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King of Hearts Card Trick with Video Demonstration

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

Topic: Gospel Magic

This is a super easy and impressive trick that requires no sleight of hand.

This is a super easy and impressive trick that requires no sleight of hand. You’ll use this trick many times to ‘force’ a selected card.



NEEDED: Playing cards, pad of paper, envelope, thick marker 

PREPARATION: You’ll need a standard deck of cards. It is recommended you use a jumbo deck as it is much more visual for the audience. You can get a jumbo deck easily online. (You can also use Uno cards if you don’t want to use traditional playing cards, and jumbo Uno decks are available online as well.) You’ll also need a pad of paper, an envelope, and a thick marker (so writing can be seen from the audience) to write out your prediction and seal it away. The only “set up” is remembering the top card on the deck, which you should make the King of Hearts for this presentation! (It is also helpful to practice a few times!) 



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This trick is included in the Angel Sightings 3-Week Christmas Series from it Bible Curriculum

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