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David and Teesha Laflin's Simple Illusions You Can Make DVD

Share and teach with these amazing illusions!


David and Teesha Laflin are Christian illusionists who have shared their programs around the world. They are based out of Sterling, CO.

On their Simple Illusions You Can Make DVD, you can learn some of their favorite tricks and use them in your ministry. Discover how to walk through a piece of paper, vanish an ordinary drinking glass, turn paper to money, make impossible predictions, and more. You not only see the illusions, but also learn the secrets behind them!

Each of these illusions can be presented with simple household items. With these easy-to-find tools, you can share amazing tricks! Most importantly, each attention-grabbing illusion crafts a message. Use these illusions to share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ with kids.

Approximate Running Time: 46 minutes

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