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It's a proven fact - not only to children enjoy a good story - but it is the best way they learn.  For children under ten, stories are definitions since they can't think abstractly yet.  They need stories to get their minds around a topic or subject.  Children need spiritual concepts translated into every day life! And that's what stories do best!

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All Access The Hamster's Great Escape!

Hamsters talk about the escape from Egypt

Escape from Egypt
All Access The Impression

A young boy learning how to be an ironsmith learns about Jesus in a powerful way.

All Access The King Finally Gets It

“Now I, King Nebuchadnezzar, praise the Almighty God of heaven! He can do whatever He pleases. All that He does is good and right!”

Old Testament Stories
All Access The Lesson of the Rabbit

Learn to stand still, but be ready to run from temptation.

Be on guard!
All Access The Messenger

A Medieval Drama that is a parable of the offer of salvation using with a King's Son being willing die for a conficted prisoner.

A powerful drama about being ready for Jesus' retu
All Access The Most Precious Treasure

This is a more serious story about love, and the value of love over all else. A little girl opens a gift from her mother after she dies and learns a priceless lesson about living and dying and what is most important in life.

All Access The Mysterious Dream

Even though they were surrounded by people who didn’t follow God, Daniel and his friends were faithful.

Old Testament Stories
All Access The Perfect Judge

A fun story about a righteous judge who is finally put to the test when his Mom is brought in to court!

All Access The Pits

Joseph's brothers pulled poor, dirty and bewildered Joseph from the pit and sold him to the Ishmaelites for 20 pieces of silver. That's all their little brother was worth to them.

Old Testament Stories
All Access The Rainbow And The Promise

And then God said to Noah, "Look up in the sky." The storm clouds were drifting away. The bright sun was shining against Noah's back. Noah looked up, and against the dark grey sky, God made a brilliant rainbow appear.

Bible Stories
All Access The Story of Bear and the Boy Who Loved Him

After a long time sitting on the shelf of a resale shop, a poor home made bear finally finds a home with a boy who learns a lesson about the meaning of love.

Taking Care of The Needy
All Access The Story of Christmas

The angel said to her, "Do not be afraid, Mary, for God has found great delight in you. You shall have a child and you will name him Jesus. He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High.

All Access The Story of Daniel Begins

When we see how God blesses the ones who believe in him, that’s how we can believe in God, and we can become God’s chosen people too.

Old Testament Stories
All Access The Story of Two Trains

It is up to us to choose the right way. Jesus is the only way to heaven.

All Access The Teacher

A story that shows what it really means to teach. Every child has potential and a story behind. Even the most unlovables can turn your perspective around and show you what true love is.


Three pigs start out the same but only one makes it to the end. Jesus knocks at our hearts door but so does the Devil - who are you going to let in?

Resisting the devil
All Access The Tower Of Babel

The story of the building of the Tower of Babel

Bible Stories
All Access The Unforgiving Servant

"Therefore, the kingdom of heaven is like a king who wanted to settle accounts with his servants."

Matthew 18:23-35
All Access The Very Expensive Bowl Of Soup

Here’s the story of two brothers who were fighting with each other even before they were born! It led to much trouble and unhappiness - but then, fighting always does.

Bible Stories
All Access The Writing On The Wall

Right then, in the middle of King Belshazzar’s wild party, a human hand appeared out of nowhere. It wasn’t attached to a body. And it began to write on the wall of the royal banquet hall.

Old Testament Stories
All Access Three Little Pigs

Using the classic tale of "The Three Little Pigs" you can illustrate faith in self, others, and the Rock (Jesus).

Where do you place your faith?
All Access Times Change

The world became a wicked place before the flood.

Bible Stories
All Access To all crack pots

Each of us has our own unique flaws. We're all cracked pots. But if we will allow it, the Lord will use our flaws to grace His table.

God's grace and our flaws
All Access Tommy's Prayer

Tommy never doubted that he was loved. He knew that whatever he faced in life, Jesus would be with him.

Prayer, trust in God, faith
All Access Truthful Trudy and the Belt of Truth

The Dark Evil Man and the Belt of Truth: Trudy learns to stop telling tall tales and tell the truth. She discovers the Belt of Truth can help her.

Part of the armor of God - The Belt of Truth
All Access Two Brothers

The story of Cain and Abel

Bible Stories
All Access Ups & Downs

Even in the darkest times, God is still with us. And even then, God is at work on a wonderful plan.

Old Testament Stories
All Access Ups and Down's, Joseph In The House Of Potiphar

Even in the darkest times, God is still with us.

Old Testament Stories
All Access Wet Pants

A story of kindness in a third grade classroom.

kindness friendship helps
All Access What friends are all about

Jesus gave up his life for you BEFORE you were His friends.

All Access What is at the End?

When we are choosing the path of our life, we must find out what the end will be.

Christian Living
All Access What is Grace?

A principle discusses the meaning of Grace with a boy in trouble.

All Access What Might Have Been

Never underestimate the power of your actions. With one small gesture, you can change a person’s life for better or for worse. God puts us all in each other’s lives to impact one another in some way.

Friendship, witnessing
All Access Where God Isn't

A boy challenges a man to tell him where God is now

The existence of God
All Access Which One Wins?

There is a fight going on inside you - and inside every other person.

Sin, temptation
All Access Who Is God

People say they believe in God. But what if one person thinks that God is the all-loving, all-powerful person who created everything there is? Then another person thinks that God is an old man with a white beard sitting up in a cloud somewhere.

All Access Works of Art


Christian Living
All Access Andy and the Ants

A parable of the incarnation of Christ, Andy becomes an ant to warn his ant friends that a bulldozer is going to destroy them. He offers a way for them to escape. Some listen and others don't believe. A powerful story that makes the incarnation of God into a man understandable to children.  

Understanding why Jesus came to earth
All Access Andy and the Ants Companion Lesson

A parable of the incarnation of Christ, Andy becomes an ant to warn his ant friends that a bulldozer is going to destroy them. He offers a way for them to escape. Some listen and others don't believe. A powerful story that makes the incarnation of God into a man understandable to children.

Incarnation; Parables
All Access Bless Those Who Curse You

Two true stories to help kids see how to bless those who curse you.

Loving Your Enemies
All Access EGGbert the Egg

A funny, MESSY story that illustrates the importance of being "hidden" in Christ instead of living for what the world offers.

All Access 10 Interactive Storytelling Ideas for Elementary Kids

Use these awesome tips to make your teaching more interactive!

Storytelling, interaction
All Access 5 Exciting New Ways To Teach The Nativity Story

It’s almost Christmas time, aka one of the two times of the year where what you’ll be teaching in Sunday School is firmly locked in place. Of course, therein lies the problem. How do you make a story that all the little ones know by heart exciting again? Fret not, Kid Mins. I have scoured the big ol’ interwebs and found 5 ridiculously awesome (and inexpensive) ways to liven up your nativity teaching.

Nativity Lesson Plans
Free 6 Things I Tell Every Storyteller

Here are six things I tell every storyteller whether they are veterans or new to the storytelling role.

Teaching Tips, Storytelling
All Access Being Made in God's Image

Discover how our body is shows us how God designed us to live and what being made in the image of Christ and being a part of the body of Christ really means!

Being a Part of the Body of Christ
All Access Elijah and the Miraculous Jar of Oil

Elijah and the widow couldn’t see where the oil was going to come from. They just had to trust that each day somehow there would be enough.

Old Testament Stories
All Access From Foolishness to Final Forgiveness

A parable about the Prodigal Son that was orignally an email forward

prodigal son
All Access Henry the Hotrod

Henry the Hotrod loves the toymaker. But the ways of the world pull him away, and he doesn't accept the gift the toymaker offers him. Will he realize in time that the toymaker loves him unconditionally, and only wants what's best for him?

God's Love for Us
All Access Jacob Steals The Blessing

Jacob did lie, and he cheated his brother. But, still, God didn't leave him. God knows our weakness, and He is forgiving. He accomplishes His good and wonderful plans through us, even when we mess things up.

Bible Stories
All Access See: Using Visuals for Greater Impact

… paint a power-packed picture for all those visual learners out there. ~ Aaron Reynolds "Your eye is a lamp that provides light for your body. When your eye is good, your whole body is filled with light." ~ Jesus (Matthew 6:22)

Teaching Tips, Using Visuals
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