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The AMAZING "Lufrednow Lrak!"

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

Topic: Gospel Magic - With Kids In Mind

A magician might pretend he was “powers,” but there is never a child who believes for a second that a magician has any supernatural power. They always know there is some “trick” to it, and that’s what makes it fun.


As you can see from this picture, I got my start performing magical illusions pretty young! OK, I was just a helper there shown with a professional magician who attended my church named Carl Taylor. He was best known for his PSA spots on television in the 70’s featuring “Officer Bird.” When I got a little older, he'd teach me a trick and let me open for him when he performed at my church. He mentored me as we watched David Copperfield shows together, and he coached me through figuring out how his illusions were done. My first time to actually do my own show came when my parents said I could have a booth at our Fall Fest at church! But, they explained, I would have to come up with my performance name. What would it be? Karl the Great? Or Karl the Magnificent? I couldn’t decide on a name I liked. They all sounded too precocious. So my parents said, “You must come up with a name, or we will!” That sounded like a deal, so I said, “I’ll go with whatever you decide.” The day of the Big Show, they unveiled a banner with my performing name...

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