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This is the place to find things written or submitted by the creator of, Karl Bastian.

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All Access The First Thanksgiving

Historical Records of the First Thanksgiving

All Access Thanksgiving Myths and Other Facts

Things you may not know about the history of Thanksgiving that you can use to teach.

All Access Turkey Facts (some serious, mostly fun)

Lots of miscellaneous facts about the bird we all love to eat this time of year.

All Access Thanksgiving Word Search

Have fun finding children's names from your ministry while teaching Bible verses.

All Access Thanksgiving PIT Game

This is a Thanksgiving version of the popular PIT game by Parker Brothers... and the kids will gobble it up!

Thanksgiving Game
All Access Crazy Kid's Pastor?

Kidologist's Blog Archive - April 2003 DewDate 10-24-2003

Ministry without Limits!
All Access Trapped in a Rock

Easter Sunday we were out in the parking lot after church when my three year old nephew was asked by his mom if he had learned the meaning of Easter in Sunday School. After answering with a simple, "Yes" my sister, Melissa, tried to get probe a little deeper and asked, "Can you tell us what happened on Easter?" Parker replied matter-of-factly, "Jesus was trapped in a rock, but he got out."

All Access Who Made God?

Christian Life
Free An Ode to Dew

The Kidologist stayed up waaaaaaay to late one night and wrote this poem... no, it has nothing to do with children's ministry - except that Dew has kept the Kidologist up late enough to come up with much of what is on this site!

Mountain Dew
All Access Ideas for Group Names

Ideas for group names

Group Names
All Access Don't Grab the Apple

You will need a tub full of colored balls, only ONE red one, small totes for kids, blindfolds, and a score board for this game involving friendly competition.

All Access Mute Charades

You will need something to write with and write on for each team and some messages to act out. Kids love acting out in this game of friendly competition.

All Access Wisemen Gifts Memory Game

You need 12 cards. The idea is to find the 3 gifts that the Wismen brought to Jesus by remembering which cards they are on.

All Access Lego Game

You will need several sets of Legos as several kids race to build tallest Lego tower that will stand on its own after time is up.

All Access Hat Grab

Every child needs a hat in this exciting hat-grabbing game that is a New Twist to Musical Chairs. The kids love seeing who will be the last one with a hat.

All Access Eraser Wars

You will need 2 standing white boards, markers, and erasers. The players alternate between drawing and erasing, but have to race between the two boards

All Access Don't Dirty the New Self

Christian Life
All Access Look at my Trophies!

All Access What Do You Have That You Did Not Receive?

All Access God's Piggy Bank

Christian Life
All Access The Pillow and the Hinge

A Pillow and a Hinge
All Access Periscope Wisdom

All Access The Perfect Wish

Christian Life
All Access Don't Be Fooled by the Wrapper

The world and our Enemy try to deceive us by making sin look yummy, but in the end it tastes horrible!

Bible, Sin
All Access Hold Your Tongue

Just a fun introduction to teaching on the power of the tongue.

All Access Seeing is Believing

Magic Trick (Don't worry, you CAN do this - because you don't really DO anything.) Show ...

All Access A Letter from God

All Access Rise or Fall

God wants us all to go up to heaven - and it is whether you have Jesus inside that determines that.

All Access Time's Up

Time is always passing and we cannot get it back. Someday, the ultimate alarm will go off and we will meet God.

All Access Harry Potter Object Lesson: Love That Leaves a Mark

When YOU accept Jesus as your Savior, He wants to leave His mark on you - a transformed life! And in exchange for your giving your life to Him, He will protect you from the Enemy and the ultimate consequences of your sin.

All Access The Key to Heaven

Jesus is the only way to heaven, He is like the Key to Heaven!

All Access Wise and Foolish Builders who built on the rock and the jello

Where we build our life is important – Will we build it on God’s Ways or World’s.

All Access The Bible is our Mirror to see What we Look Like Spiritually

What we build our life UPON is important. We must build it upon the WORD OF GOD, not the wisdom of the world.

All Access Magic Tricks

Many magic tricks rely on false assumptions...

All Access Being Connected to God Gives You Power

Being connected to God gives you power.

All Access Our Outside Power Source

We all need a source of power outside of ourselves, or we will get drained spiritually.

All Access Sling Shot and Balloon Object Lesson

How we can protect ourselves from the attacks of the enemy.

All Access The Amazing Magic In-Out Tube Trick!

It is foolish to think that if we allow bad things into our life that good will come out.

All Access Pipe Object Lesson

Sin gets in the way of God being able to do things in our life.

All Access Easter Egg Puzzle of Life

Jesus rose from the dead to fix the problem of death once and for all.

All Access The Bible is like?

The Bible is like .....

All Access Reflection of Our Self

You look in the mirror and see what needs to be fixed before you are presentable to the world, but God’s Word shows us what we need to fix to be presentable to God and others.

All Access God As Father

God is the perfect Father.

Christian Living
All Access Spiritual Glasses

Just as real glasses help many us see objects in perspective, spiritual glasses can help us see things with a godly perspective.

All Access Back To School

Here is a great 'back to school' lesson that shares the Gospel using school supplies.

All Access Acts 5 - Stand Up Guys

The book of Acts contains amazing stories of faith and courage. It is easy to think of these heroes as being extra special or extra spiritual, but they were ordinary people, just like us! Kids can be challenged to be bold and brave for God in their neighborhoods and schools!

Bravery / Witnessing
All Access Flatman and Bobbin Discover the Trinity (#5)

The Bumbling Duo Discover and Discuss the Trinity.  

All Access Acts 4 - Godly Gals

This lesson uses the examples of several women in the book Acts to teach that we need to discover what our gifts and abilities are, and then use them for God and His Kingdom!

Mother's Day
All Access Flatman and Bobbin Save Mother's Day! (#4)

The bumbling duo saves the world from a mother who was forgotten on Mother's Day—and all children are warned to love their mothers.

Mother's Day
All Access Acts 3 - The Encourager

Everyone loves to be encouraged! We all like compliments and pats on the back. Barnabus was given his name because he was known for encouragement. This lesson’s aim is to challenge kids to become encouragers – to be the kind of kids that build others up rather than tear others down. Our human instinct when we are hurt or attacks is to tear the other down, but in this lesson they will learn that when they build others up – everyone succeeds!  

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