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Author/Source: Cind Barber

Topic: Volunteer Appreciation

Create a room for your kids ministry volunteers to get a few refreshments before or after their scheduled time to serve. This not only gives them a place to get to know other volunteers in the kids ministry, gives them natural things like food and drinks, but it shows them that you're thinking about them. I guarantee it'll be the talk of the church.
As a way to show our kids ministry volunteers how much we appreciate them we have designated a little area of the church as the Kids Ministry VIP room. We have a sign on the door advertising it and a sign inside that invites them to eat and drink and shares our love and appreciation for them.

On Saturday nights we provide pop and water in a large silver bucket on ice to keep it cold and have snacks for them - granola bars, etc. Things that are small and easy to eat before serving or easy to grab after serving. We do purchase the small cans or mini bottles of water to prevent them being taken into the classrooms.

On Sunday mornings we purchase a few dozen krispy kreme doughnuts, place out breakfast bars, brew coffe, provide water, pop and juice on ice to keep it cold for their enjoyment.

This has been a huge hit with our volunteers. We've even had other volunteers in the church want to join in, however it is an exclusive Kids Ministry area and you have to be a Kids Ministry volunteer to enjoy it. :) Just what we want - kids ministry to be exclusive. A place where people want to get in and have to be on a waiting list to be able to serve.

To advertise this send a cool postcard to your volunteers, send out e-mails, etc.

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