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All Access A Fresh Look at Your Ministry

View your ministry with a fresh perspective!

Vision - Evaluation
All Access A Golden Opportunity and an Open Letter to Philip Pullman

Commentary on how Christians should approach Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass.

Thoughts on The Golden Compass
All Access A Matter of Life and Death

Children’s ministry is more than presenting values that cut between right and wrong. It is about offering, explaining, and illustrating the life that comes from faith in what Jesus did for them through the cross and resurrection.  

Key Concepts for Ministry
All Access A Quick Webkinz Evaluation

So what is the deal with these "Webkinz"? We've got an evaluation from one of our own Children's Pastors here on

All Access A Safe Place

An article that uses a personal experience to look at the necessity for both spiritual and physical safety in ministry.

All Access A String Around My Finger

Let us never forget that David danced for the Lord! That he danced with all his might! Let us never forget that we have been called to minister to the children of the Lord.

Your calling
All Access A Theology for Using Gospel Magic

Is there a Biblical basis for using magic tricks in evangelism? Yes! If we understand that magic tricks are a kind of visual aid. More conventional visual aids in evangelism tends to include story telling, drama, pictures and objects. Alongside these latter visual aids I would include magic tricks as being a legitimate means of illustration.

All Access Aiming for Impact: Preschoolers and The Gospel

Are prescool children receptive to the Gospel or is it reserved for elementary aged children, teens and adults? Their hearts are open, but they need us to help them make the connection between the gospel and their lives.

All Access All I Ever Needed to Know About Internet Safety I Learned in Kindergarten

Common sense approach to Internet safety in the home.

Internet Safety/Parenting
Starter An Open Letter to Discouraged Children's Workers

A gentle letter intended to encourage weary children's workers who wonder if what they are doing is making a difference.

All Access Are the Children in Your Ministry Worshippers?

While each of us is uniquely gifted and “wired”, we were all created to worship. God made each and every child in your ministry to worship Him.

All Access Around the Table

Family time spent together is important to build trust, confidence, language skills, support, and whatever you can do to help each other grow spiritually.

Family Time
All Access Becoming An Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher - Part 1: Be Prayerful

How do we find time to pray in the midst of conflicting pressures of time and responsibility which crowd our lives? This article suggest briefly some ways in which we can look at Jesus' prayer life with a view toward applying the resulting principles to our own.

Becoming An Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher
All Access Becoming an Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher - Part 10: Be Faithful

Teaching children is a labor of love. This is especially true when the teacher has a long-term weekly responsibility throughout the year to prepare lessons and then lead children through the learning process. This labor of love goes beyond merely communicating lesson content, although that is a primary component. It isn’t simply a matter of being creative either, although creativity is always a necessary characteristic. Children’s ministry teachers who excel in their roles do so because of a combination of the factors detailed in the previous installments of this series on “Becoming an Excellent Children‘s Ministry Teacher,“ all of which are under girded by an ethic of faithfulness.

Becoming an Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher
All Access Becoming An Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher - Part 2: Be Accountable

Accountability in life and ministry, especially ministry to children, is a very real concern in today’s culture. We recognize our need for mutual spiritual encouragement from other believers. Left to our own devices, we tend to struggle. Spiritually. Morally. Relationally. We need each other. We need accountability.

Becoming An Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher
All Access Becoming An Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher - Part 3: Be Prepared

Preparation is one of the biggest challenges for many children's ministry teachers. I know it is for me. If you find yourself strained for time, wondering how to fit life into the mere 24/7 you are allotted each week, especially with the commitment to teach the little ones entrusted to your care, then take a moment to read and reflect on this brief article. Do so prayerfully, asking God how you might implement at least one point in your teaching ministry this week.

Becoming An Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher
All Access Becoming An Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher - Part 4: Be Biblical

What is your comfort level with the Bible? Are you more at ease with your teacher guide than you are the Scriptures? It's okay if you answer is yes. Teacher guides are familiar friends which help us to know how and when to deliver the various elements of our lesson. But it is the Bible that comes alive for us and for the kids in our care. But you knew that. So how do we wean ourselves away from replacing the Bible with the guide in our classrooms? Keep reading....

Becoming An Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher
All Access Becoming An Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher - Part 5: Be Joyful

Are you joyful? Really, truly joyful in the biblical sense of Romans 5 and 12? Does your joy translate into your ministry? Or are there competing factors attempting to rob you of your joy?

Becoming An Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher
All Access Becoming an Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher - Part 6: Be Friendly

What makes an effective teacher a memorable teacher? What is that intangible quality which elevates her in the hearts and minds of her students, even into their adult years? I believe one aspect of it is friendliness.

Becoming an Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher
All Access Becoming an Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher - Part 7: Be Relevant

We have about two minutes to make a first impression concerning our relevance to the life of a child in the eyes of that child and his parents. Décor, child-friendly sounds and music, cleanliness and orderliness, and friendly, competent, prepared staff all play a part in presenting an image of relevance which is then backed up by substantive proof. The first two minutes set the stage. The remaining time provides opportunity to form a lasting impression.

Becoming an Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher
All Access Becoming an Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher - Part 8: Be Creative

Some of my readers will consider the topic of creativity in children’s ministry and say, “Duh.” In fact many of you are far better suited to write such an article, amazingly creative innovators that you are. Yet here I am and you along with me as we consider for a moment the role of creativity in becoming an excellent children’s ministry teacher.

Becoming an Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher
All Access Becoming an Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher - Part 9: Be Yourself

Who are you? Yes, you. Not who do you want to be, or who do you look up to, as helpful as those questions might be. No, who are you? Place your hand over your heart. Do you feel your heart beating? That is your heartbeat, doing its thing as a matter of course behind the scenes. It is one aspect of who you really are. It doesn’t try to beat faster just to impress others. It doesn’t swell really big to show off its size, and that is a good thing for your health! It simply beats, moment by moment, causing your blood to circulate throughout your system. Likewise, God is calling you to be yourself, the person whom he made fearfully and wonderfully.

Becoming an Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher
Starter Better Transitions in Children's Church

Understanding children's capacity for making transitions - for a better children's church experience

Transitions in the Children's Church - and at Home
All Access Book Review: The Gospel According to Harry Potter

A Book Review by Larry Shallenberger on The Gospel According to Harry Potter by Connie Neal.

Book Review
All Access Capture Your Child's Heart

Capturing Your Child's Heart

All Access Children's Ministry Lessons from the Crocodile Hunter

Like most folks, I was saddened to hear of the passing of the "Crocodile Hunter", Steve Irwin. As I was reflecting on his impact, I remembered that I had often used the "Crocodile Hunter" as an illustration of qualities we look for in children's ministers.

Qualities of Children's Ministers
All Access Children's Ministry or entertainment

There is a difference between Ministry and entertainment. Our services can be very entertaining but we cannot forget about the ministry.

Children's ministry services
Starter Choices and Discipline

A practical strategy for confronting the choices that children make and the subsequent consequences.

All Access Church Minded Vs. Kingdom Minded

What is our motivation in evaluating events in our ministry? Is it to see our church grow or the big picture of Kingdom growth?

Children's ministry events
Free Courageous Leaders - Part 1

In order for some of us to be courageous leaders we need to do some things right up front. Here is a quick list!

All Access Creative Strategies for Dealing with Problems

Getting stuck in a rut is almost as bad as sitting there like a bump on a log - tackling a problem creatively will open a world of opportunity to you! Take a risk! try something new!

Dealing with Problems
Starter Creativity as Spiritual Formation

I argue in this article that creativity is not limited to the arena of the arts, and that it can provide a context for spiritual formation, even in those who at first blush seem to lack noticeable talent in specific creative endeavors.

Spiritual Formation
All Access Date Night

I have been holding a monthly date night for the parents while we have a blast with the children. Kids bring money for food while parents go out on "a date" from 6-10 pm. We play games and do a bunch of fun stuff. It's a blast!! Parents and kids love it because we have a bunch of fun. It's a way for us the church to promote the sanctity of marriage.

Marriage, Parents
All Access Dealing with Conflict

Conflict is hard, but it doesn't have to be impossible. If we approach it well - we can get through it.

Conflict Managment
Starter Dealing with Feedback

Navigating the various kinds of feedback you might receive with a view toward crafting appropriate responses.

Starter Entering the World of Kids

If you seek to be effective in your ministry with children, it is essential that you make the effort to learn and understand the world of kids. As kids see that you are interested in what interests them, they will in turn become interested in what interests you, namely, God and His Word! Having a working knowledge of the world of kids not only provides you with a pathway right into their hearts, but it's a lot of fun too!

Relational Ministry
All Access Eternal Investments: A Devotion on Children's Ministry

Did you know that Children's Ministry is in the business of investments? That's right, investments. But our investments are far more important than any monetary one could be. We invest in the eternal lives of children.

Investing in the Lives of Children
All Access Faith for the Schedule

Do you often cry out for help with staffing? Do you find yourself asking God for more workers on a consistent basis? Do you question if God cares about this area of children’s ministry?  

Starter Family Landmines

In this article I compare hidden sin to improvised explosive devices found in fields of battle. I briefly explore the effect this has on our families when the spiritual IEDs are planted and not dealt with properly.

Hidden Sin
Starter Five Things that CM Leaders Need

Sometimes we forget that children's ministry leaders are humans and that they have needs just like any other church member. In this article I explore some of those dynamics with a view toward gaining realistic expectations and developing appropriate support systems for the CM leader.

Starter Five Things That CM Volunteers Need

I believe there are a number of ways in which children's ministry volunteers need support from their leaders. In this article I briefly explore five key things that seem relevant in just about any ministry context. Use these ideas to spark creativity in your own leadership.

Leading Volunteers
Starter Four Key Thoughts on Family Ministry

Here are four key thoughts on family ministry as I strive to figure out how to apply it to my ministry context in light of the broader conversation occurring in the Western Hemisphere. They represent some of the concerns I face heading into a new season at my church.

Family Ministry
All Access Fretters Anonymous

The kids in our children's ministries deserve to see faith in you. Fear over the future will not bring victory. Kids do not need to pick up on your fear of the future even if you feel justified in your "concerns."

Key Concepts for Ministry
All Access God Doesn't Use a Paddle

Everyone makes mistakes - God's Correction and Blessings come with our ability to walk out obedience

All Access God's View of His Sheep

God loves children more than anything. This is a snapshot of references in the Bible where God talks about kids.

How God Feels About Children
All Access History of the Wordless Book

The Wordless Book has no words or pictures but it shouts the gospel message loud and clear through the familiar language of colors.

The Wordless Book - From 1866 to Today
All Access How to Peel a Bible Story

Bible stories are easier for kids to understand and apply if you break them down and serve them in small parts.

Key Concepts for Ministry
All Access I'm Doing This For the Kids... Or Am I?

Helpful advice for every Children's Ministry worker to determine his/her priorities and purpose for ministry.

Purpose for Ministry
All Access Internet Safety

Parents can protect their kids from online dangers while teaching them about the importance of accountability in the Christian life -- Covenant Eyes accountability software

Monitoring and Filtering
Starter Is your Nursery and Pre-School Curriculum Age-Appropriate?

Wing-tipped shoes are outdated.  What about the methods you use to teach young children?

Preschool, Nursery
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