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ToyBox Tales Dude of Gratitude

ToyBox Tales Dude of Gratitude

Always Be Thankful!

A superhero arrives whenever he sees a situation where someone forgot to say ‘thanks.’ He challenges the kids to always remember to say thank you!

  • A little boy helps an old lady cross the street and Dude of Gratitude reminds the lady to thank the boy.
  • A man lost his head and forgot to thank the doctor who helped. Dude of Gratitude was there to remind him.
  • A little girl asked Jesus to give her a friend who is just like her and she sure got what she prayed for! Thanks to Dude of Gratitude, the little girl thanked Jesus.
  • A handsome prince was lifted from his curse when a beautiful lady kissed him. He almost forgot to thank her if not for Dude of Gratitude.
  • ...and so much more!

Dude of Gratitude wants everyone to be thankful to those who help them out.

This 12 1/2 minute video is great for any time you are teaching on gratitude. Use as an intro video or as part of your lesson. Works great to calm and draw the kids' attention back to the front following an activity.

Included as part of the Candy Pancake Breakfast Download!

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