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Getting children to understand spiritual truth is like threading a needle. In fact, it can be easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle...

I don't mean to string you along, or hem you in, but the point of this Zone is to thread together all of the object lessons we've knitted together on this site. So don't get all wound up! Just cut loose and tie these object lessons into the next yarn you teach. I know these puns are piercing, but like the man of the cloth said, "You reap what you sew!" Or sew they say!

See also: Why I Believe In Object Lessons by Barney Kinard

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All Access Don't Blink!

We do not need to be afraid, because Jesus is our helper in times of need. Use this object lesson to communicate this important truth to children!  

Jesus, Fear
All Access Easter Egg Puzzle of Life

Jesus rose from the dead to fix the problem of death once and for all.

All Access Gifts Make An Impact!

Help your kids understand gifts and the impact they make when you receive them at the right time.

Gifts, Need
All Access God As Father

God is the perfect Father.

Christian Living
All Access God is Your Spotter

You start with little weights and move up to big weights. The same is true in our spiritual life. If we aren’t even attempting little things for God, He will never be able to use us for anything great.

Faith - Strength
All Access God Keeps Us Safe

Help kids get a better understand of why God sets boundaries for us and how he tries to keep us safe in this exciting object lesson.

Safety, Boundaries, Freedom
Starter God's Spotlight

In a movie, the light shines on where the action is! The light points to where our attention needs to be. God is light and we should focus our attention on him.

God is Light
All Access Hold Your Tongue

Just a fun introduction to teaching on the power of the tongue.

All Access I'm a Banana

Member Exclusive Sneak Peek at Object Talks from DiscipleTown Unit #3 Due out November 20th!

Spiritual Fruit
All Access Impact of Reading!

Help kids understand how much what we read can shape us through this object lesson.

Reading, Bible, God's Word
All Access Just Let it Happen

Short object lesson and talk using an egg to show God's purpose and ability to complete us.

Being Good, Purpose, Victory
All Access Kid-Written / God-Breathed

A fun interactive way to explain how God wrote the Bible when it had human authors.

Divine Inspirtation, Bible
All Access Magic Tricks

Many magic tricks rely on false assumptions...

Starter Mercy and Grace

A very fun lesson on what Mercy and Grace really are. A student does not receive the super-soaker treatment he deserves.

God's Love
All Access Muzzle

What is a muzzle? Do people ever need muzzles?

All Access My Plan vs. God's Plan

A super cool Magic Trick / Object Lesson that illustrates why sometimes God says no to our plans. He has a bigger plan!

Trusting God
All Access Now or Later?

A fun (and yummy) lesson introduction that helps kids learn about delayed gratification.

Delayed Gratification!
All Access One Now or Two When You Leave

A lesson on waiting the involves one of kids favorite things, CANDY!

Waiting, Patience
All Access Our Outside Power Source

We all need a source of power outside of ourselves, or we will get drained spiritually.

All Access Paper And Tape

Sin causes friendships and relationships to be torn.

All Access Pick Your Prize Game Show

Be careful not to lie. The key is to tell the truth, just not the ‘whole truth’ because that is what the world/Satan does.

All Access Pipe Object Lesson

Sin gets in the way of God being able to do things in our life.

All Access Prophesy Weather Wheel

This is an activity that illustrates in a fun way the difference between a prediction and a prophesy.

Prophesy vs. Predictions
All Access Red Phone

Demonstrate the phone and talk about how helpful it is. (for talking to friends and family, getting help, directions, reminders, etc.)

All Access Reflection of Our Self

You look in the mirror and see what needs to be fixed before you are presentable to the world, but God’s Word shows us what we need to fix to be presentable to God and others.

All Access Remote Control Kid

This is an entertaining object lesson where a leader "controls" a kid with a remote and concludes by teaching about about allowing God to take our remote control.

Asking, Conduct, Holy Spirit
All Access Rise or Fall

God wants us all to go up to heaven - and it is whether you have Jesus inside that determines that.

All Access Rubber bottle opener gripper

We need to get a grip on God!

All Access Satan's Traps

Satan traps you by tempting you. He makes you think it is only a little lie or a small thing and that will give you a lot of pleasure.

All Access Seeing is Believing

Magic Trick (Don't worry, you CAN do this - because you don't really DO anything.) Show ...

All Access Sins Nailed to a Cross

Encourage the kids in your ministry to repent from their sins.

Salvation, Repentance
All Access Sling Shot and Balloon Object Lesson

How we can protect ourselves from the attacks of the enemy.

All Access Spiritual Glasses

Just as real glasses help many us see objects in perspective, spiritual glasses can help us see things with a godly perspective.

All Access Stinky Sock Sale

Helps the kids see the importance of how they represent the kingdom through a humorous object lesson.

Evangelism, Good News
All Access Teaching Responsibility

A fun and interactive way to teach on the parable of the talents. This was originally taught in a school chapel on responsibility.  

Responsibility & Talents
All Access Telephone Game

Have your kids play the classic "Telephone Game" and teach them about communication.

Communication, Game
All Access The “Magic Box” Show

The “Magic Box” - Show a box empty, and then ask kids what they would like for you to make ‘appear’ in the box…

All Access The Amazing Magic In-Out Tube Trick!

It is foolish to think that if we allow bad things into our life that good will come out.

All Access The Bible is like?

The Bible is like .....

All Access The Bible is our Mirror to see What we Look Like Spiritually

What we build our life UPON is important. We must build it upon the WORD OF GOD, not the wisdom of the world.

All Access The Broken Pencil

Where did the world come from?

All Access The Complaining Game

Help kids turn complaints around and see the positive.

All Access The Fixed Magazine

A leader has an altered magazine to illustrate how God made us each unique.

Self Image
All Access The Gifts of the Puzzle

Kids will learn how spiritual gifts by themselves are incomplete and missing something. They are designed to  fit together within the church and the Kingdom of God around the world.

Spiritual gifts, The church
All Access The Key to Heaven

Jesus is the only way to heaven, He is like the Key to Heaven!

All Access The Value of Worship

Andy the Appraiser visits and talks about the worth of a valuable object as a lead in to the fact that Worship is how we show God how much HE is worth to us!

All Access The Whine Menu

Creative way to visually teach your kids to have a better attitude using a "Whine Menu".

Attitude, Being Positive
All Access Thermostat Vs. Thermometer

Teach your kids to remain strong in God through this exciting object lesson

Trusting God, Promises
All Access Time's Up

Time is always passing and we cannot get it back. Someday, the ultimate alarm will go off and we will meet God.

All Access We Know This Story Already!

How can you teach the standard Bible stories and still engage those kids who "already know this one"?

Bringing Stories to Life
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