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Getting children to understand spiritual truth is like threading a needle. In fact, it can be easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle...

I don't mean to string you along, or hem you in, but the point of this Zone is to thread together all of the object lessons we've knitted together on this site. So don't get all wound up! Just cut loose and tie these object lessons into the next yarn you teach. I know these puns are piercing, but like the man of the cloth said, "You reap what you sew!" Or sew they say!

See also: Why I Believe In Object Lessons by Barney Kinard

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All Access Breastplate of Rigtheousness

New Testament
All Access Bridge to Heaven

Gospel Presentation
All Access Building with your Tongue

All Access But It's Just a Little Sin...

Christian Life
All Access Can't Keep It In

We should not try to hide sin on the inside and think we can keep it hidden forever.

All Access Can't soak up anymore

To be filled with the things of God we must be empty of the things of this world

Christian living
All Access Christian Education Director

All Access Christian Sandwich

Things we need to do as Christians.

All Access Christians Are Like Tea

A true Christian's real strength comes out when they get in hot water.

All Access Christians need Mario faith

Video game characters don't question the ability of the one holding the controller, they just trust. We should trust God the same way.

All Access Christ's Righteousness

All Access Clean or Dirty?

All Access Creation

God created the world.

All Access Cutting Corners

As Christians, we should continually strive to follow God's laws and commandments.

Christian Life
All Access Daniel for Dinner

Christian Life
All Access Dead Batteries

God has given a great gift of fellowship, and we need to take part in it, or we will drift away from God.

All Access Deep Water Faith

All Access Defeating evil with good.

The Bible tells us that we are to defeat evil with good. (Romans 12.21). Here is a good object lesson to illustrate that point.

All Access Diet Dr. Pepper and Mentos

Here's a cool object lesson that shows what happens when we truly give our lives to God.

God's Power
All Access Do Not Look Back

Christian Life
All Access Don't Be Afraid

Christian Life
All Access Don't be an open vent!

Christian Life
All Access Don't Be Full Of Hot Air

Christian Life
All Access Don't Blow Up!

Fruit of the Spirit
All Access Don't Dirty the New Self

Christian Life
All Access Don't Get Bowled Over

Christian Life
All Access Don't Get Twisted

Teach the children how bad company can corrupt good Character using the game Twister.

All Access Don't Get Weighed Down by Sin!

Christian Life
All Access Don't get wrapped up in Sin

A great object lesson when talking about avoiding getting trapped in sin.

All Access Easter Egg Hunt With A Twist

Jesus ascended to Heaven and He will come again some day.

New Testament
All Access Eating the Ice Cream Around the Rat

It is important to guard our minds.

All Access Egg Drop ... Soup

This object lesson about knowing God's presence using an egg as an example teaches us that God protects us wherever we are!

God's presence
All Access EGGactly who is God?

A simple way to explain the idea of the Trinity using a raw egg.

All Access Evangelism Hole-in-One!

Sharing the good news about Jesus is the most important thing we as Christians can do. Since it is the most important thing we can do, we should learn how to do it in the best possible manner.

All Access Even Dirty...It's Still Valuable

We are just as valuable to God when we sin as before we sin.

All Access Faith Is...

Christian Life
All Access Fake Flowers

Christian Life
All Access Falling Backwards

Many people say they are trusting in Jesus. But the vital question is are you really trusting in Him?

All Access Farmer's Almanac

Lots of people try to predict the future, in books, magazines, and on TV, but the truth is, you can’t! It is impossible because NO ONE HAS BEEN THERE – but God HAS been there, He is there!

Christian Life
All Access Fill Your Tank, Go to Church

Christian Life
All Access Filled with the Holy Spirit

Visual of being filled with the Spirit.

All Access Filling Our Hearts

All Access Finger Paint Fun

Christian Life
All Access Finish Strong

Christian Life
All Access Fireball Faith

Christians have a light to shine in the darkness. Jesus is that Light.

All Access Flashlight Lesson

Sin in our lives keeps the Holy Spirit from being able to use us.

All Access Flashlights to the World

We all need to be flashlights for Jesus, but sometimes sin or other things get in our way. This simple object lesson shows you how to explain it to your kids.

All Access Flippin' out

We may be liars and cheaters before we are saved, but after we are saved God can make us just the opposite of what we were.

All Access Floating Beach Ball Blitz

The Holy Spirit is like wind. He is real, but you can't see Him.

All Access Food Challenge

This is a simple and fun activity that will demonstrate to the kids about trying new things and trusting the leader

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