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Candy Cane Relay Race

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian


Teams compete to see who can collect the most candy canes without using their hands! Use along with the Candy Cane Tags Download!

Candy Cane Relay Race 

NEEDED: You’ll need candy canes and buckets for each team.
Optional: download and print out the Candy Cane Tags to send home with the kids.

PREPARATION: For each team you’ll need lots of candy canes, at least 20-30 per team. You’ll need two buckets (or baskets) per team, one to hold all the candy canes at the beginning and the other to hold the collected candy canes. Make sure the candy canes are jumbled up and pointing in a variety of ways.


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This Candy Cane Relay Race can also be found in Angel Sightings Christmas series from it Bible Curriculum! Or purchase separately in the Kidology Store.

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