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Catch That Kid Movie Review

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Fun, Light-Hearted, Entertaining Movie with Questionable Antics...

<i>Catch That Kid</i> Movie Review

The basic plot of Catch that Kid involves three young teens (Maddy, Gus and Austin) trying to acquire money to help Maddy’s father, Tom, who needs a costly surgery and the family does not have the funds, nor will the insurance cover it (bad HMOs). The subplot involves Maddy’s need for attention from her mom, Molly. With Maddy’s climbing skills, Gus’ mechanical abilities and Austin’s technical genius, along with all three sporting cool go-karts, there’s no telling what can happen. The cutest actor in the movie was Max, Maddy’s toddler brother who has to do nothing else but to look cute. An underlying theme of both boys having a crush on Maddy also comes into play throughout the movie.
Catch that Kid is nothing more than an entertainment film. The reality of anything like this happening in real life is irrelevant. Families who want a fun, family film will venture to see this movie. Spy Kids and Agent Cody Banks – it is not. There are some cautions…it is rated PG for a reason (a few, actually) – language, thematic elements and rude humor. There are some “minor” foul words. Thematic elements include: lying, stealing, a man and woman getting somewhat risqué (nothing is shown), social drinking (at the bank reception), slap stick violence and a police chase. The rude humor includes: belching, dogs and an electric security wand.

Here are some possible moral lessons from the movie:

  • Family is the most important thing (next to our relationship with God – the movie doesn’t show the God thing, but I am including it as a freebie)
  • Friends stick together
  • Never underestimate the power of kids

Here are some possible applications to ministry and/or teaching points from the movie:

  • Do the crime, do the time (how does and when do grace and mercy apply?)
  • Is there ever a time when law breaking (define law) is justifiable?
  • Spend time together as a family (workaholics beware)
  • Peer pressure (going along, early dating, standing up for what is right)
  • Community (who is my neighbor?)
  • Honor your mom and dad

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