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This is the place to find things written or submitted by the creator of, Karl Bastian.

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All Access The Future of Children's Ministry

This is Karl's contribution to the Greg Baird / series. Download the COMPLETE book below.

Leadership & Discipleship
All Access The Value of Worship

Andy the Appraiser visits and talks about the worth of a valuable object as a lead in to the fact that Worship is how we show God how much HE is worth to us!

All Access Globe Race!

A simple, fun, and exciting game that will help children realize that our country is just a small part of much larger world!

All Access Walking in the Light

Puppet learns the hard way what it really means to "Walk in the Light" (Also can be a skit)

All Access The ONE Leader!

Puppet thinks if only he ruled the world everything world be O.K. - learns that Jesus was the perfect leader, and He was killed!

Jesus, the Rejected Leader
All Access Country Name Tags

This is a fun way to get kids thinking about different countries around the world throughout an entire missions program! Rename them the name of a country for a service!

All Access Puppet Appreciation Sunday

Puppet illustrates the need for Praise in a very entertaining manner!

Prayerful Praise
All Access The Super Duper Impossible Game Show!

A Game Show that illustrates we can always call on God for help!

Calling on God in Prayer
All Access New Friend Seating

This is a simple way on one Sunday to gently force all the kids to make some new friends!

Starter The Power of Encouragement

Karl, the Kidologist has had a note from Phil Vischer's mom up next to his desk for over 15 years... find out why!

Young Leader Encouragement
All Access How to Roll a Coin on Your Hand

Lots of people watch magicians with envy as they roll coins over their fingers with ease... now you can learn the secret from the Kidologist!

Pocket Magic
All Access A Letter From a Friend

Puppet gets a letter from a friend, is excited, but doesn't open it. Silly huh? Kinda like Christians who are excited about their Bibles, but don't read them. Silly huh?

Bible is Like a Letter from God
All Access Kids Church Ushers

For one Sunday show the kids what it feel like to be greeted like a celebrity when they arrive at church.

All Access New Ways to Do the WORDLESS BOOK!

Everyone has seen a Wordless Book, here are some NEW ways to present it! Get Creative!!

Wordless Book Variety
All Access Grocery Store Encouragement

A BUNCH of ideas for encouraging your volunteers from the aisles of the grocery store!

Volunteer Encouragement
All Access Joy Boy Skit

A funny skit that teaches that J.O.Y. comes from putting Jesus 1st, Others 2nd and You 3rd.

All Access Orange Toss Review Game

A simple tossing game that illustrates that winning in life comes from accepting challenges.

The Four Soils
All Access Hug Love!

A huggable game that lasts the whole kids church service! FUN and memorable!!

Showing Love
All Access The Good News - Newspaper Game, Week 4

Newspaper games that help teach about sharing the Gospel.

Sharing the Gospel
All Access The Good News - Newspaper Game, Week 3

Newspaper games that help teach about sharing the Gospel.

Sharing the Gospel
All Access The Good News - Newspaper Game, Week 2

Newspaper games that help teach about sharing the Gospel.

Sharing the Gospel
All Access The Good News - Newspaper Game, Week 1

Newspaper games that help teach about sharing the Gospel.

Sharing the Gospel
All Access Choose Your Lesson Order!

Let the kids choose the lesson order to learn about choices!

All Access 10 Questions: Bible Book Edition

A popular game used to teach kids the Bible Books

Learning the Bible
All Access The Price Is Wrong

A fun game show gone amuck helps teach kids the meaning of worship!

All Access Candy Auction

Using children's love of candy to demonstrate that worship is a show of worth!

Starter Kid's Pastor or Circus Master?

Take off your top hat and let someone else tame your ministry’s time-sucking “lions” so you can shepherd children. But how can we keep the main thing — shepherding young hearts —the main thing?

Leadership / Shepherding
All Access How I Got an Admin

Karl gives some insight on how he lobbied for administrative support from a senior pastor who was trying to be "fair" to all his staff.

Getting Admin Help
All Access Yummy Water

This object lesson visually demonstrates the change that happens to a person when they become a Christian - they change from ordinary to something very special!

Gifts of the Spirit
All Access Cloud Technology - What is it?

This is Karl Bastian and Michael Chanley's workshop at CPC 2011.

Cloud Technology
Starter Puppets – A Helpful Hand in Teaching

Kids and adults respond better to puppets than to almost any other creative teaching method.

All Access Your Salvation Story

This is a guide on how to prepare a written salvation testimony with the Kidologist's as a sample. Written for kids, but good for all ages. See the PDF for printing and the sample.

How To Write a Testimony
Free KidCheck Read My Mind

Karl reviews the KidCheck Church Check-In System

Starter Very Intentional Parenting

Karl provides an overview of his VIP Ministry and exclusive resources related to Family Ministry and D6 Conference.

Family Ministry
All Access Jesus in My Neighborhood? Lesson and Video

Jesus in My Neighborhood? - Part 3 of 3: This is a FREE lesson and video download (for Premium members) on JESUS IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD. The video features Jesus visiting a boy for his bedtime prayers and giving him a surprise answer to prayer!

Jesus in My Neighborhood? Series (3 of 3)
All Access Who is My Neighbor? Lesson and Video

Jesus in My Neighborhood? - Part 2 of 3: This is a FREE lesson and video download (for Premium members) on WHO IS MY NEIGHBOR. The video has puppets answering the question, "Who is Your Neighbor?"

Jesus in My Neighborhood? Series (2 of 3)
All Access Praisin' in Prayer Puppet Show Recording

A puppet show between a giant pen and a giant pair of sun glasses discussing the need to praise God during prayer.

Prayer n Praise
All Access Who is Jesus? Lesson and Video

Jesus in My Neighborhood? - Part 1 of 3: This is a FREE lesson and video download (for Premium Members) on WHO IS JESUS. The video has puppets answering the question, "Who is Jesus?"

Jesus in My Neighborhood? Series (1 of 3)
All Access Falling Parachuter

An illustration that teaches total surrender. Originally written for a lesson on work/service.

Total Surrender
Starter Mingle! Mingle!

This is a great ice-breaker game that also can be used as a lesson on self-control.

All Access Proactive Leadership

If you want to be a more proactive leader – don't start your day by checking your e-mail, voice mail, or mail slot at the office. Here is what you do...

All Access Winning the Inner Battle

We don't get our lives pure of sin by picking out sin in our life! We get our lives pure simply by pouring more of God into our lives, and GOD WILL PURIFY US.

Sin, Purification
All Access Twitter My Facebook

Karl explains Facebook & Twitter and how they can help you in ministry! Taught at CPC in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Social Networking
All Access Follow Instructions Game

I've been doing this for over 20 years and it works every time! A fun game/object lesson on the need to read the Bible carefully!

Following the Bible
All Access I'm a Banana

Member Exclusive Sneak Peek at Object Talks from DiscipleTown Unit #3 Due out November 20th!

Spiritual Fruit
Free Connecting with Kids

If we're really going to make a lasting impact on children, we need to do more than just program for them. We need to make a connection with them that transcends the things that we teach them.

Forming relationships with kids
Starter Shepherd or Sheepherder?

You went into children's ministry because you wanted to be a shepherd of children – and all too soon you became more sheepherder than shepherd. What changed?

All Access Family Ministry: Trading One Extreme for Another

Are "FIC" (Family Integrated Churches) really better? Or are we merely trading one ineffective extreme for another?

Family Ministry
All Access Developing a Ministry-Wide Strategy for Making Disciples

Everywhere around us, we are hearing a growing call: The spiritual formation of children must be done by parents, not for parents. The church’s role is shifting from one of serving and supporting parents to one of empowering, equipping, and encouraging parents. How can children's ministry leaders respond to this call?

Church Wide Discipleship Focus
Free The New Deal

What do you bring to the table when it comes to partnering with parents? Maybe it's time to renegotiate your terms.

Partnering with Parents
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