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When you use games to teach, your teaching becomes more fun, and more effective.  Get kids' minds and bodies involved in learning!

The games here are not simply for the sake of play, but for creatively and effectively reaching and teaching kids for Jesus! Don't miss Karl Bastian's Tips for Leading Great Games!

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All Access Four Corners Elimination!

Classic indoor/outdoor kids game for kindergarten through middleschool.

Time, Diligence,
All Access Frozen Pancake Toss

Kids Toss Frozen Pancakes on the head of friend into a tin!

Bread of Life
All Access Fruit of the Spirit Game Review

This is an on-going game that builds week to week. Each Fruit of the Spirit has a hand motion to it. The game will get harder as the weeks progress.

All Access FUN Choices Opening Game

This is a fun interactive game that gets kids moving and trying to solve a fun but easy puzzle. It's all about choices!

All Access Games with Bubbles

Playing with Bubbles has never been so much fun! You will need lots of bubbles and other equipment as detailed in instructions for each game.

All Access Globe Race!

A simple, fun, and exciting game that will help children realize that our country is just a small part of much larger world!

All Access Grab and Give

Teamwork is the key in this game which is played in rounds.

All Access Guide for the Blind

People who do not know God are spiritually BLIND! There are a lot of "voices" yelling out instructions to us in this world, and it is hard to find the happiness and purpose for which we are looking. What we need is to have Jesus guiding us - but we need to be close to Him to hear His instructions!

All Access Hat Grab

Every child needs a hat in this exciting hat-grabbing game that is a New Twist to Musical Chairs. The kids love seeing who will be the last one with a hat.

All Access Hat Pass

A new twist to musical chairs only so MUCH BETTER!

All Access Heads Up, Seven Up

Classic game for children to play and nothing needed except kids with thumbs!

All Access Hot Teddy

Here is a simple and fun game you can do at almost any time in your ministry.

Teddy, Fun
All Access Hot Wired

A great game for teaching the importance of and the difficulty involved in staying connected to God. You will need seven ten foot colored wires. (black, red, white, yellow, green, blue and orange.)

All Access Hug Love!

A huggable game that lasts the whole kids church service! FUN and memorable!!

Showing Love
All Access Human Battleship

Like the classic game, only with kids!

We Can Guess, But God is All Knowing!
All Access Human Bowling

This is a very fun game that all will enjoy! The set-up depends on the size of your group, but the object should be easy to figure out!

All Access Human Tic Tac Toe

This is a great Boy/Girl competition game---Boys =X, Girls = O or vice/versa

All Access I Spy a Spy

This is a 90's version of the classic "Heads Up 7 Up." (If don't know that game, don't worry about it.) You will need Five (or more) 3 1/2" computer disks.

All Access Jolly Rancher Toss Review Game

Just a simple fun review game that is YUMMY too!

Candy Review Game
All Access Kidologist's Bible Riddle

You will need to reproduce the puzzle of the Books of the Bible. Kids are challenged to find the books of the Bible that are hidden in the paragraph.

All Access Kool-Aid IV Race

Doctor and Patient take on new meaning in this partner game. You will need Long surgical tubes, Kool-Aid and cups. (maybe paper towels too!)

All Access Kool-Aid Slurp Fest

Children race, one at a time, to a large cup full of Kool-Aid at the other end of the playing area and drink until the whistle blows. You will need:Kool-Aid, clear cups, a straw for each child, and a whistle.

All Access Lego Game

You will need several sets of Legos as several kids race to build tallest Lego tower that will stand on its own after time is up.

All Access Listen to the Holy Spirit Game

A fun game that illustrates the need to focus to listen to the Holy Spirit over other "voices" in our lives.

Holy Spirit
All Access Memory Game with a Point

This Memory Game requires Two each of several memory devices: Such as... 3 1/2 inch floppy disks, blank CDs, Zip

Starter Mingle! Mingle!

This is a great ice-breaker game that also can be used as a lesson on self-control.

All Access Mute Charades

You will need something to write with and write on for each team and some messages to act out. Kids love acting out in this game of friendly competition.

All Access Nail Pounding

This could be considered a game of skill involving some friendly competition!

All Access NERF WARS - Everything You Need

Karl shares all his files, graphics and information on how to host a Nerf Wars event for the preteens in your ministry!

Preteen Event Details

A super fun mixer game that introduces Noah and the Ark

Noah's Ark
All Access Number Spell

Great boy/girl competition as kids try to decode a message by yelling out the letter based on numbers!

All Access Operation Walk with God

3-legged race that requires setting up an obstacle course to reinforce Bible Account concerning "Walking with God."

All Access Ornamental Memory

You will need a variety of Christmas ornaments - at least 20 DIFFERENT TYPES to help children learn that God never forgets Hebrews 6:10.

All Access Paper Airplane Elimination

Each child will need paper to make an airplane and a steady hand to get their airplane through the hula hoop or in the target (which could be a basket or trash can.)

All Access Paper Clip Race

You'll need boxes of paper clips to drive home the fact that "assumptions" are not always correct. Things are not always as they seem in life.

All Access Paper Cup Pyramid

Friendly competition using 2 teams and lots of styrofoam cups. Great for boy/girl competition.

All Access Pass the Message

A great game to reinforce our purpose of Spreading the Good News without being stopped by Satan --Teams and 1 spy needed. Requirements: 3 1/2 Floppy disks or CDs

All Access Pass the Squeeze

Fun but quiet game. Great as a filler when something "extra" is needed. You need LOTS of kids, a coin, whistle, and a hanky.

All Access Passing the Word

Here is a simple game that teaches a great lesson on witnessing! You will need to conspire ahead of time with one team member from each team. You will need 2 inflatable beach balls, or other object

All Access Pick a Fruit Game

A simple fun intro game for Fruit of the Spirt or Adam and Eve's Fall

Fruit Game
All Access Pinterest Get to Know You Game

This is a "Get to Know You" game based on the popular website It helps a large group of kids or teens quickly find people with common interests.  

Ice Breaker Game w/ Pinterest
All Access Pipe Race

Great Teamwork Game. You will need 24' tube of sump pump tubing & a super bouncing ball for each team.

All Access Prophesy Weather Wheel

This is an activity that illustrates in a fun way the difference between a prediction and a prophesy.

Prophesy vs. Predictions
All Access Pyramid Verse Memory Game

This is a great game to teach kids a memory verse and also teaches them that it is a lot easier to get through life when we follow a plan: God's plan

All Access Repentance Game

Teach kids about repentance in a memorable way through this exciting game. Make your lesson visual and active.

Salvation, Repentance
All Access Satan's Lies and God's Truths

Satan can be so tricky and all you need to prove it is 2 team leaders, candy, and fruit. Have fun!

All Access Scripture Memory Games

Engage your kids with scripture memory games and help them hide the word in their heart.

Bible Memory, Games
All Access Scripture Memory Mix Up

Another way to teach a Bible verse.

Memory Game
All Access Skit in a Bag

Fun impromptu acting game that gets your kids outside of their box and thinking creatively.

Gifts, Drama
All Access Soap Verse Challenge

Bible Memory is fun using soap and water. 12 bars of soap (or number needed for verse) and 12 bowls/buckets of water (or one giant tub) and towels!.

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