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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

Topic: Drive in Ministry

These questions can literally change your life!



Do you ever feel like a Pastor of Paperwork? Are you driving your ministry, or is it driving you? (Perhaps driving you crazy?!)

One of the workshops I most enjoy teaching is titled, “Putting the ‘Pastor’ Back into Your Job Description” – and it’s no surprise to me that whenever I teach it, the room is packed. You went into children’s ministry because you love working with kids, but the ‘higher up’ you get in leadership, the less it seems you get to minister directly to children. While you ultimately reach more kids by equipping and encouraging others, it IS possible to continue to make a personal impact on many children so that you are as much a shepherd of children as you are an administrator of children.

Below I have a list of questions. IF you'll take some time away from the office to reflect and journal these, they could literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

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