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All Access Waiting on God's Timing {Bible Lesson about David}

It’s not always easy to wait on God’s timing. God’s timing is vastly different than the timing we often wish for our own lives. 

Faith, Trust
All Access What Kind of Fruit Did Adam and Eve Eat?

Does the Bible really say that? We should never assume we know what the Bible says. We need to read it, study it, and teach it properly!

Presumptions of What the Bible Says
All Access Who Am I?: A Bible Memory Verse Activity for Kids for Colossians 3:16

A Bible memory verse activity is a great way to teach God’s amazing Word. Here’s a Bible game based on Colossians 3:16.

Bible Memory Verse Activity
All Access Willy Wonka 1 - Augustus Gloop

The first in a five lesson series on Willy Wonka. The choices that we make in what we eat can get us into big problems, just like Augustus in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Healthy Choices
All Access Willy Wonka 2 - Violet Beauregarde

The second in a five lesson series on Willy Wonka. Rude habits can cause a lot of problems, just like Violet in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Being Rude
All Access Willy Wonka 3 - Veruca Salt

The third in a five lesson series on Willy Wonka. Though being spoiled will seem nice for a while, it will get us in a lot of trouble, just like Veruca in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Being Spoiled
All Access Willy Wonka 4 - Mike Teevee

The fourth in a five lesson series on Willy Wonka. Watching too much TV is always bad for you and will land you in a heap of trouble, just like Mike in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Too Much TV
All Access Willy Wonka 5 - Mr. Slugworth

The last in a five lesson series on Willy Wonka. Satan will try to tempt us with good looking offers, just like Mr. Slugworth did with Charlie in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

All Access Ressurection Celebration 2003

Easter Sunday is a special day for God’s children. In this children’s church program, the children look BACK at what Christ has done. They look AHEAD at what is prepared for them in Heaven. They look IN at their heart and make sure that Jesus is there. They look OUT at others who need to hear the message of God’s great love!

All Access Thankful Hearts Lesson

Here is a fall-themed midweek outreach lesson plan that includes a 19-page Word doc with activities that can be used at any time during the year.

Fall-Themed Outreach Lesson Plan
All Access Bright ideas for teaching about David and Goliath

Teaching children how to overcome "Giants" in their lives through the story of David and Goliath.

David and Goliath
All Access Overcoming discipline problems - by making your lessons fun and exciting.

Here are some ways to make your lessons fun and exciting. In so doing , you will overcome most discipline problems.

Making Your Lessons Fun
Free Are the Instructions Important?

Sometimes life is like a jumbled mess of pieces, but God places all the parts there to make something cool out of it if we will follow His instructions. Trying to live our lives without following God's Word is like trying to build a model car without the instructions.

Bible Study
All Access Bridge to Heaven

Gospel Presentation
All Access Creation Ideas

A number of ideas are shared that could be incorporated into lessons on the subject of Creation.

All Access Giving Lesson

God will either "shower" us with large blessings or "squirt" us with big blessings for our giving to Him!

All Access Hurdles

This activity goes along with the story of the rich young ruler. It explores the activities or possessions that get in the way of the children putting God first.

All Access Mary Hears Good News

This lesson tells the Good news that the angel gave Mary and the promise God gave His people.

Luke 1:26-56
All Access Message in the Colors

The colors in the Olympic flag have a Spiritual meaning too!

The colors of the Olympic flag
All Access Riches Do Not Last Forever

Money doesn't last forever, so invest it in something that does last forever- the church!

Giving or Salvation

This game show skit will get your kids involved, and put them on the floor laughing. You can perform it as a puppet skit or as a live skit using your drama team. Or you could take it to the streets and get a community involved. You will need the following: Jesus and costume, three contestants and the voice of the Holy Spirit. Enjoy!

All Access SpongeBob Sunday

This is a salvation lesson using a SpongeBob SquarePants episode called Hooky. The emphasis is about not getting "hooked into sin."

All Access The More You Get, The More You Give

God has blessed some of us with a lot of things. God wants us to give some of it back, in proportion to what we get.

All Access Treasure Island

The exciting story of Treasure Island is brought to life on a spiritual level by teaching kids the importance of searching, using the correct map and the difference between finding false treasure and the real treasure in their lives.

Real Treasure
All Access Valentine's Candy Message from God

Teach children that God loves them year round, but when they get those little candy hearts with messages on them, some of them just might be telling us how much God loves us, and how He wants us to show Him we love Him, by obeying his commands.

Valentine's Day Lesson
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