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We all know that Easter is more than bunnies and Marshmallow Peeps! But how do you help your kids comprehend Christ's resurrection? Grab some fresh ideas eggsploring our collection of Easter resources. There's still time to pull everything together for Easter Sunday.

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Starter Easter Family Pack

A Fun Family Easter Kit to send home.  

Easter Family Home Kit
All Access Bible Character Monologues

These are four monologues that can been done separately or in succession. Judas, Mary (once at the cross and another at the empty tomb), and Thomas.

All Access CSI Jerusalem

Play looking at the evidence of Jesus' resurrection

Easter resurrection
All Access Easter Links: Countdown to Easter

Use these Easter jokes, thoughts and activites to help your kids focus on Easter.

All Access Easter Than What?

Vinny is really confused about what Easter is. This puppet sketch about Easter and the Resurrection is best performed by a puppet and a live person.

All Access Egg Hunt Quick Tip

For the past two years, we have added two new ideas which work really well for our Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt Tips
All Access Personalized Easter Seek and Find

Find the words for verse Romans 5:8 in the seek and find.

Easter Seek and Find
Starter All Hail the Queen!

3-5 year olds act out being a queen or king as an introduction to a discussion about Jesus' kingship.

Crucifixion, Jesus as King
All Access Amazing Race - Amazin' Grace

This game was devised out of my love for the Lord, as a change of pace for AWANA, and my family’s enjoyment of the reality show, “The Amazing Race.”

Game Show Theme Intro Part 1 of 5
All Access Amazing Race - Amazin' Grace Day 1

Children will enter the life of Jesus from his triumphant entry into Jerusalem, and end with reliving the betrayal as Judas Iscariot.

Game Show Theme Part 2 of 5
All Access Amazing Race - Amazin' Grace Day 2

During this leg of the race, the kids will relive Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane through His death on the cross.

Game Show Theme Part 3 of 5
All Access Amazing Race - Amazin' Grace Day 3

On this leg of the race takes the children from Joseph of Arimethea asking Pilate for Christ's body to Mary Magdalene and Mary encountering the resurrected Jesus.

Game Show Theme Part 4 of 5
All Access Amazing Race - Amazin' Grace Day 4

During this last leg of the race, the children will go with the Roman guards to report that the body of Jesus has disappeared through Jesus giving the Great Commission.

Game Show Theme Part 5 of 5
All Access Black Light Easter Celebration

Last year we had the most awesome black Light, Glow in the Dark Resurrection Celebration Ever!

Special Service for Easter Sunday
All Access Caterpillar and Butterfly Resurrection Analogy

In this Easter lesson your little ones will learn about the Truth of Jesus related to a Caterpillar and Butterfly.

All Access Easter Children's Message

Use cleaning supplies to talk about making things clean, and "justification" being the lesson of Easter.

All Access Easter Egg Verse Relay

The kids will gain a greater knowledge of Easter Bible verses while playing a fun game related to Easter.

All Access Easter Mummy Game

An Easter game that demonstrates what happened to Jesus after He died and that He came back to life again

Easter Game
All Access Easter PowerPoint Game

This is a simple matching game reviewing the symbols of Easter, similar to the “Resurrection Eggs”.

All Access Easter Songs

Here are some fun and easy Easter songs written for children that are easy to sing using familiar tunes.  

All Access Easter Treasure Hunt

Instead of hunting for meaningless bunnies and eggs, kids hunt for items related to the true story of Jesus and His resurrection.

Easter Story
All Access Easter/Lent Activity

Station-based activities that can be used to teach kids more about Easter.

All Access Emma's Eggsellent Easter

Emma's friend helps her find the real meaning of Easter

All Access Family Easter Event

A family Easter dinner with an egg hunt twist!

Easter Church Event
All Access He's Alive!

These PowerPoint slides can be used to present the whole gospel story from beginning to end. Special sound effects are also included.

All Access Interactive Easter Puppet Show

Two puppets and lots of action apply the lessons learned from the Resurrection Eggs idea into real life for kids.

Easter Children's Church Program
All Access Memory Cross Cards Share What Easter is About

Churches looking for a fun way to share the real meaning of Easter will enjoy the Memory Cross card.

Easter Cards
All Access New Creations

While it takes only 30 minutes to hide 200 eggs, it takes 30 seconds to find them. Let's find something else that goes along with the "new life in Christ" theme to do.

More than Just Another Easter Egg Hunt
All Access Paper Bag Tombs

We used this for our Easter Craft at our midweek children's club Easter Celebration in 2005. Not too easy for little ones. Takes a bit of time.

Easter Craft
All Access Royal Kids Easter Fest

This celebration teaches kids that because their heavenly Father is King they are then princes and princesses. Being part of the "royal line" requires us to act as such and to never take that for granted! Jesus paid quite a price for us to become royalty. Let's praise Him with our gratitude and by living lives that please the King!

All Access Salvation Illustration

A PowerPoint version of a classic salvation illustration.

All Access Salvation Slime Message

This Gospel presentation lesson involving slime could be used any time of year, but we used it for the "Wow" factor at Easter.

All Access Teach while making Easter Cookies

Here is a recipe for Easter Cookies that you can use (with Scriptue) to teach the meaning of Easter AS you make the cookies!

Meaning of Easter
Starter The Resurrection Zone

If you are looking for a fun fresh Idea for your kids Easter service, here it is. This is a play off "The Twilight Zone"

Easter Service
Starter Two Crowns

3-5 year olds will construct a king’s crown and a crown of thorns.  

Crucifixion, Jesus' Trial, Pilate
All Access What do Butterflies have to do with Easter?

I used this over Easter, but it would work with some modifications for talking about death or being ready for Christ's return.

Easter, death, salvation
All Access Acts 1 - The Ultimate Super Hero

This lesson can serve as an Easter lesson as well as an introduction to a unit on the book of Acts. Kids love super heroes because (like adults) kids both wish they were more powerful and that they could have help when in need. Well, Jesus meets both those needs. When we need help – He is there, and He invites us to more than just ordinary people, he calls us to be heroes for him! A hero is someone who puts the needs of others above their own needs, and kids do that every time they witness for God! Jesus proved he was the ultimate super hero because not only could he do amazing things, but he did something no else had ever done or ever will do: He was able to raise Himself from the dead! And if he can raise himself, he most certainly can raise us too!

Jesus - Easter
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