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The "Creative Idea" Zone is kinda the "Everything Else" Zone.  If it isn't an object lesson, or a craft, or a story, or a game, or a magic trick, or puppet script, or a... you get the idea, then it's HERE! 

There is a TON of great ideas in here, so surf to your heart's content, or better yet, use the search engine and search by key word or topic.  And be sure to submit YOUR great ideas!

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All Access Help! We Have an Unruly Kid and Nothing Works!

It can be so frustrating when you have one kid or a couple of kids that disrupt the entire group. Everything you’ve learned about classroom management has been tried and the kid is still out of control. What do you do?

Discipline, Listening, Controlling your classroom
All Access Helping Your Kids Memorize Scripture

Do you struggle with finding easy ways for your kids to memorize scripture? Whether at home or at church, these tips can help children of all learning styles painlessly remember their verses.

Bible Memorization
All Access How Can They Hear?

This is a skit to help explain to children why we give money for compassion projects and not just money for Bibles.

All Access How to Approach a Horse (or child)

A simple, fun lesson from the barnyard on how to approach a child who is unfamiliar with you.

approaching new kids
All Access How to Do the Chinese Yo-Yo (A.K.A. the Diabolo)

Want to learn an excellent way to grab the attention of children? Try using a Chinese Yo-Yo!  Even though I only have intermediate skills with it, it still captures the attention of any crowd.  Why?  Because the object itself is so mesmerizing.  With a little practice and patience, you can have some basic tricks down on the Diabolo that will wow all your friends.

Lesson Intro, Evangelism, Entertainment
Free How to Get Your Fifth-Grade Boys to Worship

What keeps your middle schoolers from worshiping? How can you turn it around?

All Access How to Have a Creative Meeting

Creative meetings are great for any and every kids event you do.

Creativity, Meetings, Volunteers
All Access How To Keep The Attention of Preteens, Part 1

Use interactive elements to engage your preteens and hold their attention.

Interactive, Illustrate, Experience
Free How to Put Together Ready-to-go Emergency Lessons

Have you ever had a Sunday School or Kids Church leader call in sick last minute? If you're not prepared, you'll be left scrambling for ideas for your substitute teacher. To avoid this, have an emergency lesson ready to go.

Leadership, Preparation, Volunteers
Starter Human Concentration Game

This game is great for all ages, including adults, so you can use this as an ice breaker in your kids club and your volunteer training sessions!

Interactive Group Game
All Access I Am Awesome!

A great opening activity to help encourage your kids.

All Access Insulation Board Signs

Looking for ways to spruce up your children's area without spending big bucks. Insulation board may be just the thing for your ministry.  

Inexpensive Signage
All Access Jesus Gives Us Life Science Object Lesson

Here's an easy-to-do science experiment using only a balloon and a hex nut to illustrate the abundant life Jesus can give us.

Science, Object Lesson, Abundant Life
All Access Jesus Turns Water to Wine Craft for Kids

Jesus First Miracle Craft 

Craft Project
All Access Kid's Kook Book

Soon to be mom's favorite cookbook!

Mother's Day
All Access Kids, Parents & Technology: Ice Cream to iPads

From our friends at comes some handly advice for parents on guiding children and their use of technology.

Kids and Technology
All Access Know the Real Thing

Teach kids about discerning if something is the truth as you take a look at how to detect conterfiet money.

Apologetics, Defending Our Faith
Free Learning Stations for Children's Ministry

Begin putting fun learning stations, that reinfoce the lesson, in place in your kids ministry.

Rotation, Stations,
All Access Making Summer Meaningful with Simple Family Activities

Great ideas for fun summer family activities.

Summer, Family, Fun Activities
All Access More Than Just a Chocolate Bunny

Kids travel through four different rooms to meet important people in Jesus' life and to experience the reality of what Easter is really about.

All Access Mother/Daughter Camp-In

Mother/Daughter overnight idea.  

All Access Mother's Day Funny Quotes

What mothers in history may have said to their children. (fictional but humorous)

Mother's Day
All Access Mother's Day Gift Ideas (To Buy & Make)

Whether you’re looking to create a craft with the kids in your Sunday School (or classroom) or searching for a great gift for your own mother, here are some crafty ideas and some store bought ideas to get you headed in the right direction!

Mother's Day, Gift Ideas
All Access New Year: Getting to Know the Kids in Your Class

How do you help the kids feel welcome and connected when the new year starts?

Relationships, New School Year
All Access Noah's Ark Walk

A nighttime ark walk that will have kids glowing with excitement.

How Big Was Noah's Ark
All Access Oodles of Noodles (13 Games using Pool Noodles)

Spice up your kidmin this summer with these fun games!

Summer Fun, Games
All Access Pajamarama: Mother-Daughter Event Idea

Here's a great idea for a mother-daughter event that you can host at your church. 

Mother's Day, Mother-Daughter Event
All Access Pastor Appreciation Project

What are YOU doing to celebrate your pastor this October?

Pastor Appreciation
All Access Performance Skills 101

There is one specific skill that is absolutely essential for every speaker to learn and to master in order for them to elevate their speaking to a whole new level. That skill is: Truth by Vibration!

Speaking, Performance Skills
All Access Play Through the Bible

To effectively reach children, we need to understand children and teach them in a manner that they learn best.

Fun teaching ideas
All Access Praying with Mike and Ike

Using Mike and Ike candies as a way to help kids learn to pray and to connect the things around them with reminders to pray.

All Access Pre-Sliced Banana!

Exciting magic trick where you can peel a banana showing that it is pre-sliced.

Magic, Illusions,
All Access Preteens Seeing God in Creation

Get your markers out and learn to draw your preteens into worship with this creative idea.

Worship, Creation
All Access Priority #1- Communication with Parents

One thing that we cannot do is over-communicate! Here are some useful steps to use in your ministry to immediately improve in the area of communication.

Communication with Parents
All Access Put Yourself First, Others Second

Are you taking care of yourself? Or just your ministry?

All Access Putting Christ into Every Holiday

All of this got me wondering, does it really make any difference? Perhaps the bigger issue is how we, who know Jesus, celebrate every day of our lives! In fact, instead of watching the world take Christ out of Christmas, what if we put Jesus into every holiday? Why not try celebrating a bit differently in 2013!

All Access Questions Kids Ask About God

Kids have questions, naturally. One of the best ways to interact and lead them closer to God is by engaging with their questions.

Worship Stations, Questions
All Access Read the Story, Again!

What do you do if you want to teach a story that the children in your ministry have heard before many times?

Teaching Methods, Children's Ministry
All Access Red Light on Sin

Object lesson that integrates with the Gospel Message, showing how Jesus sees us as sinless.

Gospel, Sin, Restoration
All Access Redneck Olympics

Here is a fun summer activity to do with the kids, especially during Olympic years!

Games/ Activities
All Access Reminds Me of Jesus

Here is a Powerpoint presentation that gives several different object lessons, each illustrating a Christmas item and why it reminds us of Jesus!

Christmas Object Lessons
All Access Reverse Easter Egg Hunt: Great for Older Kids (Even Teens)

Are your preteens getting too old for Easter egg hunts? Here's a creative way to get them excited about Easter.

Easter, Tweens, Preteens, Game
Free Rewarding Volunteers

Use gifts, experiences of your congregation to reward your volunteers.  

Free Rewards for Volunteers
Free Robert Munch 17:17 - Teaching Bible Skills - The Reference

Steps for teaching your kids how to use the Bible--by Book, Chapter and Verse.

Bible References
All Access Secret Prayer Pals

Get your kids praying for each other using this simple activity.

Starter Set Up Your Volunteers for Success

When preparing for fall, here is a list of wants and needs for your rooms.

Fall Room Prep
All Access Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

Here is a preschool lesson on the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and the Fiery Furnace.

Preschool Lesson, The Fiery Furnace
All Access Solutions for Small Churches

Are you a children's ministry leader at a small church? Here are some practical and creative ideas for your ministry!

Small Church, Ideas, Creativity
All Access Starbucks for Preschoolers

Have you ever tried to witness at Starbucks? Here are some ways to minister to kids and their parents at your local Starbucks!

Story Time, Outreach
All Access Super Bowl 2018 Contest

A fun contest for the family or a party while watching the Super Bowl game and the commercials.

Super Bowl Game 2018
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