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When you use games to teach, your teaching becomes more fun, and more effective. Get kids' minds and bodies involved in learning!

The games here are not simply for the sake of play, but for creatively and effectively reaching and teaching kids for Jesus! Don't miss Karl Bastian's Tips for Leading Great Games!

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All Access Christmas Obstacle Course

Make the Christmas story come alive with this obstacle course. Great for Jesus' Birthday party!

Christmas Game
Starter Code Word Balderdash

Using a simple deck of balderdash cards, create this game causes ongoing fun throughout your program that keeps kids listening and focused throughout! Great as a repeated, ongoing weekly part of competition!

Silly words, silly definitions and tons of fun!
Starter Coin Race

3-5 years olds will race to build a block tower by "buying" your blocks.

Betrayal, Following Jesus
Starter Coin Toss Game Printable

This simple game is great for school age kids, and is useful when kids are waiting for parents, or a competition.

Make your own Coin Toss game
All Access Cotton Boogers

Good game to put the boys against the girls to see who remembers the lesson.

Relay game
All Access David, Goliath and a Bubblegum Stone

This is a wonderful Children's Church Game to help teach the David and Goliath Lesson, where the kids throw bubblegum at Goliath!

Stand against the Giants!
All Access Deal or No Deal

A Kids Church Deal or No Deal PowerPoint Game.

Deal or No Deal PowerPoint Game
All Access Easter Egg Verse Relay

The kids will gain a greater knowledge of Easter Bible verses while playing a fun game related to Easter.

All Access Easter PowerPoint Game

This is a simple matching game reviewing the symbols of Easter, similar to the “Resurrection Eggs”.

Starter Fishing Game

3-5 year olds "fish" as a discussion starter for "fishing for men."

Making Disciples
Starter Follow the Leader!

3-5 years olds will play "Follow the Leader" while repeating the Big Idea.

Following Jesus, Discipleship, Betrayal
Starter Friend Scavenger Hunt

Use this simple game to help kids get to know each other. Can be used as an ice-breaker or small group game.

Get to know me game to play with school age Kids
All Access Globe Race

You will need 2 matching globes for this game that can be used just for fun or to introduce a talk on world missions.

Free Goofy Golf

April 22 is Earth Day. Take the day to teach kids what the BIBLE says about taking care of God’s Creation.

Earth Day Fun
All Access Helmet and Other Hats Game

A list of famous "people" that wear hats. This list can be used for either Pictionary or Charades, as an introduction to teaching on "Hats in the Bible" such as the Helmet of Salvation and various Crowns or for a "Crazy Hat Night"

Hat / Helmet Game
All Access Holiday Poem Contest

Holidays / Fun
All Access Hopscotch Bible Verse

Help kinesthetic learners memorize a Bible verse using hopscotch.

Memory Verse
All Access How do you teach children Bible verses?

5 Easy Ways to Help Children Learn Bible Verses

All Access Inch Worm Relay

Kids become inchworms using sleeping bags and have to listen to the instructions of their teammates since they will not be able to see where they are going.

Game/Team Building Exercise
All Access Indiana Jones Game

Kids will be chased by a giant beach ball around in a circle and attempt to 'escape' from the boulder. Reminiscent of the boulder chase scene from "Raiders of the Lost Ark." This game is made for larger groups (30 or more).

Crazy Game
All Access Jacob Wrestles with God

The story of Jacob wrestling with God - video game style.

Jacob wrestles with God
All Access Karl's Speed Stacks Lessons

Here are several different ways that you can use Speed Stacks in your ministry.  

Sport Stacking
All Access Kid's Church Jeopardy

"Jeopardy!" for kid's church

Game Show Like Games
All Access Kid's Church Squares

"Hollywood Squares" for kid's church

Game Show Like Games
All Access Kiss a Fish

Offering Contest

Offering Contest
All Access Know Well Noel - Game Show Skit

A game show skit involving 3 contestants who are tested on their knowledge of Jesus' birth.

All Access Life Size Candyland

Variation on Candyland game for families.

Starter Light Up

Use push on lights to make games fun.

Fun Game Idea
Starter Make Your Own Concentration Game

Printing these sheets of graphics on sticker paper means you have matching sets for your very own concentration game craft!

Kids can make their own concentration game!
All Access Matching Game

This game uses pictures of animals, people or things. The kids have to find matches and the one who gets the most matches wins. This can be done either as individuals or as boys versus girls.

All Access May I Serve You?

This is a relay game that can be used as an introduction to a lesson on serving others.

Free Minute to Win It Games

The Free "Minute to Win It" Games PDF from NBC.

Fun Fast Games
All Access Name That Jelly Belly

A fun,messy game to recap the end of any series.

Fun, Messy, and Gross Game!
All Access No More Room

Object: The object of this game is to see who can hold the most people in the middle of the circle without breaking the circle around them. Play the game until the outer circle breaks and they cannot hold all the people in anymore.

Make Room for God
All Access Oreo Wiggle

Kids make an Oreo slide from their forehead into their mouths by wiggling their nose/eyebrows

All Access Overhead Game - Bible Bust

This is a fast action game for Elementary kids that can be played either as an overhead projector game or as a large floor game where the players are the actual game pieces. Included are directions for the game both ways! Recommended age: Grades 3rd on up Don't miss the 39 page PDF at the bottom of the page with overhead game boards, and questions to use.

Overhead Game
All Access Overhead Game - Bible Squares

Here is a great version of large-group tic-tac-toe. Each team takes turns answering Bible questions to earn a square for their team. Three in a row wins! Make sure to download the 14 page PDF at the bottom of the page for all the questions and the overhead masters for the game boards and place markers.

Overhead Game
All Access Overhead Game - Pass The Word

A game that can be played with one or more teams. The teacher reads a series of clues until a team member gives the answer or topic. Each team gets to keep score by moving their place marker up and down a scoreboard scale. Don't miss the 17 page PDF file that includes the topic clues and the scoreboard scale.

Overhead Game
All Access Overhead Game - Scripture Squad

This is a two part game that is best done over at least a two week time period. it's a version of "Family Feud" in which teams give answers and are awarded points based on whether they give one of the top five responses.

Overhead Game
All Access Overhead Game - Take the Challenge

This is a simplified "Jeopardy" style game in which each team chooses questions based on a category and point value. Four topics can be played: Old Testament, new Testament, Christmas and Easter.

Overhead Game
All Access Overhead Game - Wheel of Faith

An overhead game using a Wheel of Fortune style contest. each team takes turns spinning the wheel and adding to the phrase for points.

Overhead Game
All Access Overhead Game: Bible Baseball

This 13 page PDF includes an overhead baseball diamond, instructions and ten pages of questions to use in playing.

Overhead Game
All Access Overhead Projector Games

Overhead projector games are great to use when working with a large group of kids. Children’s Evangelist, Ed Dunlop, has written two books with great ideas for overhead projector games.

Starter Peer Pressue in Four Corners Game

3-5 year olds will be pressured by the teacher to join their friends in the classic "Four Corners" game.

Peer Pressure
All Access Rocky's Breakfast

This fun Children's Church game will be perfect for any lessons about Jesus' power to save us from sin.

Egg-cracking Relay - Jesus Saves
All Access Satan's Lies and God's Truths

Object lessons, discussions, and game dealing with human temptation and perspective.  

Starter Seven-Eleven

Name 7 items in a category in 11 seconds! It's just that simple! Add or create your own categories for more fun!

Quick group game, Ages 6+
Starter Shoe Game Storytelling Technique

Learn how to integrate a simple game involving every child in your group and their shoes. Guaranteed to capture the attention of even those most energetic child.

Storytelling game
Starter Silly Charades

One of my favorite games to do with a wide range of kids ages - It is a silly game of "everyone play at once charades" - and it is a great way to get the sillies out!

Silly Game for all ages and/or big groups
Starter Simon Says, Pray!

3-5 year olds practice the postures of prayer.

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