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It's a proven fact - not only to children enjoy a good story - but it is the best way they learn.  For children under ten, stories are definitions since they can't think abstractly yet.  They need stories to get their minds around a topic or subject.  Children need spiritual concepts translated into every day life! And that's what stories do best!

Do you have a favorite story that your kids love?  Get it published... HERE!

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All Access Share the Gospel

One of Jesus' commands is for us to share the Good News of the Gospel.

Evangelism, Matthew 28
Starter Shoe Game Storytelling Technique

Learn how to integrate a simple game involving every child in your group and their shoes. Guaranteed to capture the attention of even those most energetic child.

Storytelling game
All Access The Blessing of an Obedient Heart

There were some disciples in the Gospel of Luke who were fishing one day. When Jesus told them to cast their nets out in the deep water they obeyed; although, they did not feel like doing this. If we will only listen to God and do as He asks us to do, we will find that life will be so much more rewarding.

All Access The Magician & the Sparrows

Use this power point story to illustrate why God sent Jesus to earth for us. A great launch to a salvation message.

A retelling of why Jesus came to Earth
All Access The Parable of the Angry Animals

A thought-provoking story about lessons animals learned about anger and treating others with respect.

All Access The Surprise

Short story and puppet script that can be used for Mother's Day or other event to teach honor/obedience.

Mother's Day, Honor, Obedience
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Kidology Curriculum

Kids Church Lessons
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