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The games here are not simply for the sake of play, but for creatively and effectively reaching and teaching kids for Jesus! Don't miss Karl Bastian's Tips for Leading Great Games!

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Free 11 Social Distance Games FREE

FREE Games to Play while Physically Distanced or Virtual

Social Distance Games for Ministry and School
Starter Bible Boot Camp Training Day Super Sunday

Bible Boot Camp Training Day is a stand-alone lesson to teach kids how to navigate their Bible through a series of FUN interactive games.

Spiritual Warfare
All Access Don't Monkey Around PowerPoint Game

Kidology's Don't Monkey Around PowerPoint Game was written to be used for a lesson on initiative. However, it can be used any time you want to help children review an important lesson in a fun way. The game allows kids to have fun while focusing over and over on review questions you want to emphasize.

Lesson Review Game
All Access Don't Wake the Mummy PowerPoint Game

Kidology's Don't Wake The Mummy PowerPoint Game was written to be used for a unit on the life of Joseph. However, it can be used any time you want to help children discover an important lesson phrase in a fun way. The game allows kids to have fun while focusing over and over on the phrase you want to emphasize.

Lesson Review Game
All Access FLIP IT!

Social Distance Game where kids guess a coin flip and either are out or remain depending on how they guessed!

Social Distance Game
All Access Kid-Sized Chutes and Ladders

Social Distance Game where kids try to finish a Life-Sized Board Game!

Social Distance Game
All Access Kid-Sized Tic-Tac-Toe

Social Distance Game where kids play Tic-Tac-Toe with their entire body!

Social Distance Game
All Access Pastor Simon Says!

Social Distance Game where kids try to follow instructions carefully!

Social Distance Game
All Access Pool Noodle Games!

Social Distance Game where kids try to navigate a giant maze on the floor.

Social Distance Game
All Access Pop in a Bowl

A fun game when teaching any lesson involving water, especially The Living Water.

Living Water
All Access Snowman Melt

Social Distance Game where kids try to figure out a word or phrase before the Snowman melts!

Social Distance Game
All Access Stand or Sit

Social Distance Game where kids sit or stand based on facts or opinons.

Social Distance Game
All Access Tape Maze!

Social Distance Game where kids try to navigate a giant maze on the floor.

Social Distance Game
Free The Great Escape Super Sunday

The Great Escape – A Kids Church Escape Room Experience is a super fun, interactive experience for elementary children.

Secrets of Salvation
Starter The MOMstacle Course! Could You Handle a Mom's Day?

Do you have what it takes to be a mom? Find out with this fun obstacle course for kids!

An Obstacle Course for Mother's Day
All Access Wink 'Em

Social Distance Game where kids try to avoid being winked at in order to survive.

Social Distance Game
Free Xtreme Fruit Games Super Sunday

Xtreme Fruit Games is a stand-alone lesson designed to introduce kids to the Fruit of the Spirit through a FUN series of interactive games.

Fruit of the Spirit
All Access Ticket to Heaven Game

A FUN interactive game by Karl Bastian that visually illustrates the eternal impact of sharing your faith. Includes a complete video of the game in action!

The Gospel
Starter 10 Questions: Bible Book Edition

A popular game used to teach kids the Bible Books

Learning the Bible
All Access 3 of a Kind Game

Based on the classic "Three of These Things" Game, but uses characters from children's fims.

Starter 66 Seconds or Less Race

You've heard of 60 Minutes, well this game takes less than 66 seconds! You need a stop watch, or at least a watch with a second hand.

All Access Amazing Easy Prediction Magic Trick!

This is a classic easy magic trick where you can predict a choice that a child makes.

Prophesy or Choices
All Access Awesome Mind Reading Trick

This trick will make it look like you can read kids' minds! However, you can then talk about how only God can really read our minds.

Mind Reading
All Access Barnyard Scramble

Help children understand how, in a church, everyone needs to find out what their spiritual gift is and use it together with others in the Body of Christ.

Games, Spiritual Gifts
Starter Basketball Blitz

Crazy teaching game requiring lots of small balls, trash can, duct tape, tall ladder and a cooperative spirit!

Starter Battle of the Marshmallows

The object of the game is to stack twenty empty soda cans on top of each other. They can be working on several stacks. However, the other team is allowed to throw marshmallows at the other team in an attempt to knock down their cans.

All Access Batty Fears

A game to help kids address the fears they face.

Starter Bible Basics

LOTS of ideas for teaching about the Bible. This is the chapter I wrote for Group's Ulitimate Bible Guide for Kids!

The Bible
All Access Bible Book Scramble

Here is a game can be used to teach what sections of the Bible different books belong to

All Access Bible Formulas

A fun way to spark interest in the Bible or review Bible books.

Bible books, Games, Science VBS
Starter Bible Ninja Warriors Super Sunday - UPDATED!

Bible Ninja Warriors will get kids excited about learning to use their Bibles and becoming more familiar with them.

Bible Learning
All Access Bible Stack Attack (3 versions)

Here is an activity that will give you a way to use up those boxes of old books or magazines in the attic or garage!

Starter Bible-O-Rama Super Sunday

For any 5th Sunday, use the Bible-O-Rama Super Sunday, including several fun games that help kids review the Books of the Bible.

Super Sunday Stand-Alone Lesson with Games
All Access Big Mac Stack

The hardest part of this game is collecting the Big Mac containers. Just ask for a few every time you eat at McDonald's and you'll have a bunch in no time! Better yet, if you know an employee, maybe they can ask the manager to donate a bunch to the church!

All Access Blanket Drag Race

Each team of three gets a blanket and 2 children speed to the finish line pulling the blanket while the 3rd team member tries to stay on the blanket!

All Access Blind Game

This is a game that can be used for when you teach on Jesus healing a blind man, OR about the Holy Spirit and how He helps us.  

Blindness or Trust or Holy Spirit Helper
All Access Books of the Bible Scramble Game

This is a fun unscrambling game using 20 random books of the Bible.

Books of the Bible
All Access Brothers & Sisters Team-Up!

Cup stacking game that applies to help brothers and sisters learn to respect each other.

Family, Siblings
All Access Candy Auction

Using children's love of candy to demonstrate that worship is a show of worth!

All Access Candy Cane Relay Race

Teams compete to see who can collect the most candy canes without using their hands! Use along with the Candy Cane Tags Download!

All Access Candy Grab--Greed

This is a very simple game that can be used as an introduction to a lesson on greed

All Access Cast Your Burdens Game

A fast, fun game that illustrates why we should cast our burdens upon Jesus.

All Access Centipede Relay Race

You will need a backless Bench per 5-7 kids, optional squirt guns/head gear for this relay race that gets the kids to "centipede" across the room.

All Access Christmas Donut Games

Everyone loves donuts! Here are some Christmas Donut Games! No donuts included, but all the fun graphics you need!

Christmas Game
All Access Christmas Tic-Tac-Toe

A Fun Free Christmas Game - Tic-Tac-Toe Christmas Style! Download this fun themed pre-service game that kids will love!

Christmas Game
All Access Christmas Word Guess! Game

Here is a FUN Christmas Word Guess Game to introduce any lesson during the Christmas season.

Christmas Game
All Access Clean Teeth

A fun game that takes an ordinary daily chore (brushing your teeth) and provide a spiritual application on obeying God's Word.

Games, Teamwork, Obeying God's Word
All Access Clothespins

This works well for boy/girl competition as teams of 2 try to get the most clothespins. Beware! Running circles around each other takes on new meaning with this game!

All Access Creation Relay

Use the elements of this relay race to review the days of creation. Select two contestants who will compete using blindfolds, cups of water, whiteboard or chalk board, posterboard and markers, sleeping bag or blanket.

All Access Cups Stack Attack

In short: You race to stack and unstack the cups according to a set pattern that is demonstrated ahead of time. Once you get the basic idea, you can make all kinds of variations. You will need Plastic Cups that stack well, and fit inside each other loosely

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