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Getting children to understand spiritual truth is like threading a needle. In fact, it can be easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle...

I don't mean to string you along, or hem you in, but the point of this Zone is to thread together all of the object lessons we've knitted together on this site. So don't get all wound up! Just cut loose and tie these object lessons into the next yarn you teach. I know these puns are piercing, but like the man of the cloth said, "You reap what you sew!" Or sew they say!

See also: Why I Believe In Object Lessons by Barney Kinard

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All Access Know the Real Thing

Teach kids about discerning if something is the truth as you take a look at how to detect conterfiet money.

Apologetics, Defending Our Faith
All Access Lesson: It's What's on the Inside That Counts

Inner beauty is more important to God than outer beauty.

Inner Beauty
All Access Let Us Pray--Bible Lesson for Children

This lesson is designed to teach children how to pray using The Lord’s Prayer. 

Lord's Prayer, Bible Lesson
All Access Looking AHEAD! (A New Year's Devotional!)

A New Year's devotional or lesson that you can share with your kids.

Christian Life
All Access Looking on the Heart

Christian Life
All Access Missing the Mark

All Access Missing the Mark

Christian Life
All Access My Favorite Movie

Just like our favorite movie comes to an end, our lives come to an end also. If we know Jesus as our Savior there's no reason to be disappointed.

Starter New Christian in Training

Comparing learning to live as a Christian to learning a team sport.

All Access New Year's Revolution!

Here is a New Year's Salvation Lesson illustrating that Jesus came to make a Revolution in our hearts!

Jesus, new year, new heart, salvation
All Access Noah's Ark Walk

A nighttime ark walk that will have kids glowing with excitement.

How Big Was Noah's Ark
All Access Numbers on the Dice

This object lesson uses dice to demonstrate how we need Jesus in order to get to heaven!

Object Lesson, Heaven
Free Object Lesson About the Kingdom of Heaven

Teaching kids about the kingdom of heaven? You can teach this as a two-part object lesson or present it as one.

Object Lesson, Kingdom of Heaven
All Access Object Lesson: Consequences Are Like Dominoes!

Teach your kids about the consequences of their choices through a fun object lesson using dominoes!

Consequences, Choices
All Access Object Lessons Can Make an Impact!

What is an object lesson? Here are several basic instructions that you need to know for giving one!

Object Lesson Instructions
Free Oreo Blitz

A fun game for the foodie in all of us ...

Games, Activities
All Access Paper Gospel Illusion for Easter

This is a great Gospel Illusion and Object Lesson for Easter to show how Jesus was killed and rose three days later! It uses a paper and pen to visually demonstrate this important truth.

Easter Object Lesson
All Access Plastic Army Men - Memorial Day Lesson

Remember all the men and women who have served our nation, some who even died serving the cause of freedom.

Teaching via Memorial Day
All Access Prepare the Way

God wants every boy and girl to tell people about Jesus and His great love. But before we can be a good witness, we need to clean up the sin on our lives.

Free Pretzel Object Lessons

Still a powerful teaching tool today, pretzels are the perfect object lesson/treat to share with your class that will teach them about prayer.  

Starter Racing to the North Pole

Help the kids see we are all far from God's kingdom and need His forgiveness.  

Forgiveness, Grace, Salvation
All Access Red Light on Sin

Object lesson that integrates with the Gospel Message, showing how Jesus sees us as sinless.

Gospel, Sin, Restoration
All Access Reminds Me of Jesus

Here is a Powerpoint presentation that gives several different object lessons, each illustrating a Christmas item and why it reminds us of Jesus!

Christmas Object Lessons
All Access Salvation Socks

Use different socks to help explain the way of salvation

Salvation, Repentance,
All Access Seeing God in the Normal and Everyday

Sometimes we get so focused on our normal routine, we forget to look for God.

Focusing on God
All Access Seeking the Messiah

Compare and contrast the circumstances surrounding the birth of an earthly king with the birth of the King of Kings. 

Christmas Experience
All Access Show & Tell Transformer

Using the demonstration of the transformer shows the children how people can be transformed, or changed.

Reaching Others for Christ
All Access Talking Fish

Want to tell the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 in an exciting new way?

Creative Bible Stories
Free Teaching Kids To Hear The Voice Of God

Teach your kids how they can listen for the voice of God when choosing friends.

Wise Choices, Hearing the Holy Spirit, Discernment
All Access The Candle of the Lord - Object Lesson

Teach kids that they need to learn to obey their own conscience instead of relying on others to tell them what they should and should not do.  

Object Lesson
All Access The Glowing Pickle

Your kids will love this! The pickle when “plugged into the power” actually glows! Great lesson to show kids that when we are plugged into God's power, we glow from the inside out. 

God's Power in Us
All Access The Holy Spirit Helps Us

The Holy Spirit helps us put out the acts of the sinful nature and live instead filled with the fruit of the Spirit--demonstrated by a CO2 experiment.  

Acts of Sinful Nature vs. The Fruit of the Spirit
All Access The Inside Counts

Fun object lesson that teaches kids that all of us are loved by God.

God, people, love
All Access The M&M Nativity Legend

We wanted to complete our Advent study, and with a fifth Sunday, it seemed like a great idea to do something unique.  That’s where the M&M Nativity Legend comes in.

Nativity Object Lesson
All Access The Parable of the Persistent Widow

It takes persistence to get to the center of the lollipop! Just like with the lollipop, Jesus tells us to be persistent in our prayers.

Prayer, Persistence
All Access The Reason for the Season Object Lesson

Kids learn the real meaning of Christmas and where traditions came from.

All Access The Treasure Remains

Pencils pierce a water-filled, zip lock bag and it doesn't leak. This demonstrates that when Jesus is in our lives, he doesn't leave us when tough times come.

Treasure in Jars of Clay
All Access The True Gift of Christmas

Here is an object lesson that uses a Christmas present to demonstrate that Jesus is the best gift of Christmas!

Christmas Object Lesson
All Access Three Last Minute Christmas Lesson Ideas

Since the holidays are such a busy time, we all get behind in something. For this Christmas season, I wanted to provide you with three last minute Christmas lesson ideas to help you, if you are in need of a quick children’s ministry lesson!

Children's Ministry, Christmas Lessons
Free Watch Where You Step!

Here is an object lesson to demonstrate how we need to follow God and watch where we step!

Following God
All Access Wedding Rings & Wedding Pictures

Being baptized is like wearing a wedding ring. It shows people who you belong to.

All Access What Are You Thankful For?

Here is an object lesson for Thanksgiving to remind us how much we have to be thankful for!

All Access What Kind of Fruit Did Adam and Eve Eat?

Does the Bible really say that? We should never assume we know what the Bible says. We need to read it, study it, and teach it properly!

Presumptions of What the Bible Says
Free What Weighs Us Down Object Lesson - Matthew 11:28

Use this object lesson to teach children how carrying the weigh of worry and sin can be a heavy burden. 

Peace, Rest
All Access You Can't Fool God

Christian Life
All Access Balloon Release (Give It To God)

The kids in our Elementary class wrote down their gifts, talents, and plans for their lives and stuck them to a helium filled balloon. They released the balloons into the sky, signifying that they were releasing their will for their life to God.

Gifts, Talents, God's Will
All Access Film Tube Rockets

Here is a fun outdoor object lesson to show the power of the Holy Spirit in one's life

Object Lesson, Idea Swap
All Access Jelly Donuts: It's the inside that matters

Don't judge a book by its cover, don't judge a donut by its outside, and don't judge a person, because God looks on the inside.

Heart, Judge, Inside
All Access Put Others First

This is a group activity that doubles as an object lesson, getting your kids to be artistic.

Golden Rule, Drawing
All Access Siri, what does my day look like?

Kids are encouraged to meet with God first thing in the morning to ask for encouragement for their day ahead.

Prayer in the morning
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