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Are you a ministry volunteer looking for direction? Do you lead volunteers, and want to do so to the best of your ability? Check out the volunteer zone for a plethora of tips, tricks, ideas, and encouragement.

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All Access Invigorate Your Volunteers

Ebook resources for you to recruit and train volunteers

Volunteer Recruiting/Training
All Access Jesus' Baptism and Significance (Matthew 3:1-17) Sunday School Lesson

When and why should children be baptized? This lesson can help explain it.

All Access Jesus Feeds the 5,000 Teaching Skit

This is a great little skit that would be a good addition to your lesson about Jesus feeding the 5,000.

Skit, Feeding the 5,000
All Access Jesus Turns Water to Wine Craft for Kids

Jesus First Miracle Craft 

Craft Project
All Access Jocks, Freaks and Geeks

Sticks and stones may break our bones... but words can hurt, too. 

Using kind words
Free Keep It Short

Do your volunteers need training, but don't have time to attend training? Don't fret. Here's a practical tip for you.

Leadership, Volunteers, Training
Free Kid Volunteers: The Welcome Table

Are you looking for creative ways to get kids involved in serving in your ministry?

Getting Kids Involved in Serving
All Access KidCheck Series Part 2: Reducing the Risk of Juvenile Offenses in Children's Ministry

This is the second in a series of three “Reducing the Risk of Juvenile Offenses in Children’s Ministry” posts focusing on the nature of juvenile offenses and commonalities in profile of those who offend. We’ll also share the importance of creating awareness and having a youth safety plan.

Child Safety
All Access KidCheck Series Part 3: Reducing the Risk of Juvenile Offenses in Children's Ministry

Thanks for joining us for the third and final post in our “Reducing the Risk of Juvenile Offenses in Children’s Ministry” series. In Part 3, we’ll share some key elements of the youth safety plan, including details on how to properly screen volunteers, the steps to take when managing an incident, ways to include those in your ministry who have past offenses, and as a final point, we’ll sum up the top action steps you can take immediately to reduce offenses in children’s ministry.

Abuse Prevention
Free Leading Your KidMin Volunteers Well

Many of you may have questions like: "What do I need to do to get more volunteers? What are some surefire, tried-and-true methods for keeping volunteers for the long term? How do I get volunteers to come to my training meetings?"

Leading Volunteers
All Access LEGO Bible Verse Activity

Using legos building blocks as a basis for teaching the Bible. 

All Access Lesson: It's What's on the Inside That Counts

Inner beauty is more important to God than outer beauty.

Inner Beauty
Free Make Sure You Don't Make This Mistake When Writing Volunteer Job Descriptions

Writing volunteer responsibilities can be the hardest part about putting together a volunteer job description for Children’s Ministry. Just how much information is necessary? Should you err on the side of too much information or too little? How do you find the balance?

Volunteers, Job Descriptions
All Access Making Children's Ministry Attractive to Volunteers

Looking for ideas about recruiting, training, and keeping volunteers? Here are ten great ways you can be an attractive children's ministry to potential volunteers!

All Access Making Space for Parents in Kidmin

A few keys to incorparating a healthy family ministry into your church.

Family Ministry
All Access Making Summer Meaningful with Simple Family Activities

Great ideas for fun summer family activities.

Summer, Family, Fun Activities
All Access Ministry Goal Fails - What Now?

What To Do When You Fail to Accomplish Your Children’s Ministry Goals

Ministry Goals
All Access No R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for anyone or anything. What do you do?

Should you expect respect from all kids? What about kids who have been through trauma? 

Respect, Divorce Care
All Access Noah's Ark Preschool Game - Print & Play Animal Match

Use this fun interactive animal matching game to teach about Noah's Ark. 

Noah's Ark, Games
All Access One Way Sunday School Teachers Can Encourage Active Participation in Class

Keep your class actively participating with these simple tips. 

All Access Pastor Appreciation Project

What are YOU doing to celebrate your pastor this October?

Pastor Appreciation
All Access Play Through the Bible

To effectively reach children, we need to understand children and teach them in a manner that they learn best.

Fun teaching ideas
Free Preparing Your Ministry for Growth

Once your ministry is discipling mature believers who are evangelizing others, you then need to prepare your ministry for growth. Are you ready for growth?

Growing Your Children's Ministry
All Access Prepping Your Team for Success

What are you doing to help your team succeed? Leader, your role is to equip and prepare people to serve the work of the ministry.

Equipping Leaders
All Access Principles for Managing Difficult Behavior

Here are some key principles for managing difficult behaviors.

All Access Printable Devotions for Kids

Devotionals that will help your kidmin get into God's Word and grow in their faith. 

All Access Put On Your Oxygen Mask First

Take care of yourself so you can help take care of others.

All Access Recruiting Tool: Don't Fear Kidmin Flyer

Give this fun flyer to your volunteers and have them give to a friend to invite them to serve in kids ministry.

All Access Recruiting Volunteers: Who and How to Recruit

Learn 3 important steps to take when recruiting volunteers. 

Recruiting, Volunteers
Free Rewarding Volunteers

Use gifts, experiences of your congregation to reward your volunteers.  

Free Rewards for Volunteers
All Access Sacred Pathways Overview for Volunteers

A resource to help teach your volunteers the Sacred Pathways

Serving, Worship, Relational
All Access Safety Beyond CheckIn

An active duty law enforcement officer, SWAT operator, and former pastor gives advice on how to best protect the kids in your ministry.  

Child Safety,
All Access Scheduling Your Day When There's Not Enough Time

Get tips on how to better manage your time. 

Schedules, Time Management
Starter Set Up Your Volunteers for Success

When preparing for fall, here is a list of wants and needs for your rooms.

Fall Room Prep
All Access Seven Things Parents Need You To Know

Here are some things I believe that parents need you to know as you lead them at church.

Knowing Parents
All Access Sharing the Gospel with Kids

4 steps to simply sharing the Gospel with the kids in your mnisttry

All Access Shepherding Children Safely in the Church

This article aims to provide a conversation starter to motivate church leaders to look beyond the minimum requirements for child safety toward developing a fully orbed approach. It is not exhaustive, but it does touch on major important points commonly missed in local churches.

Child Saftey,
All Access Shorter Attention Span: Kids or Goldfish?

If you work with kids, you know how challenging it can be to keep their attention.

Attention Span
All Access Simple Ways to Serve Your Local Community

Teach your kids how they can reach out to their community.

Service, Community
All Access Six Ways to Motivate Your Team in Challenging Times

Here are six ideas to build an engaged and motivated team no matter the circumstances.

All Access Stuck in a Volunteer Training Rut?

There is nothing wrong with having a favorite training method. But you can be much more affective when you use multiple methods in training your volunteers. 

Volunteer Training
Free Summer Lovin: Recruiting Volunteers

Short on volunteers this summer? Here's what we did to recruit volunteers to step in and serve!

Recruiting Summer Volunteers
All Access Teach Kids to be Bible Detectives!

I think one of the greatest skills you can teach your class is to study the Bible themselves.

Studying the Bible
All Access Teaching Bible Skills

Let’s encourage our kids to be comfortable and familiar with their Bibles. 

Bible Study
All Access Teaching Kids about the 12 Disciples

Are you teaching on Jesus' Disciples? Here's a lesson plan to use in the classroom. 

Classroom Lesson, Sunday School, Disciples
All Access Teaching Kids To Be Confident In Their Faith

 Kids must be taught their faith in order to gain confidence in it!

All Access Teaching Kids to Pray

Teaching kids to talk to God and hear from him is one of the most transformative parts of the small group experience, so be intentional about making it a priority in your time together.

All Access Teaching Tip: Using Perspective to Creatively Share Bible Stories for Kids

It's the same old BIble story, but it can also be a fresh one, when told through the eyes of someone new. 

Sunday School, Effective Teaching
All Access The Beauty of Approachability

If you're only focused on ministry and not people, then you're missing one of your greatest callings.

Welcoming, Attitude
Free The Benefits of a Volunteer Meeting

Here are a few of the benefits of holding a volunteer meeting every week.

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