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Tadpole Tails <i>Gospel Hands Flip Tract</i> 10-Pack

Tadpole Tails Gospel Hands Flip Tract 10-Pack

Put the story of salvation in children's hands!

Communicate the plan of salvation to children in a unique and engaging way. Flip through the four spiritual laws using an innovative brochure written in kid-language, the Gospel Hands Flip Tract.
  • The Design: We were all designed to enjoy a loving friendship with God.
  • The Problem: We have all disobeyed God and have broken our friendship with him.
  • The Solution: God’s solution was to send Jesus to pay the punishment for everyone’s sin.
  • The Choice: We must open our heart and ask Jesus to forgive our sins and lead our lives.
These can be purchased as a 10-Pack at a discounted rate. Also available individually.

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