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Courageous Leaders - Part 2

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Author/Source: Pastor Todd McKeever

Topic: Leadership/Vision

Some more thoughts on being a courageous leader that I have been tossing around lately...

Some more thoughts on being a courageous leader that I have been tossing around lately and even personally seeing the results of even as we speak, err, I mean, write. Courageous leaders surround themselves with the right team I know I have always read alot about this and I must say that I totally agree with it. I love the way Jim Collins says it in his book, "Good to Great", it is that great leaders get the right people on the bus before they try to figure out completely where they are going. Often times so many people start with the direction first and add people as they go. But doing it that way will change your direction a lot of times, depending on who you add and when. So go ahead and go after the right people. Dream of what they would look like? What personal values do they hold? What kind of person are you after and specifically what are they like? Courageous leaders can expect significant obstacles This is one that I think the Bible has a great story on. In the Bible there is a man named Judas Iscariot, he was one of Jesus' 12 disciples. God's Word goes on and tells us of how Judas betrayed Jesus for some money. Yes, Judas betrays the leader, Jesus. That to me is a significant obstacle, disloyalty. We too need to always keep in mind that there will be Judas Iscariots in our lives as well. We need to be ready to deal with obstacles before they become an emergency. Jesus even told Judas to go on and do what he was going to do, Jesus was ready for what some could have seen was an obstacle. Have fun living your adventure with all of the challenges that may come your way, but take heart in the fact that you get to go through all of this with your dream team, that you picked and trained.

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