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When you use games to teach, your teaching becomes more fun, and more effective. Get kids' minds and bodies involved in learning!

The games here are not simply for the sake of play, but for creatively and effectively reaching and teaching kids for Jesus! Don't miss Karl Bastian's Tips for Leading Great Games!

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All Access Use Instructions

You will need two card tables and a mixed up puzzle for each team (one puzzle with box top that shows how to make it.)

All Access Verse Memory Card Game

Life takes some guessing, and even if we are not sinning, we have to make choices. We should learn from watching the choices that others have made before us, both good and bad) and realize that others are watching us!

All Access Verse Mirrors

The object of the game is to write a verse in mirror image on a poster board. You will need 2 small mirrors and 1 large mirror.

All Access Vote with Your Feet

This opening lesson activity helps to illustrate that while we have many things that make us different... there are some things we can all agree on.  

Fun Lesson Intro
All Access Water Head!

Have your kids race with this fun relay as they transfer water.

Relay, Game
All Access We're All Different

You can use this game as an introduction to how we are all different - but that God loves us all the same, or other similar applications

All Access What's Missing Game?

A Silly Social Distance Game where try to remember objects as they are removed.

Social Distance Game
All Access Wheel of Memory(Review Game Show)

This is a pretty simple review game show. (You can also just use Bible trivia questions.)You will need Spinning Wheel -wood or poster board.

All Access Which is Better?

Teaching on Forgiveness and the transition from animal sacrifices to Jesus, the lamb of God, these are some ideas you can use!

All Access Who is Hiding the Spies?

Social Distance Game where kids try to guess who is hiding the spies. Ideal for story of Rahab and the Spies.

Social Distance Game
All Access Who Needs to be Saved?

The Bible says that everyone needs to be saved - only most people do not realize it. They think they are "fine," just like the man reading the book- he needs to look down and realize it isn't just a windy day. People need to see the things in this world that show that there is more to it, and that they are indeed in need of being saved.

All Access Win, Lose, or Eat!

This is "Win, Lose or Draw" without the paper or pens! Instead, have a supply of rope licorice on hand!

All Access Winter Gear Race

Relay fun using Winter Gear (giant winter coats, gloves, knit hats, scarves, etc.). Could be adapted for other seasons or use Biblical costumes.

All Access Wisemen Gifts Memory Game

You need 12 cards. The idea is to find the 3 gifts that the Wismen brought to Jesus by remembering which cards they are on.

All Access You Can't Make Me Laugh

Each kid who answered review questions takes a turn sitting on the stool with a straight face while the leaders try to make him/her laugh.

All Access ZILCH! The Game of Greed!

Game where kids try to win by not getting tooooo greedy!

All Access Crack the Safe

Fun game for introducing a Bible verse.

Lesson Intro Game
Starter The 7 Most Powerful Letters

This simple, fun activity will help kids discover the power of saying "I'm Sorry."

All Access The Penny Game

A fast and easy game for connecting with kids that requires only a handful of pennies to have a bundle of fun!

The Kidology Lab
All Access The Sugar Packet Puzzle

Here is a fun, challenging but entertaining puzzle you can do with kids right at the table in a restaurant. It's so easy it's hard! But the kids will have a fun time as you connect with them through this handy game.

The Kidology Lab
All Access Head, Shoulders, Knees and CUP!

A Super Fun Game using only plastic cups!

FUN Group Game
All Access 10 Fun Ideas For A Friendship Lesson

 Use these ideas when teaching about friendship. 

All Access 1-2-3 Spell G-O-D: A Fun Bible School Activity for Your Preschoolers

Here is a fun Preschool Bible activity to help preschoolers learn that life has its ups and downs, but God is in control and works for the good of those who love Him, according to His purposes!

Preschooler's Activity
All Access 13 Free Bible Word Search Puzzles (PDF Download)

Use these Bible Word Search Puzzles at home or at church. 

All Access 20 Fun "Virtual Games" for Kids using Zoom

20 fun and safe games you can play online with kids.

Games, Online
All Access 20 Games with Purpose

An Awesome Collection of Games for Kidmin

Starter 3 Active Games for Children's Church

3 fun games for you to use in your Children Church

Games, Tag
Free 5 Non-Competitive Game Ideas for Kids

Non-competitive games to help teach your kids about unity.

Unity, Competition
Starter 5 Things to do with Glow Sticks

Now, thanks to the power of dollar stores you can find glow sticks, bracelets, necklaces and the like really cheap. Use them in these 5 creative ways to add fun.. and GLOW to your Kids Ministry!

Games with Glow Sticks
Starter 5 Things to do with Play Dough

Service going over time? Short on content for your morning kids program. Do not stress, here are 5 ways you can use play dough to add fun and humor to your program.

Games with Play Dough
All Access 7 Easy Preschool Sunday School Games

7 Sunday School Game Ideas for Preschool & Toddlers

Games, Preschool
All Access 7 get-to-know-you games for preschoolers

Why should older kids have all of the fun?!? Here are 7 game ideas for preschoolers.

Preschool, Games
All Access 7 Reasons Why Games Are the Best Teaching Tools Ever

There are lots of effective teaching tools you can use to reach kids, and there are good reasons to use all of them at one time or another. However, one stands out above the rest: games!

All Access 8 Books of the Bible Games

To help with the idea of doing while learning, here are 8 kid-tested and teacher-approved games to help your students learn the books of the Bible.

Bible Knowledge
All Access 9 Get-To-Know-You Games to Build Relationships in Your KidMin

Education research has shown that when kids have a relational connection to their teachers and peers, they listen and learn better.

Get to Know You Games
All Access A Barn Yard

This is a good ice breaker or introduction to class. You can use this game when talking about Adam naming the animals. If you asign two of every animal name, you can talk about Noah and the Ark.

All Access A Tongue on Fire

You need some "atomic fireballs" for this game. You can have the child quote a Bible verse over and over again while filling their mouth with fire balls! You can also talk about how the tongue is like a fire (James 3:6) and must be controlled by God.

New Twist
All Access A Train Ride

This game is a lot of fun. You will see some funny pictures drawn by the kids "in front of the train." The first team that finishes and draws the best picture wins!

All Access A Wheel of Review

This review game is a team event. A wheel such as in the Wheel of Fortune is needed.

All Access Airplane

Give each child in class a piece of paper. Give them 3 minutes to make a paper airplane. Then have each of them come up front one at a time and attempt to fly their plane toward a specific target.

All Access Airplane Attack

And the least shall be first in this friendly competition game of flying paper airplanes.

All Access Andy the Android

A few years ago I was browsing in the shopping mall and walked by a store that had remote-controlled robots for sale. I immediately thought that the robot would make a great addition to our children’s church team! This is a game that is hard for everyone to see in a big group. Use a video camera and close-circuit the signal to a TV or video projector so that no one misses the action.

All Access Ant Tag

Scripture (Proverbs 6:6) tells us to learn a lesson from the ants on how to be wise. Here's a game that is both fun and lets you do just that.

All Access Around the House

This game allows kids to practice serving at home in a fun, competitive way.  

All Access Around The World Bible Verse

A game that is used as a way for several teams of children to learn a particular Bible verse by playing a version of "Around the World"

Memory Verse Recall
All Access As Unique As a Snowflake

This simple Bible lesson for preschoolers is perfect for those Sundays when you have snow on the ground. It could be used in Sunday School or Kids church. Some families could also use it as an outline for a family devotion.

All Access Baby Moses Crawl

Simply a relay in which each team must crawl to a desired destination and back again. A great way to help introduce or emphasize the story of baby Moses.

All Access Baby Moses Hide and Seek

Teams of children seek around the room to find pictures of baby Moses. The kids will have fun looking for the pictures... you will have fun finding creative ways to hide the pictures.

Baby Moses
All Access Balloon Dress Up

Another great Boys against Girls competition game! The kids will have lots of fun trying to complete this game!

All Access Balloon Pop

This is a fun game that can be used to teach a Bible verse.

Scripture Memory
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