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This is the place to find things written or submitted by the creator of, Karl Bastian.

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All Access Permission Slip

What about permission slips? A little advice and a sample.

All Access Memorized Book

Teacher has the kids come up with a 'random' number, and then open a book to that page/line and the teacher has that line on that page memorized!

Christian Life
All Access New Year's - Great Expectations

How we can plan our lives better according to God's plan.

Life Planning
All Access Mercy and Grace

A very fun lesson on what Mercy and Grace really are. A student does not receive the super soaker treatment he deserves.

God's Love
All Access Ask, Seek, Knock

Have son or daughters asking for a certain need of theirs. Then give them the complete opposite. Teaching that God would not do this to anyone of us.

Needing God
All Access The Greatest Book Ever Written

The Bible is more than just an old religious book. It is direct communication from God on how we are to live, a history of our world, and a guide to how we can live the life our Creator intended for us to live. Every story in the Bible, no matter how short, seemingly insignificant, or even boring – is there for a reason and we can learn something valuable from it. The purpose of this lesson is to stir up a fresh curiosity in children as to how the Bible can help them in their daily lives. They should go home more eager to read the Bible for themselves.

The Bible
All Access One Word That Can Change Your Life

This is a special lesson designed for training youth workers on the one character trait that will set them apart from their peers and set them on a course for success in life!

All Access New Years Lesson

A complete lesson with MANY activities on the theme of the "New Year." Use the whole lesson or just parts of it. Teach children how to make realistic New Year's Resolutions.

Starting Over
All Access Bible Basics

LOTS of ideas for teaching about the Bible. This is the chapter I wrote for Group's Ulitimate Bible Guide for Kids!

The Bible
All Access The Salt Lesson

Lesson on how we are the salt of the earth

All Access A New Heart

A presentation you can show about getting a new heart.

All Access Let's Learn About WORSHIP

Lesson on Worship, including a collection of verses about worship

All Access Kid's Praise Service - Grade School

Grade school lesson with songs that can be made into overhead graphics.  

All Access Kid's Praise Service - Preschool

Preschool service complete with songs you can make as overhead graphics.

All Access The Bible, God's Word

Includes a Gospel magic trick and a Bible rap song.

The Bible
All Access It's Not My Fault!

FUNNY ROUTINE where a puppet accidentally admits to something he did – without realizing it. Then tries to blame everything and everyone but himself.

Admitting Wrong
All Access The Unforgiving Servant

"Therefore, the kingdom of heaven is like a king who wanted to settle accounts with his servants."

Matthew 18:23-35
All Access Chicken Dog

Story of a farmer who had some animal attacking his chickens in the night.

All Access Teach The Children

Santa finds out his true job.

All Access Crack Pot

A cracked pot discovers that his flaw has helped the world in a different way, rather than just carrying water.

All Access Matthew the Marvelous Magician's Miracle

A young magician learns a valuable lesson about trust and God's power.

Creation of Trust
All Access Daddy's Pearls

A little girl learns the value of trusting her father's love.

Trusting Those Who Love You
All Access The Most Precious Treasure

This is a more serious story about love, and the value of love over all else. A little girl opens a gift from her mother after she dies and learns a priceless lesson about living and dying and what is most important in life.

All Access EGGbert the Egg

A funny, MESSY story that illustrates the importance of being "hidden" in Christ instead of living for what the world offers.

All Access The Teacher

A story that shows what it really means to teach. Every child has potential and a story behind. Even the most unlovables can turn your perspective around and show you what true love is.

All Access The Perfect Judge

A fun story about a righteous judge who is finally put to the test when his Mom is brought in to court!

All Access Fiery Faith

A little girl demonstrates that FAITH is active trust is something you can not see based upon love.

All Access Peaceful Pete and the Cleats of Peace

The Dark Evil Man and the Cleats of Peace

Cleats of Peace
All Access Righteous Rob and the Bullet-Proof Vest

The Dark Evil Man and the Breastplate of Righteousness

Breastplate of Righteousness
All Access Faithful Fred and the Invisible Sheild

The Dark Evil Man and the Shield of Faith

Shield of Faith
All Access Saved Sally and the Helmet of Salvation

The Dark Evil Man and the Helmet of Salvation

Helmet of Salvation
All Access A Winner's Prayer

God Answers a Surprise Prayer Request.

All Access Baseball Story

The Lord's Team vs. Satan's Team

God's Grace
All Access Bricks of Life!

Take time to listen to God's leading.

Act of Kindness
All Access Bible-Quotin' Bill and the Sword of the Spirit

The Dark Evil Man and the Sword of the Spirit

Sword of the Spirit
All Access Grandpa's Keys

Keys for Life!

Keys for Life
All Access An Ugly Unwanted Dog Turned Hero!

An Ugly Unwanted Dog Turned Hero!

Something ugly can be beautiful!
All Access One Glass of Milk

One good turn deserves another!

God repays kindness
All Access The Lesson of the Rabbit

Learn to stand still, but be ready to run from temptation.

Be on guard!
All Access Truthful Trudy and the Belt of Truth

The Dark Evil Man and the Belt of Truth: Trudy learns to stop telling tall tales and tell the truth. She discovers the Belt of Truth can help her.

Part of the armor of God - The Belt of Truth
All Access The Four Seeds

This story is based on the parable of the sower and shows what type of seed you should be and where you should be grounded.

What type of seed are you?
All Access The Messenger

A Medieval Drama that is a parable of the offer of salvation using with a King's Son being willing die for a conficted prisoner.

A powerful drama about being ready for Jesus' retu
All Access On the Witness Stand!

If you were accused of being a Christian, what would a jury decide based on the evidence?

Drama in a court setting about being a real Christ
All Access Andy and the Ants

A parable of the incarnation of Christ, Andy becomes an ant to warn his ant friends that a bulldozer is going to destroy them. He offers a way for them to escape. Some listen and others don't believe. A powerful story that makes the incarnation of God into a man understandable to children.  

Understanding why Jesus came to earth
All Access George and the Umbrella

George learns that an umbrella doesn't work unless you open it. The same is true of God's Word.

The Importance of Reading God's Word
Starter Why Come as a Child?

Jesus didn't have to come as child... he had some other options...

All Access The E-mail That Made My Day

Once in awhile you get an e-mail that isn't spam or another "to-do" or another reminder of something you forgot to do.... and you get one that makes your day, and makes everything else suddenly totally worth it. This was one of those e-mails.

Eternal Results
All Access Flatman and Bobbin #3 The Destructo!

The Bumbling Duo save Messyopolis by discovering the secret to defeating The Destructo and learn that everyone needs encouragement!  

All Access Never Ending Ticket!

A SUPER COOL Gospel Presentation that the kids will love - lots of audience participation!

Gospel Presentation
All Access The Magic Coloring Book Bible

Magic Coloring Book Explanation

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