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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

Topic: Gospel Presentation

What if Jesus took a Pop Quiz on Life and His results were counted as yours? That's the meaning of atonement! Jesus score is placed on top of yours!


This is a Gospel Presentation that will not be soon forgotten!

This is a summary, you will need to customize to your situation and kids, but I tell it this way:


  1. Print 6-8 copies of the PDF file linked at the bottom of this page. 
  2. Label each with a name at the top, one with Jesus.
  3. NOTE: ONLY name goes above the Your Name Line.
  4. One 'Jesus' cut carefully along the line below "Your Name" and then tape back behind, so that it will fold over.
  5. On the one with Jesus' name at the top, and correct answers at each question. Write positive things like PERFECT, AWESOME, WONDERFUL, GOOD JOB, etc., but below the Your Name Line.
  6. On the other kid's, mark all or most of the questions wrong and write things (BELOW THE YOUR NAME LINE) like: TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, WORST EVER, SHAMEFUL, DREADFUL, etc.



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