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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

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Try these awesome Water War ideas!

Water Wars are a lot of fun, but they can also be dangerous or a headache! So to help you run a successful event, I've shared some of my ideas after doing many water wars with my ministry! In this article, you will find suggestions for organizing a Water War, as well as rules for some FUN games.

A few of the games include:

  • Thermo-Nuclear Water Fusion
  • The Gauntlet Run
  • Ping-Pong Battle
  • Shower Relay
  • Marble Madness




OBJECT: Shoot ping pong balls across a line with water guns.

SET-UP AND RULES: Form kids into two lines armed with their water guns facing each other about 15 feet apart. You need to have five lines on the ground; masking tape will do, or utilize parking lines.


------------------------------------- TEAM ATLANTIC lines up
------------------------------------- Winning line for Team Pacific
------------------------------------- Center line where ping pong balls start
------------------------------------- Winning line for Team Atlantic
------------------------------------- TEAM PACIFIC LINE

Put the ping pong balls on the center line. Kids try to shoot the balls past their winning line on the other side. Go until every ping pong ball has crossed a line. THIS IS WILD FUN, but very controlled as well.

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