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10 Standards for Excellence

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

Topic: Volunteer Standards

Written by Karl Bastian for his children's ministry, here are ten scripturally based standards you can ask your volunteers to live up to in order to serve in the kids ministry.

What standard of living and behavior should be expected of those who serve in the children's ministry and are put before children as role models?

While none of us are perfect, serving and modeling Christ before children is a high calling indeed. Pastor Karl Bastian created the list below for his ministry years ago and has used it ever since. He calls it the "10 Standards for Excellence" that is expected of all volunteers to live up to in order to serve in the children ministry. The bar is high for those who are modeling Christ to our children!

This document should be given to every volunteer and can be part of a children's ministry volunteer manual.

Each of the 10 Standards are supported by scripture to help substantiate that these are not just the leadership's expectations, but God's expectations of all believers. Our job as kids ministry volunteers is not only to instruct kids where to go, expect them to follow rules, and to teach the lessons, but to model the Christian faith in our lives and behavior.

Provided are two versions of a PDF - one version if you'd like volunteers to sign and return the document, and another if no signature is required. A Word document is also provided for editing to customize for your local church. Permission is granted for use in your local church, but this document is not to be published in any other form without prior written permission from the author.




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