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Jeff 'Roady' Grable Shout for Joy Album Download

Get ready to sing and shout and leap for joy! You will love to listen to “Shout for Joy” again and again. Jeff “Roady” Grable’s debut album is a collection of songs that have passed the test of the most difficult family audience, with kids and adults humming melodies for days after the show. This combination can be experienced in Jeff Grable’s project, ‘Shout for Joy,’ as the life-giving message of God’s Word and high quality production collide. Youth and adults alike will find the words of Christ richly dwelling among them upon each listen to this collection of powerful Scripture verses combined with memorable melodies. Bring this music into your life and look out for an exciting change in you and your music!

Songs Include:
  • Shout for Joy
  • Jesus Said
  • God Will Forgive Us
  • My Heart Leaps for Joy
  • Seek Ye First
  • Live the Adventure
  • Processional
  • Shine Like Stars
  • Mr. Silly pants
  • Pure Joy Goes On
  • How Many Are Your Works
  • Recessional
  • The Fruits of the Spirit
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