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Are you a ministry volunteer looking for direction? Do you lead volunteers, and want to do so to the best of your ability? Check out the volunteer zone for a plethora of tips, tricks, ideas, and encouragement.

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Free What Do You Consider a "WIN" for Your Volunteers?

What areas are you working on and seeking to move your volunteers forward in?

Free When Kidmin Breaks Your Heart

God reached down and touched our hearts thru Jesus. He wants us to do the same for the hurting families and children in our midst.

Leadership, Caring
All Access Who Wants to Be a Volunteer?

When you ask a group of adults to volunteer, the crickets start chirping and everyone in the audience tries especially hard not to make eye contact with the person asking the question. But children have an inate desire to serve. Let that eagerness inspire you. 

All Access Why People Aren't Excited about Your Children's Ministry

Do you feel tired and frustrated by the lack of support and excitement for your ministry? Here are strategic questions to ask to help you examine why.

Vision, Volunteers, Parents
Free Why We Need Sunday School Ministry

Do we really need to have Sunday School classes?  

Teaching and Training
All Access Winter Coloring Page "Give God Praise"

A simple yet fun way for kids to be reminded to praise God in every circumstance. 

Fun, Coloring, Activity
All Access Words of Affirmation

Huge list of phrases you can tell your kids or volunteers to encourage them and affirm them

Encouragement, Volunteers
All Access Worship Response Stations

Use these worship station ideas to allow kids to express themselves in ways that they are most comfortable. 

Worship, Object Lessons
Starter Recruitment Idea

A great source for volunteers on Sunday mornings.

Recruitment, Volunteers
All Access Christmas Gift of Appreciation

Seeing how important volunteers are in ministry, but having limited resources, we came apon this idea that many went "head over heels"about.

Inexpensive Gift for Volunteers
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