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StorySticks Demo Video

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Author/Source: Barney Kinard

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Watch as Karl performs a Story Sticks demo of the Story of the Paralytic Man. 

Created by master storyteller and evangelist Rev. Barney Kinard, StorySticks will help you capture the imagination and attention of young and old alike by making your stories memorable. Tell Stories that Stick!

StorySticks are an innovative visual aid that can help illustrate any story. This series of instructional videos will teach you how to tell great Bible stories. In these free presentation videos. a master storyteller will tell each story using the StorySticks. You can also purchase videos showing the tricks of the trade so you can tell the story yourself. 

Story Sticks are used in our it Bible Curriculum series The Great Rescue!

Watch this video as Karl shows you how this amazing evangelism tool works to make any Bible story come to life! 

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