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The games here are not simply for the sake of play, but for creatively and effectively reaching and teaching kids for Jesus! Don't miss Karl Bastian's Tips for Leading Great Games!

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All Access 7 Easy Preschool Sunday School Games

Games, Preschool
All Access Amazing Easy Prediction Magic Trick!

This is a classic easy magic trick where you can predict a choice that a child makes.

Prophesy or Choices
All Access Around The World Bible Verse

A game that is used as a way for several teams of children to learn a particular Bible verse by playing a version of "Around the World"

Memory Verse Recall
All Access Baby Moses Crawl

Simply a relay in which each team must crawl to a desired destination and back again. A great way to help introduce or emphasize the story of baby Moses.

All Access Baby Moses Hide and Seek

Teams of children seek around the room to find pictures of baby Moses. The kids will have fun looking for the pictures... you will have fun finding creative ways to hide the pictures.

Baby Moses
All Access Bible Verse Action

The kids are the actual game pieces in this game. Each team gets creative as they come up with actions to fit the memory verse or verses.

All Access Bible Verse Add-On

Your students will compete against each other, either in teams or even as individuals as they try to fill-in the blank spaces in a Bible verse. The pressure is on as each key word is randomly chosen by the team members.

All Access Bible Verse Clothes Line Relay

Teams of children will run a relay to put a verse in order. They will run to acquire each word and then hang each word on a clothes line with clothes pins in the correct order.

All Access Bible Verse Eraser Game

The classic Bible verse memory activity - use a whiteboard, and eraser and a room full of kids. Add and erase words in a verse as the children repeat it over and over until it's memorized!

All Access Bible Verse Hopscotch

Using a hopscotch grid, you will add words to each of the squares so the children have to say each word or words in order as they hop through the grid.

All Access Bible Verse Hot Potato

Use a ball or a real potato to play hot potato! As the ball is tossed about, each word must be said individually and in order by the person catching the ball. If someone misses a word or drops the ball, they are out.

All Access Bible Verse Line Pass

Here's a quick and easy game to play: Teams compete by standing in line, passing the ball to each other all the way down the line and back again - all the time quoting the day's verse.

All Access Bible Verse Match

Here's the classic Match/Memory Game. Face down scripture flash cards must be matched with another set of face down flash cards that state the meaning of the verse.

All Access Bible Verse Ping-Pong

Two teams go back and forth quoting the scripture verse as a word or part of the verse is eliminated as each team takes it's turn.

All Access Bible Verse Pop

Your students will be poppin' with this game - really! Two or more teams run a relay to pop balloons and collect the verses inside. Put the verses in order and your team wins!

All Access Bible Verse Scramble

Here is a fast-action relay game in which each child must unscramble the day's scripture verse.

All Access Books of the Bible Race

This is a great tool for quizzing in a fun way as you are learning the books of the bible.

Quizzing on Books of the Bible
All Access Build A Wall

Here is a super-fun relay that involves the teams building a wall and knocking it down in order to win!

All Access Creation Count

A Relay involving running and jumping and remembering each day of creation.

Starter Crowdbreaker Group Game

Good Game to play when kids need to burn off a little energy pre-service or as a fill-in game if service goes long. Our kids love this competition style game.

Hula Hoop & Bubbles
All Access Dead Sea Scroll Drop

Remember dropping a clothes pin into a jar? Here's the same idea using little pieces of paper made to look like scrolls. Easy to play and fun to do any time!

All Access Easy, Fun Interactive Bible Quizzes for Children's Church

A "high-tech" way to do reviews, quizzes, etc. in children's church, that brings kids and adult leaders together in a fun competition.  

Review Game Tool
All Access Elijah Frisbee Toss

The kids are trying to toss a frisbee at a designated target in the room. A great way to introduce the topic of Elijah and get the kids active at the same time.

All Access Elijah Passes the Baton Relay

Introduce the idea of Elijah and get the kids running as they run a relay and hand off batons to each other at the same time.

All Access Esther's Crown

In this game - the students get to have craft time and a game in the same moment. Teams of kids race to glue the jewels onto Esther's crown.

All Access Follow The Leader

A simple but fun relay in which the kids must match the actions of their leader. What a great way to introduce the topic of Moses leading the people.

All Access Gathering Manna

Teams will compete to see who can gather the most "manna" for their first. A fun relay that's a great way to teach the story of Moses in the wilderness.

Moses in the Wilderness
All Access Here I Am

A blindfolded child is chosen to find the child playing part of Moses. You can play this game for hours - the kids will never get tired of it!

Moses Is Called By God
All Access How old was Jesus when he died for us?

We played a guessing game to start with. I started with one of the younger children and worked my way up to a very young-looking spry older lady in the choir.

Easter Children's Sermon
All Access In and Out of the Tomb

This game encourages Listening Skills and could be used at Easter for teaching about the Resurrection of Jesus or Lazarus.

Friendly Competition
All Access Israelite Stepping Stones

A crazy relay in which team member must get each other from start to finish by moving only a few "stepping stones" from behind to the front.

All Access Jacob's Pillow

A relay game where each team member plays the part of Jacob as they run with a pillow, lie down and run back to their team.

All Access Jericho Tug-A-War

The classic tug-a-war game - a contest of strength and working together.

All Access Joseph's Coat

Look out Donny Osmond! Give your kids a chance to play the part of Joseph. They will run against each other in a relay by using a large coat.

Joseph's Coat
All Access Judges Three-In-A-Row

Using bean bags, sidewalk chalk (or masking tape) and some manual dexterity, your students will have to answer a quiz question about the different judges by landing their bean bag in the correct answer square.

Book of Judges
All Access Kings Base Run

Batter's Up! A version of baseball that can be played anywhere. The bases are the answers to questions about the Kings in the Old Testament and the kids have to get to the correct base before they're tagged.

Old Testament Kings
All Access Lion's Den

A fun way for kids to burn off some energy and introduce the class to Daniel and the Lion's Den.

Daniel and the Lion's Den
All Access Men of the Old Testament

A guessing game for any age. Each student has the name of an Old Testament character taped to their back. They get to ask the others questions about the character and try and guess the name.

Men of the Old Testament
All Access Naboth's Vineyard Relay

Using grapes and a few teams, you can incorporate snack time and a game together. A great way to introduce the story or Naboth's Vineyard.

Naboth's Vineyard
All Access Noah's Animals

Here is a relay and matching game all in one. The students race to find turn over each card with the correct animal that matches yours.

All Access Northern kingdom Bowl

This is a milk bottle throw - Bowling kidna thing. The kids try to knock over paper sacks with the names of the kings of the northern kingdoms on them.

Northern Kingdoms
All Access Obstacle Course

Students will have to work together as they guide each other, blindfolded, through an obstacle course.

All Access Old Testament Alphabet hunt

A simple, but fun and effective treasure hunt-type game in which the kids are searching for the letters to spell "Old Testament."  

All Access Old Testament Book Search

Quickness of the memory and hands will help each team as they try to be the first team to complete a word search together.

All Access Old Testament Books Hunt

A Treasure hunt game in which each team must find every book of the Old Testament that have been scattered around the room or church.

All Access Old Testament Bookshelf Relay

A great relay to help kids learn how the different books of the Old Testament are divided up (Law, History, Poetry, etc). Kids run and pick up a card with the name of a book on it and must place it in the correct category.

All Access Old Testament Hopscotch

You'll get your students to remember the various categories and Old Testament books in each category (Law, History, Poetry, etc) by hopping through a hopscotch grid and saying each book in order.

All Access Overhead Game - Bible Bust

This is a fast action game for Elementary kids that can be played either as an overhead projector game or as a large floor game where the players are the actual game pieces. Included are directions for the game both ways! Recommended age: Grades 3rd on up Don't miss the 39 page PDF at the bottom of the page with overhead game boards, and questions to use.

Overhead Game
All Access Overhead Game - Scripture Squad

This is a two part game that is best done over at least a two week time period. it's a version of "Family Feud" in which teams give answers and are awarded points based on whether they give one of the top five responses.

Overhead Game
All Access Overhead Game - Take the Challenge

This is a simplified "Jeopardy" style game in which each team chooses questions based on a category and point value. Four topics can be played: Old Testament, new Testament, Christmas and Easter.

Overhead Game
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