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5 Minute Roller Coaster Countdown Video

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

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5 Minute Roller Coaster Countdown Video

 FREEE for All Access Members, this 5 Minute Roller Coaster Countdown video is provided with and without the countdown.

As a countdown, it is fun for any pre-service series featuring adventure and fun and originally was provided as part of the Bible Blockbusters Joseph - A Hero's Journey series from it Bible Curriculum.

The lesson was about how just as a roller coaster ride is filled with "ups" and "downs," so is life. It can be scary, but in the end, it is what makes life (and roller coaster rides) exciting. A slow straight roller coater ride would be boring. So would life without it's "ips" and "downs."

But when we live for God, He is with us all the way, and we can trust He is taking us somewhere and there will be a purpose to the entire ride!

Riding with God is the ultimate Thrill Ride!


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