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Movie Review: Strawinsky and the Mysterious House

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Author/Source: Steven Knight

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A review of the movie Strawinsky and the Mysterious House from Hope Animation.

Strawinsky and the Mysterious House is an animated movied from Hope Animation modeled after the Chronicles of Narnia, Disney movies, and the parables of Jesus. This exciting movie taking children on a journey of the adventures of Strawinsky and his friends!

This 3-D animated movie also includes six songs and important themes that are based on the parables of Jesus. Included with the movie are two pairs of 3-D glasses and a 52-page comic book version of the movie!

Here are a few links that you can check out to learn more about Strawinsky and the Mysterious House:


If you are interested in purchasing Strawinsky and the Mysterious House, you can do so from the Stawinsky website. Check out this fun resource!

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