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Are you a ministry volunteer looking for direction? Do you lead volunteers, and want to do so to the best of your ability? Check out the volunteer zone for a plethora of tips, tricks, ideas, and encouragement.

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All Access Break Out of Your Teaching Rut - Go Take A Hike!

Dig out of your rut by taking a hike!

Sunday School, Effective Teaching
All Access But Will They Come Back??

How do you retain visitors to your church?

Return Visitors
Free Can a Pastor Take a Day Off?

Can a Pastor take a day off? Yes, you CAN get a day OFF. And it can be Amazing!

Leadership, Mistakes, Recruitment
All Access Child Discipleship: Kids Need An Internal Biblical Roadmap

Be intentional in guiding your children to develop an internal Biblical Roadmap.

All Access Child Protection Policy Defined

The best way to prevent abuse is to plan ahead. This is the first post in a three part series from KidCheck on the essential elements of designing and implementing an effective Child Protection Policy.

Child Protection Policy
All Access Children of Divorce Need YOU to Help Them Manage Their Behaviors

How can you and your volunteers help children deal with stress?

Divorce, Behavior
All Access Children's Ministry Manual for Volunteers

A 25-page Children's Ministry Manual for your volunteers!

CM Manual, Volunteers
Free Choose to Speak Life

God brings many people (staff, volunteers, parents and children) into our circle of influence. Pray for them, and choose to speak life into their lives. 

Encouragement, Inspiration
All Access Classroom Management Tips

Some advice on how to manage your classroom at all age levels. 

Classroom management
All Access Collaborative Problem Solving

3 steps to collaborative problem solving.

Problem Solving
All Access Creating a Culture of Warmth

Where is the warmth-meter in your ministry?  

Making Kids Feel Safe and Comfortable
All Access Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Have fun this Easter by changing up your egg hunt!

Easter, Games
All Access David Tries to Hide His Sin (Game)

An adaptation of David and Bathsheba to teach about hiding sin. 

Hiding from God
All Access Dealing with Challenging Kids at VBS

With VBS coming up, attitudes and conversations can make a difference when you have a rambunctious group of kids.

Divorce, Discipleship, Difficult Kids
Free Delegation is a MUST in Children's Ministry

Delegation is a must in Children's Ministry! Here are some great tips for how to delegate effectively in your ministry.

Delegation, Children's Ministry
Free Do You Apologize Too Much in Recruiting?

Saying "sorry" is a good thing, but not when your goal is to win volunteers to your ministry and vision.

Leadership, Mistakes, Recruitment
All Access Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Volunteers?

Learn 4 mistakes many Children's Pastors make with their volunteers and how to avoid making them

Volunteers, Encouragement, Gifts
Free Do You Suffer From #Kidmin Tunnel Vision?

Do you have tunnel vision when it comes to your kidmin? Follow these tips on how to stay connected with the rest of the ministry teams!

Focus, Staying Connected
All Access Does Curriculum Lose its Value When It Becomes Dated?

When does curriculum for children's ministry become outdated?

All Access Educational Objectives with Children in Your Church

What should your kids know as they reach the end of each grade level? Here's a handy list to help you out!

Learning Goals
All Access Emotional Concussions

Emotional concussions can be just as lethal, and sometimes even more so, than a physical concussion

Divorce, Emotions
All Access Enhancing Your Cross-Cultural Connections in Ministry

In our diverse modern culture, virtually all ministry is “cross-cultural” and effective connections and relationship building will depend up your cross-cultural understanding and communication skills.

Cross Culture
Free Explaining the Trinity to Kids

How do you explain the Trinity to your kids?

All Access Eye for an Eye (Matthew 5:38-48) Sunday School Lesson

Love everyone — even when they do wrong to you!

All Access Five Ways To Create a Fun Kidmin Environment

Ideas on how to make your kidmin space fun for kids!

Fun, Kid Environments
All Access Four Basic Steps for an Effective Kids Service

Take these 4 steps to help run an effective kids ministry service. 

Kids Church
Free Free and Inexpensive Ideas For Volunteer Appreciation Gifts

If you’re like me, you know how important volunteers are to Children’s Ministry. It is a true partnership: we cannot accomplish the work of our ministry without our dedicated volunteers; they cannot effectively accomplish the work of our ministry without a leader at the helm. How can we show them we truly appreciate them?

Appreciation Gifts
All Access Gaming Addiction and Kids of Divorce

Excessive use of video games can become a trap (an addiction) kids get caught in as they try to escape their emotional turmoil.

Divorce, Addiction
All Access Helping Ministry Volunteers Connect

Fun ways to help your volunteers get connected with each other

Leading, Community, Volunteers
All Access Helping Volunteers Become Ministry Partners

6 things you can do to help your volunteers to become ministry partners

ministry partners, encouraging, volunteers
All Access Here's why play time might be the most important part of your KidMin

Why and how can playtime be the most important part of your Sunday morning?

Fun and Games
All Access Here's why play time might be the most important part of your KidMin

What do you think is the most important thing that happens in your KidMin on a Sunday morning?

The Importance of Play
All Access How I Do Small Groups for Kids

One of the things I have found over the years is that it is important that we teach God’s Word, but also create a place for kids to interact with each other and make friends. I do that through Small Groups.

Small Groups
Free How I Got Swept Into Children's Ministry

Whether 'called', 'led', or 'dragged'... being swept into children's ministry can be the most rewarding experience. 

Working in Kidmin
Free How Is Your Getting?

In our pursuit of recruiting volunteers for our children’s ministries, many people would say that they are not getting volunteers. I think we need to look inward before we begin to talk about how people just don’t volunteer in our ministries.

Volunteer Recruitment
Free How to Approach Delegation

Too often delegation is poorly executed, frustrating both the person delegating and the person being delegated to. There should be a benefit for both parties, but often one or both parties feel dissatisfied.

All Access How To Become An Effective Team Member

Use these tips to become a better team member that will benefit not only your team, but the kids in your ministry.

Team Work
All Access How to Build an Incredible Team

What makes a ministry team incredible? These five principles will help you build an incredible team for your children's ministry.

Team Building
Free How to Choose What To Delegate in Your Children's Ministry

Steps to learn what to delegate and which team members to delegate to.

Starter How to Deal with a Burnt Out Volunteer

Discover 3 ways to help your volunteers through burn-out. 

Volunteer Burn Out
All Access How to Deal with Difficult Kids

Parents need you to partner with them in discipling their kids. 

Free How to Develop a Volunteer-Training Program

Use your current volunteers to develop volunteers.

Volunteers, Training
Free How to Get Your Fifth-Grade Boys to Worship

What keeps your middle schoolers from worshiping? How can you turn it around?

Free How To Handle Discipline Problems in Children's Church

Review these tips for handling discipline problems in your classroom or kids church. Take control of your classroom and get back to the business of guiding your kids into a deeper understand of God and His Word.

Discipline in Kids Church
All Access How to Have a Creative Meeting

Creative meetings are great for any and every kids event you do.

Creativity, Meetings, Volunteers
All Access How to Help Kids Make Friends at Church

Share with kids these 5 basic tips on how to wisely choose their friends. 

Free How to Put Together Ready-to-go Emergency Lessons

Have you ever had a Sunday School or Kids Church leader call in sick last minute? If you're not prepared, you'll be left scrambling for ideas for your substitute teacher. To avoid this, have an emergency lesson ready to go.

Leadership, Preparation, Volunteers
All Access How to Remove Biblical Illiteracy from your Ministry

Help children connect with the Bible on a daily basis. 

Biblical Accuracy
All Access How to Talk to Your Kids About Scary Events in the News

Mr. Rogers gives great advice on how to talk to kids about scary events in the news. 

Communication, Parenting, Fear
Starter Human Worth: How to See the Good in Others

Here are some quick and powerful ideas for adding value in your family and with the children in your life.  

Value of Life, Human Worth
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