag of large marshmellows per team and a long stick per team to put the marshmellows on

Indoor/Outdoor Relay Game
All Access Mastermind

This is a play on the gameshow Mastermind and deals with the biographies of Christians. Could easily use Bible People or stories for questions and answers.

All Access Memory Verse Mania

In this action game, the kids have to recite the memory verse while doing whatever action they draw out of a bag. Kids love it!

All Access Most Popular Game

Indoor, high activity level tag-type game for team competition

Team Competition
All Access Musical Body Painting

Messy version of musicall chairs

Messy Games
All Access Musical Chairs with a Twist

This is a game to encourage the children to memorize the Lord's Prayer.

Lord's Prayer
All Access Musical Wardrobe

Best Dressed takes on new meaning in this twist on Musical Chairs.

Creative Fun
All Access No Guessing Needed

A fun hands-on activity that demonstrates that guessing is not a sure thing - better to go with something dependable - God!

All Access Noodle Hockey

If you've got a swimming noodle and a box laying around your office you can make this game happen.

All Access No-One-Out Musical Chairs

This is a great ice breaker as it encourages children to "get comfortable" with each other!

Musical Chairs
All Access Nursery Champ Relay

Relay using Nursery Rhymes and actions. Ahead of time write or copy the following six descriptions on a slip of paper and place them in a paper bag. Child draws a description from the bag and does what it says.

All Access Odd One Out

Have a selection of several types of balls available. (Tennis, squash, golf, football, pool, rugby)

All Access Ornamental Memory Game

All Access Paper Clip Party Game

Be careful what you do and say, someone is waiting for you to make a mistake and steal your clips!

All Access Party Games with Balloons

Friendly competition involving Balloon Fun

Fun with Balloons
All Access Pass the Gift - Christmas Story

This is an old "parlor" game that is lots of fun.

All Access Pass-the-Can

Bible Memory Reward Game

All Access Pictoral Memory

Great for team work, memory, and energy burner. You will need Pre-drawn geometic designs, Blank paper, and Pencils

All Access Play-Doh Christmas Game

All Access Polar Sled Race

For this team competition, you'll need carpet squares or sleds.

All Access Potato Poke

New Twist on Hot Potato. Requires one potato per group and one toothpick per child.

All Access Puzzle Race

The kids love this game. I use it as an introduction to the new memory verse. It takes a little preparation, but it is worth it.

Scripture Memory
All Access Rope-Knot Pull

Group participation is required in this rope pulling game!

Group Activity
All Access Salvation Scramble

Scripture Recall with a new twist for class participation!

All Access Say That Verse

You will need Bible, Bubble Gum (Hard is Much More Fun), Scripture Verses on Slips of paper, container.

Fun with Scriptures
All Access Scrambled Kids Memory Verse

Memory Verse Game

Memory Verse
All Access Scripture Ball

Bible Verse Memory Game for two or more and all you need is a ball and a scripture verse to memorize.

All Access Scripture Match for Preschoolers

Great way for Preschoolers to learn scripture! You will need: different colored light-weight cardboard, simple shapes to use as templates, the word

All Access Shining Easter Egg Hunt

Spreading the light of Jesus using flashlights.

All Access Shopping Maul

It is an excellent game to work a little energy out of your group. I listed this as a fun game but it also makes an excellent topic introduction for speaking about greed! Just play it once and you'll know why! We like to play this during the holidays!

All Access Slap It

This game can be used in a variety of ways: to review a unit, to evaluate retention of a lesson, to offer situations for kids to give their reaction to ... anything that you are wanting to match a student with a question.

All Access Sowing and Reaping

Great idea for reinforcing BibleTeachings.

All Access Space Harvest

a chair for each player, a large assortment of stuff (marbles,Legos,we have even used magnets)

All Access Spelling Blocks

Two teams have a spelling bee using children's alphabet blocks. Sound too intellectual? Just give it a try!

Fun introductions
All Access Sticker Tag

A fun game of tag where everyone is "IT"!

All Access Straws and Q-tips

Skill game of friendly competition to see who can hit the box/pail with their Q-tip. Need 1 Q-tip and 1 straw per child.  

Friendly Competition
All Access Straws and Sweets

This is more of a reward for answering questions correctly but could be used for friendly competition. Requires small round candy (M&Ms), bowls, and straws

All Access Sumo Wrestling

The four children each wear their three tire tubes. The game plays like Sumo wrestling. The children have to pull their opponents out of the ring. Once out of the ring, the child is out. Soft helmets are recommended and add to the fun.

All Access Sword Fighting

Fun game that reinforces memory workk as played.

Memory Verse
All Access Teaspoon Water Relay

Game used to teach on Attitude, Forgiveness, and Worldly Distractions (depending on how it's played)

All Access The Carpet Squeeze

The object is to get as many kids on the square as possible. Squeeze them on.

All Access The Grace Game

Grace is available and this game is a great way to illustrate the free gift of Grace. You will need a Hot Potato (bean bag) and cards with the word "Grace" written on them, 1 per player.

All Access The Hat Game

This is a zany game that can be used in boy/girl competition, my kids love it! All you need: many hats of different sizes,types and fun music

All Access The Hulk (God's Power)

The goal is to set the highest record for catching a ball in 40 seconds while wearing increadible hulk hands!

A fun opener for a lesson on power!
All Access The Letter Block Quiz

All Access The LUV Chair

Sharing Good Thoughts about others is important and the "LUV" chair makes it happen. You need to get a "fun" chair for this game.

All Access The No Pinata Game

Are you tired of doing pinatas at your parties? Tired of the kids not all getting a turn to whack the pinata? Tired of the pinata not breaking even after 30 kids have gone? Then have I got a solution for you. The no pinata game.

New Twist
All Access Three Scripture Memory Verse Games

When teaching Scripture memory verses during club or class time, you will want to let the children repeat the verse seven or eight times (after your teaching on the meaning and application of the verse) to help them remember it. But you will want to do it in a fun, exciting way. Here are three favorites of some of the methods that I use.

All Access Tic Tac Toe Bean Bag Toss

Kids will have lots of fun trying to get 3 bean bags in a row.

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