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These devotions are about children, children's ministry, or Christian living, but are primarily designed for adults rather than for use with kids, as most of the other ideas on the site are for direct ministry to children.

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All Access The Love Family

The Love Family was faithful to attend church, yet found it difficult to treat each other with the respect that comes from loving God.

Love, Kindness
All Access The Magician & the Sparrows

Use this power point story to illustrate why God sent Jesus to earth for us. A great launch to a salvation message.

A retelling of why Jesus came to Earth
All Access The new three little pigs

We are called to live holy lives and follow after Jesus. We try to do this with good works and deeds but what God really wants is our heart. This twist on the fairy tale challenges kids to love God with our words and actions.

All Access The Race of Life

This object lesson was written for an Awana Grand Prix devotional to be used while the judges were determining the winner.

Awana Grand Prix Devotional
All Access Twilight's Last Gleaming

Two of the Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence were at odds through most of their lives. In their twilight years they became best friends. Something else very special happened.

Freedom and Forgiveness
All Access Virtual Devotional Walk....

A video I made on vacation after a morning devotional walk, so those too wimpy to join me for morning walks could experience it....

All Access Wall of sin

The Bible tells us that sin builds a wall that separates us from God. This evangelistic short talk reminds kids that when Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead He knocked down the wall of sin and made a way for us to be with God.

All Access Weight of your love for God

It's tough to worship God in church because we think worship is just about singing and music. Worship is giving God the love and attention He deserves. Worship helps us know where we stand in our relationship to God.

All Access What is the Sabbath?

We all think the Sabbath is about going to church but is that what God was really talking about? What is the Sabbath and what does it mean to keep it holy?

Starter What is Worship?

Worship isn't automatic - it is something we must want to do.

Starter Who Are You?

Short talk on Mark 11:23 and believing the Word of God.

All Access You are blessed to bless

We have a lot of stuff in America. We own more toys, video games, and money than most countries in the world. God wants us to tithe and give an offering to help change the world. We can use what God has blessed us with to bless others. This world mission's focused short talk on giving will help kids see the need of kids around the world.

Starter Your Big Brother

We're in the family of God.

Evangelism, Salvation
All Access The Word of God is our Best Weapon

This short children's church lesson will teach your kids about the Word of God being the greatest weapon against the enemy.

The Word of God
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